Britney Babbles On About Justin

Worldpop reports Britney Spears is continuing her gushy talk about her boyfriend and *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, no doubt giving her haters more fuel for criticism. Britney admitted in a recent interview how she envisioned her wedding saying, “I guess I would like an outdoor wedding. Something on the beach, really beautiful, barefoot, y’know. Really simple but perfect.”

Britney added that she doesn’t plan a marriage soon saying, “We’re both really busy with our careers – plus we’re really enjoying the relationship we have right now… If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”

When she does marry though, Britney wants her little sis’ to be the ‘most important one’ of her bridesmaids.

What’s Going On Photoshoot

October 5, 2001 – has photos of Christina Aguilera and *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake and others at the studio in Los Angeles to record Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’, with proceeds to support AIDS Charities and Sept 11th Victim Relief Fund. Aguilera wore a purple dress to the event with blue jeans, while Timberlake wore a star t-shirt and brown pants. Check out the pictures here.

Ask Shelly Feature Added To

The official website for Christina Aguilera has added a feature ‘ask Shelly’ last month following the decision to not run the feature on the LiveDaily message boards any longer. Shelly addresses rumors of a December 4 album release [not true], the ‘What’s Going On’ single, plans for another Spanish album, and more.

Aguilera To Scrap Pop

MTVasia reports Christina Aguilera will no longer be performing music aimed at a teen pop audience. Aguilera says, “I feel like I was very confined in that first record to be very pop-driven. I want to be a poet and have a chance to explore that and let people know what’s really on my mind. I don’t want to talk about genies in bottles any more.”

Christina Aguilera Grinds Derek Jeter

Stuff magazine reports Christina Aguilera, who currently is dating dancer Jorge Santos, was spotted after the MTV Video music Awards grinding with 27 year old Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter at the Jennifer Lopez & Stuff Magazine after party, according to sources.

Aguilera Talks Follow-up Plans

Sonicnet talked to Christina Aguilera about her plans on her follow-up album to her self titled 1999 debut as she admits to wanting time taken to get it done right. Aguilera says, “[I want] to really dig in and take my time with it, I haven’t actually had a second album yet. I did the Latin album and my Christmas album – side projects all within themselves – but I’m really excited to be writing my next album, collaborating with other people and going to a different place with it. It’s going to a more personal place.”

Aguilera’s publicist says not to expect a new album until 2002.

Implants For Christina Aguilera?

According to Spanish website Univision, Christina Aguilera has recently gotten breast implants and the site shows pictures of the singer admiring her new, larger boobs. They claim, “It’s obvious that is not the miraculous bra, it helps, but not much.”

The pictures and the rest of the story have since been removed.

‘What’s Going On’ Lyrics

All Star Tribute 'What's Going On' single cover

The pop community is well represented in the What’s Going On remake that benefits AIDS research and relief to victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Included on the song are NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez, and several others. Read on for the lyrics.

Star Blind Item… Aguilera?

This week’s Star blind item seems to point to Christina Aguilera and boyfriend Jorge Santos as it states, “This young female Grammy winning songbird, known for her skimpy outfits, is often accompanied by a buff, dark-haired young man she introduces as her boyfriend. The buxom star is oblivious to the fact that her beau actually has eyes for other, dark haired young men. He has starred in several triple-X gay features. Her entourage has been whispering about it, but is hesitant to tell our girl that the one she wants is living a lie.”

Christina Aguilera’s Mother Updates Diary

Shelly Kearns posted a diary update on the official website of Christina Aguilera. Shelly commented on the pain she felt about the horrific terrorist attacks in the United States as well as the tragic death of Aaliyah. Shelly hasn’t posted recently as she apparently has been suffering from some sort of ‘exotic virus’ according to her doctors which made her legs weak.

Top Christina Aguilera Searches for August, soon to be called, has their top Christina Aguilera related search terms for the month of August posted. As usual, ‘Christina Aguilera nude’ is in the #2 spot with 17,049 searches, behind the vanilla ‘Christina Aguilera’ search with 163,883 searches. “Christina Aguilera lyrics” received 3,368 searches, and the most searched for song was ‘Lady Marmalade’.