Cody Simpson Talks Clothing And Fashion

Cody Simpson close-up

Episode four of Cody Simpson’s ‘The Paradise Series’ features the Australian pop singer getting ready for the UK leg of his Paradise tour and meeting with his stylist David Royer to pick out some clothing.

“We’re back in LA after the U.S. tour and I’m working on the new outfit for the tour over in Europe. I’ve got my stylist Dave here and we put a really cool look together,” Cody explained. “When I moved over here first I started really getting into fashion, designers and things like that. It’s really cool to be able to wear different designers on stage and stuff. Europe is a very fashionable place. I have shows all over the place and I want to make sure I look as fashionable as I can when I’m over there on stage. I’m pretty excited.”

Cody Simpson talks clothes“We have a really cool look we put together. We’ve got this really cool denim jacket which we’re gonna put cuffs and metallic strips on, and this awesome metallic silver shirt which we’re gonna cut the sleeves off and it’s gonna be a metallic silver tank, and some cool white pants, and some shoes that look like space shoes, and they have no laces on them. If I kick too hard, the crowd is gonna end up with one of my shoes.”

Royer said about styling the pop star, “Cody’s got a great style and he’s fun to work with. He’s super playful, he’s really adventurous and as he grows as an artist, I really respect him because he’s growing not just through his music but through his fashion and his style, and he puts it out there and it’s becoming sort of an integral part of it, and it’s amazing. He has no problem playing. He loves playing, he runs off, gets excited, puts on his t-shirt, dances around in his underwear and so it’s that thing that you want to see in an artist. You love it when they get excited about what you’re bringing for them.”

Watch the webisode via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Previews New Album & New Song ‘Neck Kisses’

Cody Simpson teeth

Episode 5 of Cody Simpson’s ‘The Paradise Series’ features the Australian pop singer taking fans in the studio in Los Angeles, working on the follow-up to his debut album ‘Paradise’. Cody gave viewers a glimpse of a typical day in the studio as he records music, including a new song called ‘Neck Kisses’.

“A typical day for me, while I’m recording a new album, I usually do a couple of hours of school in the morning, and then I’ll try to get here like 12 or 1 and as soon as I get here, I’m literally in here, down to business, listening to the song I’m going to record or starting to write a new song. I always bring my skateboard to the studio actually and I like to keep it a little bit fun and ride around the studio.”

Cody Simpson studio“I’m thinking of calling the album ‘Paradise Part 2’, as it feels like a continuation of the first album ‘Paradise’, just a little bit more mature because I’m always growing and I want my music to be able to do that with me. You’ll still hear a lot of that cool uptempo dance stuff as well as some awesome, chill guitar based stuff too. I’m really excited and I feel like this is gonna be the best project yet. I’m pretty stoked.”

“My song that I’m recording at the moment is a song I wrote on tour called ‘Neck Kisses’. It’s probably the most mature song that I’ve written to date. It’s a little bit sexy but it’s something that I think my fans will really like. It’s a little more vibey, a little more mature than the stuff I’ve done in the past. I love experimenting with new things and the studio is a really a place for me to be creative and be as artistic as I want to be and just try new things and if they work then that’s awesome, but if they don’t, start from scratch and write a new one.”

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Cody Simpson Talks Meet And Greets, Fans’ Homemade Gifts

Cody Simpson flexes with Veronica, dressed as a ketchup bottle

Episode 3 of Cody Simpson’s ‘The Paradise Series’ sees the Australian pop singer serenading a crowd of screaming fans at his last meet and greet in the U.S. Hosting the behind the scenes clip is one of Cody’s biggest fans, Veronica, who dressed up as his favorite condiment, a bottle of ketchup.

Cody Simpson at meet and greet“I get some pretty cool things at my meet and greets,” Cody said after meeting with the fans. “I’ve pretty much gotten a lifetime supply of cereal and ketchup by now, and I get a bunch of homemade scrapbooks, t-shirts, a bunch of things. On the subject of homemade, I had these girls bring me these Vans yesterday, and they kind of drew on them. Customized with beach kind of stuff that I like. I thought they were pretty rad. I was pretty stoked about that. Today I got to the end of the meet and greets in the U.S. for the tour with Justin Bieber, and the next meet and greets we’ll be doing are in Europe next month, and I hope to see some of my European fans over there.”

