Cody Simpson Talks About How He Was Discovered On YouTube

Cody Simpson LA

JoJo Wright of KIIS FM in Los Angeles spoke with Cody Simpson about how he was discovered on YouTube, music, surfing, and sharks. “I started posting videos a year and a half ago, and it was only a few months later this guy, Shawn Campbell, a music producer here, he contacted me, but with all the internet danger now and stuff, my parents thought he was [suspicious],” Cody explained. “But then we Googled him and we gave him a call on Skype and he was real.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

What Cody Simpson Looks For In A Potential Girlfriend

Cody Simpson girlfriend

Popstar! caught up with Cody Simpson at a recent Radio Disney interview, where the Australian pop singer talked about what he looks for in a potential girlfriend, the first thing he notices in a girl, and his idea of a perfect first date. “Just a girl who can be herself around me and a girl that can make me laugh,” Cody said to the first question.

Cody Simpson Talks About His New Song ‘Love So Strong’

Cody Simpson talked with Popstar! about a very special song he will sing on the Camplified Tour. “I wrote a song, and it does mean a lot to mean. It’s called ‘Love So Strong’,” the teen said. Asked about who inspired the song, the Australian pop singer said, “A girl, back home. That’s all I can say.”

Cody Simpson ‘iYiYi’ Video

Cody Simpson is out with the video to his debut single ‘iYiYi’, featuring Flo Rida, off the Australian pop singer’s upcoming first album on Atlantic Records. Watch it and behind the scenes footage from the video via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson: Justin Bieber Comparisons Are Flattering

Popstar! chats with Cody Simpson at Radio Disney about being compared with Justin Bieber. “I guess being compared to anyone, that’s already being real successful is flattering but when anyone is new coming into the industry you’ll always be compared to someone.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.