Clique Girlz Photo Shoot In Tokyo

This week’s episode of Clique Girlz TV features the teen pop trio primping in hair and makeup as they prep for their photo shoot in Tokyo, Japan. Paris, Destinee and Ariel have come a long way from their hometown of Atlantic City, NJ as they rock some funky outfits and fool around with silly poses on the other side of the globe. Listen up for their track ‘The Difference’ throughout the video clip via YouTube below.

How Clique Girlz Got Their Name

Destinee and Paris Monroe and Ariel Moore of Clique Girlz in New York City, where they talked about how they got their group nameSeptember 11, 2008 – Paris and Destinee Monroe and Ariel Moore wrapped up their trip to New York City in Episode 16 of Clique Girlz TV. Watch the pop trio make stops at NBC’s ‘Today’ show and Sirius Satellite Radio and find out how they got the name “Clique Girlz.”

Destinee said, “Well, we all just pretty much clicked with each other, and my mom, when we were having a sleepover, my mom started typing all these names for the group and stuff, and out of hundreds of names, three pages long the last one was clique.”

Stay tuned for next week when the girls head to Japan. Watch the episode via YouTube below.

Clique Girlz Watch ‘Not Too Young’ Get Mixed

August 13, 2008 – Clique Girlz TV episode twelve features the female pop trio at the mixing their debut album ‘Not Too Young’. After trying their hand at the sound board and miming a few of their tracks, youngest member Paris Monroe promised, “This album is gonna rock so hard!” Next week features the girls at the Gravity Fitness & Spa in New York City. Watch the episode via YouTube below.

Clique Girlz Take Acting Lessons & Visit Interscope Records

August 6, 2008 – Clique Girlz TV episode 11 features the pop trio going to acting lessons before heading to their label, Interscope Records, in Santa Monica. The girls went on the balcony to check out the foggy view and watch youngest member Paris Monroe make some silly faces. The episode ends with a preview of next week’s clip, where the girls observe the mixing of their debut record ‘Not Too Young’, coming out next Tuesday. Watch it via YouTube below.

Clique Girlz Phone In An Update

August 2, 2008 – Paris, Destinee and Ariel of Clique Girlz left a message about their performance at the Teen Choice Awards pre-party, their upcoming trip to Japan, and the release of their debut album in Japan and America. Listen to the clip at

Clique Girlz Visit Jose Eber For Haircuts

Clique Girlz TV episode ten features the pop trio getting a haircut at the Beverly Hills salon of famed hairstylist Jose Eber. After chatting with Jose, the girls talked about the styles they were going to get before showing off the final results. The clip ends with a preview of next week’s episode – acting lessons for the girls. Watch it via YouTube below.

Clique Girlz Perform ‘Incredible’ On ‘Today’

June 18, 2008 – The Clique Girlz visited the ‘Today’ show on Tuesday (June 17), where they spoke with co-host Ann Curry about how they started the pop group and recording their debut album before performing their first single, the disc’s title track ‘Incredible’. Watch the brief interview and performance below.

Clique Girlz Talk With ABC News Now

June 18, 2008 – The Clique Girlz dropped by ABC News Now, where the pop trio talked about how they got their start, making the finishing touches on their debut album ‘Incredible’, their amazing time opening up for the Jonas Brothers, what they like to do when they’re not performing, loving to be in California now after growing up in New Jersey, not liking to wake up early, and their new tour opening for Drake Bell. The interview video at has since been removed.

On TV: Katy Perry, Clique Girlz, Jewel

Pop acts on television this week include:

Cyndi Lauper, who performs on ‘The View’ on Monday.

Katy Perry, who performs on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Monday.

Clique Girlz, who perform on ‘Today’ on Tuesday.

Gavin DeGraw, who performs on ‘Last Call’ on Tuesday.

Jewel, who performs on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Tuesday and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Wednesday.

Idina Menzel, who performs on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Tuesday.

The Clique Girlz On The ‘The Difference In Me’ Video Set

Paris and Destinee Monroe and Ariel Moore of Clique Girlz are caught up with sisters Paris and Destinee Monroe and Ariel Moore of The Clique Girlz on the set of their music video for ‘The Difference In Me’, where they talked about the video’s concept, plans to call their debut album ‘Not Too Young’, a pop rock sound on the disc, and how they got signed to Interscope Records.

“This one we are doing this whole room where we’re sitting down and we have a performance and then we’re like tracing our fingers with the lyrics of the song, and it’s gonna be coming up on all the walls,” Destinee said about the music video concept. “Then after the whole room is covered in all of the lyrics the walls are eventually going to fall down.”

“We’ve been out here a year and a half now, and we came here for three days and had a meeting with Interscope Records and never left,” Paris said about the group’s visit to Hollywood.

Watch the clip below.

‘Bratz’ Soundtrack Preview

bratz Motion Picture Soundtrack cover

One minute clips of the ‘Bratz’ soundtrack are available ahead of the album’s July 31st release. Bratz: The Movie in theatres August 3rd. Audio clips at have since been removed. Check out artwork, photos, and stills at The track listing is as follows:

1. Rock Star – Prima J

2. Fearless – Daechelle

3. Love Is Wicked – Brick&Lace

4. Rainy Day – Janel Parrish

5. Open Eyes – Bratz

6. Heartburn – NLT

7. It’s All About Me – Chelsea Staub (In The Role of Meredith)

8. Now Or Never – Orianthi

9. Out From Under – Joanna

10. In Crowd – Sean Stewart

11. Express Yourself – Black Eyed Peas feat. apl de ap

12. My Life – Slumber Party Girls

13. Go Go – Jibbs

14. It Doesn’t Get Better Than This – Alex Band

15. Saying Goodbye – Matt White

16. Invisible – Ashlee Simpson

17. Alter Ego – Clique Girlz

18. Tell Me – Dropping Daylight

19. If This Is Goodbye – Lifehouse

20. Fabulous – Chelsea Staub (In the Role of Meredith)

21. Bratitude – Bratz