Watch the webisode, featuring footage of the customized Vans he received, and his ‘Wish U Were Here’ performance, via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Visits Gibson Guitar Factory

Cody Simpson at the Gibson Guitar factory in Nashville, Tennessee

Cody Simpson is out with the second episode of ‘The Paradise Series’, where the Australian pop artist is joined by his guitarist Andrew Watt on a tour of the Gibson guitar factory. He’s joined by Watt in an acoustic performance of ‘Paradise’ to close out the clip.

“We’re on a day off today on tour here in Nashville, Tennessee. My guitarist Andrew brought us out here to the Gibson guitar factory,” Cody said introducing the video.

Cody Simpson in Nashville, performing an acoustic version of 'Paradise', featuring his guitarist Andrew WattSimpson later talked about his experience visiting the factory, explaining, “It was a bit too loud to talk over there at the Gibson factory but I had an amazing time. I met this old guy named Dick who had literally been working there for 50 years, his whole life. Obviously I’m a guitar enthusiast and I love playing guitars. I play them every day on the stage. I thought I knew a lot about guitars but I realized that I knew very little when I went there today.”

Cody continued, “I met this lady who literally carves the paint out of the edges of the guitar, like the white outlining. I never would have thought that it would have to be that precise. So much work goes into these guitars. It’s crazy. I learned so much and had a really good time.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Talks Charity Work And ‘Super Beach Kids’ Remix

Cody Simpson does an interview on the Santa Monica Pier, talking about his charitable workHollywire caught up with Cody Simpson recently outside his Pastry Shoes photo shoot at the Santa Monica Pier. The Australian pop singer discussed how he’s drawn to the shoe line, the charity work he has been doing, his remix of the Frank Ocean track ‘Super Rich Kids’, going home for the holidays, and turning 16 in January.

Talking about his attraction to Pastry Shoes, Cody said, “It’s just something that, I love the shoes on girls. I’ve got a couple of mates that wear them. My sister loves those shoes.”

On his work with, Cody said, “One of my New Year’s resolutions last year was to be able to be more charitable and do more for charity and stuff like that, and I’ve really accomplished that this year. I’ve done a lot for and I’ve done a lot for Defeat the Label, anti-bullying, stuff like that. I wanted to do as much as I could to help out in any way I can and use my powers for good.”

On his ‘Super Beach Kids’ remix, Cody said, “I was listening to the song and said I have to do something for this. I ended up writing this whole thing in like 30 minutes, and I wanted to put it out. We’re definitely creating something much bigger around it all. It’s kind of the crew now, SBK.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson: I’m Trying To Be Like Justin Timberlake

Cody Simpson does an interview during a Hallmark Text Brands meet and greet with fans, talking about his admiration for Justin Timberlake, advice he's gotten from his parents and how he can't really go out in public anymore without getting recognizedWhen Cody Simpson stopped in Wheaton, Illinois to promote Hallmark Text Bands and meet fans, the Australian pop singer took time out to talk with Chicago Parent teen interviewers, Emma DeCarlo and Arlee O’Shaughnessy. Simpson said while he misses home sometimes, considering what he gets to do, he’s not complaining. He also talked about his music idols, advice his parents have given him, getting noticed when out in public, the best thing a fan has done for him, and wrapped up with a rapid fire of some of his preferences.

On his music idols, Cody said, “I’ll start with Justin Timberlake, just as an entertainer he’s someone I’m trying to work real hard to be like as just an all around entertainer, as a dancer, he just kind of does it all, and he’s amazing at it. He has this kind of presence and class about him that I definitely admire. As far as musically, I love artists like Jack Johnson, he influences that beach kind of music I make. John Mayer definitely is another one that inspired a lot of that kind of stuff.”

Talking about the best advice his parents have given him, Cody said, “Just to treat others the way that you want to be treated. Obviously most parents say that to their kids, but I think it’s important to always make sure you’re treating everyone with respect the best I can. You can get caught up in the whole thing but I think it’s important to keep my feet on the ground.”

