Clea In-Store In Swindon

Clea showed their support for the England team in Germany as the girl group promoted the release of their new single ‘Lucky Like That’ with a week long promotion starting at Asda in Swindon on Monday (June 12).

Clea Visit Kerrang!

Clea visited the rock radio station Kerrang! where band member Emma Beard had to feel in DJ Tim Shaw’s “Lucky Box” as a condition for having the group’s pop record played on Saturday (May 6).

Clea’s Lynsey Happy To Have Avoided Girls Aloud

Clea star Lynsey Brown tells The Sunday Mail she’s glad she just missed out on being a member of Girls Aloud, otherwise she would have wound up in rehab. “I think if I had been picked it would have been my downfall -I just wouldn’t have been ready for the instant fame,” she said. “I’d have ended up in the Priory, falling out of cabs drunk, not showing up for rehearsals because I couldn’t get out of bed – just being a prima donna. Coming from where I do, a small part of Manchester with a single parent, and all of a sudden having this big contract would have just thrown me.”

Aimee Kearsley’s Superstitions

Aimee Kearsley of Clea took part in a Q&A with Popworld, where was asked if she had any superstitions. “Oh definitely. Just the usual ones like not walking under a ladder, not putting new shoes on a table,” she said. “My mum always says that. I think my mum’s rubbed off on me.”

Clea ‘Lucky Like That’ Video

Clea 'Lucky Like That' single cover

Emma Beard, Aimee Kearsley, Chloe Morgan and Lynsey Brown of Clea are out with the music video to their new single ‘Lucky Like That’, featured on the ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ girl group’s album ‘Trinity’, out soon. Watch it via YouTube below.

Clea ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off’ Video

Clea are out with the music video to their new single ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off’, a remake of the late Jermaine Stewart’s mid-Eighties hit. Watch it via below.

New Material From Clea

Clea, now a trio with Chloe leaving the girl group, have posted samples from their forthcoming album on a newly revamped official web site. The group is currently in Los Angeles recording for their much-delayed debut album. Check out the audio clips at

Clea Now Lea?

With Clea struggling to get their debut album ‘Identity Crisis’ released, the group was dealt a crushing blow on Monday when Chloe “decided to leave the band to pursue other interests.” The girl-group’s remaining members Lynsey, Aimee, and Emma wrote: “We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Chloe for all her hard work and input and we wish her all the best for the future. We are carrying on the band and hope you’ll all continue to be Clea fans as we really value your support.” On the bright side, the group’s album was picked up by Universal Music in Russia, Ukraine, and 21 other countries in Eastern Europe — but still not home in the UK.

Pop Stars Featured In Music Industry Soccer Six

Vs, 5Boyz, CLEA, Former Westlife star Bryan McFadden, Liberty X’s Michelle Heaton and Jessica Taylor, and former Take That star Mark Owen participated in Music Industry Soccer Six 2004 – Celebrity Soccer Tournament on Sunday (May 9) at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England. Check out pictures from FilmMagic and GettyImages.