Fans Record Cody Simpson’s Latest Paradise Series Episode In Canada

Cody Simpson selfie

In this week’s episode of the Paradise Series, Cody Simpson turns the camera over to his fans for the first-ever fan-made episode. A few fans from Toronto put together the episode, which follows the Australian pop singer through a hectic week in Canada.

Cody said in introducing the footage, “Before the summer, before I went out on the Paradise Tour, I asked all of my fans to make their own Paradise series episodes when I came out to a show, and some lovely ladies from Toronto made an incredible, incredible episode, and this week I’d love to feature it for you guys. Enjoy.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Becomes Teen Cancer America Ambassador

Roger Daltrey and Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson checked in on YouTube with a video announcing his participation in Teen Cancer America. “I wanted to share with you that I recently became an ambassador for Teen Cancer America. I joined forces with Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who, hoping to make a difference in the lives of teens suffering from cancer. I toured the first ward in Santa Monica and was deeply inspired and touched by the stories of all the teens who were receiving treatment. We’ve learned that cancer doesn’t discriminate and it can affect people of all ages, so I wanted to do my best to show my support of fellow teens in their battle [against] cancer.” For more information on Teen Cancer America, visit

Justin Bieber Joins Cody Simpson On Stage At Club Nokia

Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber

Earlier this month Justin Bieber joined Cody Simpson on stage while he was performing his new single ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ at Club Nokia, surprising the mostly female, mostly screaming fans on June 14th. The Australian pop singer recently wrapped up a European tour with Bieber, joining select dates on the Canadian star’s ‘Believe’ Tour, and is currently on his own headlining tour in support of his upcoming sophomore album ‘Surfer’s Paradise’, out July 16th on Atlantic Records.

“So what’s up guys, I’m with my homie Cody Simpson,” Bieber said backstage afterward. “I used to call him my little bro, but now he’s kind of become my big bro, because he’s bigger than me. So I’ll see you guys soon. This is Cody Simpson, he’s doing great things, recording a lot of great songs, working hard in the dance studio, I can see you, and look out for his next album, it’s gonna be big.”

Watch the highlight clip via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ Video Behind The Scenes

Cody Simpson 'Pretty Brown Eyes'

Cody Simpson is out with behind the scenes footage from his ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ music video. The track is off the Australian pop singer’s upcoming album ‘Surfers Paradise’, out July 16th on Atlantic Records.

The Cameron Dutty directed video features an appearance from Jessica Jarrell, sporting a new hair color. “We are at Cody Simpson’s ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ video shoot. I’m about to get in the pool right now. It’s freezing, but Cody is my best friend, so I’m gonna do it.”

Alli said of Dutty, “He is literally one of the coolest guys I know.”

Explaining the video, Dutty said, “The concept of the video is just having a good time, California party, California pool, California girls. It’s good, on point, always fresh. Fresh out of the box!”

The video ends with Cody stating, “We’re about to wrap on the set of my new video, ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’, and you guys gotta check it out. It’s gonna be pretty sick.”

Watch the footage via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Visits ‘The Making Of Harry Potter’ In London

Cody Simpson Harry Potter

In a recent episode of The Paradise Series, Cody Simpson is seen visiting ‘The Making of Harry Potter’ on the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London, England, and also did a meet and greet for Love Pastry.

“Obviously I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter movies. It was really cool to see the places that they filmed the movies in,” the Australian pop singer explained. “The places in real life, and to walk up the streets that they actually filmed it was pretty sick. My little brother and sister really loved it.”

Cody Simpson spike hairTalking about what he learned visiting the tourist attraction, Cody said, “There was actually some pretty dope things that I learned about the movies. One thing was that there’s like thirty of the same costumes that they used to film. I thought that would be one costume for filming, but they had thirty of the same one, which I thought was pretty tight. The lady that was our tour guide for the day, she actually was one of the makers of the costume, which I thought was pretty sick.”

Simpson continued, “They had this setup there where they taught you how to do the spells with the wand, so Alli and I gave it a go. We had a little wand battle, which was a bit of fun. Also, they got me on this broom stick in front of the green screen, and it looked like I was flying through the Harry Potter world, which was crazy.”

Watch the episode via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson On Choosing Which Girl To Serenade

Cody Simpson on selecting serenaded girls

In a recent episode of The Paradise Series, Cody Simpson lets viewers in on how he selects the special girl to go on stage with him and be serenaded during his performance of ‘Can I Be Your Gentleman?’ The clip is taken from the Australian pop singer’s concert in Manchester, England.

“What you guys don’t know, is that before the show I’m creeping behind curtains like up in the risers and balconies, looking down at the crowd and trying to find the right girl for me to bring up on stage. Cody Simpson acoustic guitarThen, I report back to Justin Sterling here, who will go out and bring her up right before the song and surprise her.”

