Latin Grammy Rescheduling Unlikely

The Latin Grammys, which were scheduled to include performances by Ricky Martin, Carlos Santana, Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera, Destiny’s Child and P. Diddy, appear unlikely to be made up.

Michael Greene, the president and CEO of the Recording Academy and the Latin Recording Academy gave further details on the future of this year’s awards saying, “As we continue mourning our nation’s great loss and tragedy with the rest of the world, we’re meeting with senior executives to determine what options are realistic.”

“Regardless of our decision to cancel or reschedule the event, rest assured that all the winners will still be recognized and given the awards they have earned.”

Latin Grammys Cancelled In Wake Of Terrorist Acts

September 11, 2001 – Due to the terrorist acts against the United States on Tuesday the second annual Latin Grammy Awards have been cancelled.

In a statement on the website, the Recording Academy and CBS stated, “Due to the unimaginable events that have occurred this morning, The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, The Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and CBS have canceled tonight’s 2nd Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards show. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and everyone who has been impacted by these horrific events.”

Christina Aguilera And Family Issue Statement On Terrorist Acts

Christina Aguilera, her mother Shelly Kearns, and the entire Aguilera family issued a statement about the horrific events of Tuesday in the United States expressing their pain and sorrow over what happened.

Message from Christina’s Family

There are no words to describe how heartsick Christina and I and the rest of our family is over this nation-s tragedy. We would like to express our deepest support and sympathy for those who have lost loved ones in this horrific event. To those still looking, we are praying everyday for you all and hope beyond hope that you will be reunited with your loved ones. And for those wonderful men and women with the emergency crews who risk there lives daily to help, God bless you all. You make us so proud to be American.

It’s utterly impossible to express the pain and sorrow that we are feeling right now. To those who are suffering, please know that every day, every hour, our thoughts and our prayers are with you.

We all are grieving along with those who are in pain-We cry with those who are hurting-and we feel angry. We all feel so angry and helpless, and all of us have a furious desire to do something – anything – to help.

We also are praying that in our anger and determination, that we not sink to the level of those cowards that committed this atrocity by harming or abusing in any way those who are innocent. A large part of what makes this country so wonderful is that we have all come together from all parts of the world to form one great country. We can-t let our feelings of anger or helplessness cause us to target innocent people such as the loyal, law-abiding Americans in this country who may be of Arabic descent. They are Americans just as we are, and are just as proud of this country and are trying to mourn as well. There is a real enemy out there and that’s where our anger should be directed. All of us as Americans are of one family. We have to stand united as a family against those that would harm us, and not lower ourselves to harming each other.

God bless those who are suffering. God bless those who mourn. God bless our country and our leaders. We know that we will triumph over this, simply because our country is made of some of the most dedicated, wonderful, proud people in this world. We pull together in times of crises like no other. The world will see how strong we are. God will see us through.

God bless,

Shelly Kearns, Christina Aguilera,
and the entire Aguilera / Kearns family

Aguilera Breaks Silence On New Album

In a press conference following the Video Music Awards, Christina Aguilera told the reporters she’s wanting to create a more soulful sound on her upcoming album.

Christina admits, “I have to do something different.” Aguilera may be correct, as R&B influence is overtaking the teen pop craze that helped catapult her just a few years ago.

While no release date for the new Aguilera album has been set, the singer admits, “I’m really making sure that I take my time. It’s like therapy what I’m doing with this album…it will be very personal.”

Pink And Christina Aguilera Engage In Lesbian Kiss

The New York Post is reporting that Christina Aguilera and Pink engaged in a lesbian kiss during a game of spin the bottle at Pink’s 22nd birthday party in New York early Thursday morning.

A source told the Post, “Pink was naked from the waist up, wearing only body paint. She spun the bottle and it landed on Christina, and she leaned over and kissed Christina right on the lips.”

Christina didn’t stop there as she then pointed the bottle at her boyfriend Jorge afterwards engaging in a torrid French-kiss makeout session with her backup dancer boyfriend.

Lady Marmalade Gets Best Video Of The Year

Mick Jagger presented the ladies from Lady Marmalade with the Video Music Award for Best Video of The Year in New York last night.

Full transcript:

Thank you y’all!

So much. We already thanked well not everybody.


Rottweiler. Ron Fair, Timmy for having us on this project and Patty Labelle once again for giving us the opportunity to record “lady marmalade,” and our record companies, our managers, Paul Hunter for a great video.

And what up Queens, what up Queens? We love Phillies. We just want to thank everybody.

Mommy, I love you. And thank y’all. Couldn’t have did it without y’all.

What up Ron. Where my hat at?

MTV one more time. Thank you.

We love y’all.

Love you.

Lady Marmalade Gets Best Video From A Film

Moulin Rouge won Best Video from a Film at the Video Music Awards last night and Christina made reference to her often criticized ‘big hair’ in her acceptance speech.

The big hair paid off. Oh, my god, you guys. I wanted one so bad. I guess thanks to Paul Henner for making an incredible video. Trish Somerville for signing the whole video. You did a great job. Who else, who else? Tina landon, the choreographer.

And of course Patty Labelle.

Rock Wilder Missy.

Gone and everybody… at Interscope.

Happy birthday John. Hi, mom. Hi to everybody who thought we’d make good whores. Thank you everybody.

God bless us. This is all, you know,…

Thank you, my girls.

Of course.

We want to thank god, too, you know and all our fans.

And MTV. And y’all.


Hey, momma, wherever you at, hey, momma, where you at?

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine On Britney/Christina

In an interview with, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine gave his opinion of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera saying, ” I think that Britney has blown more things than the gearbox on her Ferrari lately and Christina is living proof that you can polish a turd.”

Christina Aguilera To Co-Host Latin Grammys With Jimmy Smits

Cristina’s spokesperson has confirmed that Christina will co-host the Second Annual Latin Grammy Awards with Jimmy Smits. In addition to co-hosting, Christina is nominated for – Record of The Year (‘Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti’) and Best Female Pop Vocal Album (‘Mi Reflejo’).

The show will be held on Tuesday, September 11 in Los Angeles, CA at the Great Western Forum.

The event will air on CBS live from 9-11 PM Eastern.

Aguilera Founder: ‘She Hasn’t Got What It Takes To Be A Diva’ reports Michael Brown, the record producer that ‘adopted’ Christina Aguilera at the age of 13 and recorded her early material is worried Christina will end up in rehab like Mariah if she doesn’t sort her life out.

Brown admits, “She’s lost — she’s from a tiny little place in Wexford where you can buy a brand new house for $40,000, and she hasn’t got what it takes to be a diva.

“She has already been screwed by a lot of people and I hope she rises above it. She’s still a nice, young girl who doesn’t really have a clue.

“I’d just like her to stay straightforward and honest and then the best will come out of it. She has a great family behind her and I hope she never loses sight of them, because they’ll keep her grounded.”