Shelly Kearns Recent LiveDaily Posts

Shelly Kearns began posting again on LiveDaily after 3 months away from the official site message board of her daughter, Christina Aguilera. Shelly addressed a shocking report that someone called KIIS FM posing as Christina after the September 11 tragedy. Also, Shelly seems to bring question to reports Christina missed the Latin Grammy presentation because of the flu.

Christina Suffering From Flu, Misses Latin Grammy Award

Christina Aguilera was too ill to attend today’s 2nd Annual Latin Grammy Awards, which took place at the Conga Room nightclub in Los Angeles. Christina won best female pop vocal album for her release, Mi Reflejo which Jimmy Smits accepted on her behalf. Smits said, “Unfortunately Christina’s got the flu. She’s at a hotel, like, a mile away and she’s got the flu. But she asked us to convey this message: ‘I’m sorry that I cannot be here in person. It’s an honor for me to receive this award,’ so says Christina, ‘and I would like to thank everyone at the Latin Recording Academy for their support.’ So, Christina, it’s waiting here for you. Well deserved.” No word if Aguilera was tested for anthrax in precaution to the symptoms.

Aguilera Reportedly Backstabs Mariah At RMA’s

This news according to a message board post… Z100 reported today that Christina Aguilera was spotted backstage at the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas last Friday using the ‘F’ word and slamming Most Requested Artist winner Mariah Carey. After Christina told the crowd “Let’s hear it for Mariah Carey” the tiny diva was later heard backstage saying, “You’ve gotta be kidding me! Most requested artist? It must be a joke!”

‘Lady Marmalade’ Wins Award

Christina Aguilera not only co-hosted the Radio Music Awards, but also accepted the Top 40 Song of the Year award for ‘Lady Marmalade’ featuring her, Mya, Pink, and Lil’ Kim. Aguilera told the crowd, “Thank you so much. I had so much fun making that record, and I feel kind of weird because I don’t have my girls with me to accept this award. But first and foremost on behalf of — on behalf of all the girls and I, thank you to radio so much for playing that song. It was such a fun project. And thank you to all the girls, to Pink, Mya, Lil’ Kim. I love you girls and I had so much fun with you guys. This is for you guys, and none of this would be possible without everyone’s support. Thank you so much to the fans, too.”

Christina Aguilera Psyches Herself Out?

Christina Aguilera was on Access Hollywood Friday ahead of the Radio Music Awards when she admitted, “I hope I don’t trip over myself or stumble over a few words, which I’m sure will happen.” Her prediction was correct as she was one of several artists, including Beyonce of Destiny’s Child having trouble reading the cue cards. But Christina said not to worry as, “It’s live, and it’s gonna be fun, a really fun night. It’s not so uptight, so everyone’s just gonna be able to rock out and have a good time.”

Developing… Christina and Jorge Rumored Split

Word has it on the Christina Aguilera official site message board that during a Carson Daly radio interview with Pink last night, the singer was asked about Christina and Jorge Santos where Pink reportedly responded, “Oh I think they broke up. He needed to find himself.” Another poster indicates “Carson did say that during the commercial break Pink told him something he wasn’t going to divulge on-air.” Many are running with these comments to speculate the breakup was related to Jorge’s sexual orientation… developing….

Christina To Host Radio Music Awards

Christina Aguilera will host the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas on Friday at the Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas (though no mention of her on ABC’s official RMA site has some wondering about a last minute cancellation). Among the guests at the show will be Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, *NSYNC’s Lance Bass & Joey Fatone, Christina Milian, Nelly Furtado, and Elton John, who will receive this year’s Legend Award. Christina said of the opportunity to host, “It is kind of a different thing for me because I’m speaking my way through it. I’m not performing. But it’ll be a fun night just because God knows what’s going to happen.” Check out the show on October 26 at 9 PM on ABC.

Aguilera Promises To Become Even More Raunchy

WENN reports Christina Aguilera has promised to take her raunchy image even a step higher than her look in “Lady Marmalade.” Christina admits, “If you find me sexy now, you’ll be surprised. I am still evolving quickly towards something more womanly. To be honest, I’d really like to go too far.”

Does that include nudity? Not necessarily, as Aguilera adds, “But I don’t believe that I would go as far as stripping. I find that small tops, you know, that show off the belly, are much sexier than a bare body.”

Christina Sighting With Affectionate Female Friend

E! Online’s Ted Casablanca is reporting that Christina Aguilera was spotted at Standard Lounge without boyfriend Jorge Santos but with male pals and ‘one fawning female.’ Witnesses say she kept in a corner seat in the club getting up only to visit the bathroom with her affectionate female companion. Aguilera was wearing a white one-shoulder top and a red beret… not to mention gobs of sparkly eye shadow.

Christina Turning Country?

Conan O’Brien joked about a story going around that Christina Aguilera saying, “The latest rumor in the world of music — they were talking about this today. — is that Christina Aguilera is going country. That she’s gonna start doing country songs. That’s what they’re saying. Yeah, and when asked about it, Aguilera said, “I’m gonna put the ‘hoe’ in ‘hoedown.'”

Conan also cracked about Michael Jackson saying, “It’s been reported that Michael Jackson was such a big fan of the first ‘Men in Black’ movie that he agreed to make a cameo in the upcoming sequel. He’s gonna be in the new ‘Men in Black’ movie. That’s true. Yeah, and not only that — because of Jackson’s cameo, they’ve changed the name to ‘Men Who Were Black.'”