After bringing the girl up and getting comments from the excited fan wearing “Cody’s Angel” wings, Cody said post concert, “So the show just finished here in Manchester, and now I’m just chilling here backstage in my dressing room, playing some guitar, and just thinking about the show. It was a really, really good one tonight, and the crowd loved it and it’s very humbling for me to share such an intimate experience with a fan like the one you just saw. I wish I could share it with everyone, but I’ve got to chose one person every night, you know. You never know, you guys could be that girl sometime.”

Watch the video via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson And Ryan Beatty Announce Summer Tour

Cody Simpson and Ryan Beatty summer tour

Cody Simpson checked in with Ryan Beatty with some news on concerts coming up soon that both artists will be participating in. Cody revealed to fans, “We’re on the set of my music video for ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ and we decided, we’re doing it, it’s the law, we’re going out on tour this summer. The Paradise Tour.” Cody then turned to Ryan and asked how he felt about the news. “I’m stoked. It’s gonna be a lot of fun,” Ryan responded. “Decided I’m working on my album but I feel like I wanted to join Cody on tour.” Watch the message below and check out the cities after the cut.


Cody Simpson Talks Sightseeing In Paris With Justin Bieber

Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber at Eiffel Tower

Cody Simpson spoke with E! about touring Europe with Justin Bieber, which featured a bit of sightseeing in Paris, France, calling the Canadian pop star a “really good guy”.

“I just got back from Paris with him the other day,” the Australian pop star explained while at the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles. “It was amazing. It was really good. My first time in Europe. I had an incredible time.”

Talking about their visit to see the most famous sight in the city, Simpson dished, “We went to the Eiffel Tower and stuff at 1 AM, so we didn’t have anyone bother us. It was a lot of fun. He’s a great guy to tour with. I had an awesome time in Europe.”

Cody Simpson Birmingham Concert Highlights

Cody Simpson 2013

In episode seven of The Paradise Series, Cody Simpson takes viewers backstage at his show in Birmingham, England. The Australian pop singer is seen posing with fans and signing autographs outside his tour bus, rehearsing for his show, do a meet and greet, doing a workout, and checked in one last time before hitting the stage.

Cody Simpson Birmingham, England“So I’m about to go on stage in Birmingham, England right now,” Cody said. “I just had my pre-show routine. I went out with the dancers and went over the show a little bit. Refreshed choreography, I did my warm-ups and drank some tea and stretched out. I think I’m ready to go. It’s about time to be on stage. I’m gonna be on stage in like two minutes, so let’s go. It’s gonna be a good one.”

After the show, Cody said, “I’m out here, in Birmingham. I just got off stage. I had to take my shirt off because I was sweaty. I think it was literally the best show I’ve done in Europe I think, if not the best show I’ve ever done. The crowds were insane. They knew ever single lyric to every song. I had literally the best time up there. I was hyped up so much the entire hour. It was an incredible night and I’ve been teasing the fans out there. There’s a bunch of fans waiting outside. It’s pretty funny. I’m waving to them.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Discusses His Angels, Being A Role Model In Twitter Q&A

Cody Simpson Twitter Q&A

In a recent episode of The Paradise Series, Cody Simpson answered some questions from his fans via Twitter while he was in Dublin, Ireland. The Australian pop star talks about the impact he has had on fans, how he would comfort a girl, the last place he shopped at, the three things he loves about his fans, tour bus insider secrets, and more.

“It was and it is very difficult for me to get a grasp on that, as I am still so young and I’m a kid and I myself am still learning and I’m still growing up,” Simpson said about the influence he has on his fans. “When I came into this business I was only 13 and I barely realized what it meant to leave my home country and leave Australia, let alone be a role model for people. As I’ve been doing this for a little while, I’ve come to realize the responsibility that I have to be that role model and to inspire others and inspire other kids and help them stand up for what they believe in, stand up to bullying, be better friends and people in general. I take that responsibility very seriously.”

Asked the top 3 things he loves about his “Angels”, Cody said, “I would have to say the dedication, first of all. They’re always there, constantly on Twitter, Facebook, voting and everything. They’re always at the shows. The enthusiasm, insanely enthusiastic, screaming and crying. They know every single word to every single one of my songs, which I love. Also, the fact that I really wouldn’t be here without them. I wouldn’t be here without you guys. You guys have been there for me. Whether you’re a new fan or you’ve been there from the beginning, I love you guys and I you guys are the reason I’m not in a classroom right now back in Australia taking tests, because that honestly wasn’t my favorite thing to do. I get to make music every single day because of you guys.”

Sharing his most recent shopping story, Cody said, “I was shopping in Dublin about two days ago, and I went into Topman and a bunch of girls found out I was in there and the next thing you know I had bought my clothes and we come out and there’s like hundreds of girls waiting outside the story and I don’t think I’ll be allowed at Topman again, we had to evacuate.”

Watch the Twitter chat session via YouTube below.