Asked if he can go out in public without getting noticed by fans, Cody said, “It’s hard to be able to just go to the mall. I can’t really do that anymore. I could six months ago, but now I can’t really go to the mall or go hang out with friends and stuff. Even if I go surfing. I’ll go out surfing with my mates and they’d say, ‘Oh, my sister knows you’. I mean it’s all one big package, when you’re doing music, I’ve got to be prepared for that and I definitely am. It kind of all just comes with it, but it’s amazing. It’s one big roller coaster and it’s one big journey.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Meets ‘Wish He Was’ Contest Winner Baleigh Tolar

Contest winner Baleigh Tolar smiles after meeting Cody Simpson at Culver's Restaurant in Eau Claire, WI

Cody Simpson surprised contest winner Baleigh Tolar at Culver’s Restaurant in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on Thursday (December 13). The Australian pop star challenged fans to instruct the singer via Instagram where they “Wish He Was”, and Cody would fly out to meet one lucky fan at that location. Cody selected the photo he thought best represented his hit single ‘Wish U Were Here’. Check out additional pictures from Cody’s appearance after the cut. (more…)

Cody Simpson On First Car Plans, ‘Finding Cody’ & His Future

Cody Simpson, singer, visits 106.1 KISS FM in Seattle to discuss how his age surprises some, what he has planned for his first car, the 'Finding Cody' movie, and plans in five years to be making chill Aussie music

Cody Simpson recently visited the 106.1 KISS FM studio in Seattle to promote his show with Big Time Rush at the Puyallup Fair. The Australian pop singer talked about still being pretty young, the kind of car he wants to get when he’s 16, his busy schedule, the interactive YouTube movie ‘Finding Cody’, and where he sees himself 5+ years from now. Cody also performed an acoustic version of his single ‘Wish U Were Here’.

“A lot of people, they don’t realize that I’m actually, I can’t drive a car yet,” the 15-year-old explained. “I don’t even have a permit or anything, so still pretty young. Still have a couple years of growing up to do obviously.”

On possible car purchases when he’s 16, Cody said, “I have a dream car, but maybe like an Audi or something. Something that’s cool, but not too flashy or anything… I don’t really want an average car, especially when I’m 16, I don’t want people to see me in some flashy car, it’s kind of weird for a 16-year-old.”

Discussing the ‘Finding Cody’ interactive movie, the singer said, “I’m pretty stoked about that. I’m always looking for new innovative ways to connect with my fans and stuff like that, because as a young artist now it’s all about online and I’m always looking for ways to connect with my fans and chat with them and stuff. I’m pretty stoked about it.”

As for what he expects to be doing five years from now, Cody said, “Hopefully still making music, still inspiring my fans and stuff like that. As you hear on the album, a lot of the music sounds very chill, very Aussie beach fun kind of chill records. That’s definitely the kind of music I see myself doing, especially five years from now. I’ve always been inspired by artists like Jack Johnson and John Mayer, Jason Mraz, people like that I really look up to. Hopefully keep on making music and travel around and do what I like to do.”

Listen to the interview and ‘Wish U Were Here’ performance via below.

Cody Simpson Performs At Staples Center On ‘Paradise’ Album Release Day

Cody Simpson is sweaty after dance rehearsals for his Staples Center show in Los Angeles

Cody Simpson had cameras document his concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles last month on his ‘Paradise’ album release day, where the Australian pop star opened for Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen.

“G’day all, it’s Cody here. Today is October 2nd, the day of the album release, which I’m super stoked about. One of my first stops of the day today is the SIR Studios here in Hollywood. I just got amazing news that the first morning the album is going #1 pop album on iTunes in the U.S. and Canada, which blows my mind. To have you guys support it so much I love you guys so much. Stick with me, today is one of the biggest days of my career yet.”

Rapper Becky G wearing glasses at rehearsals for the Believe Tour at Staples Center in Los AngelesJustin’s ‘Wish U Were Here’ collaborator Becky G then checked in, saying, “We just wrapped up rehearsals for ‘Ellen’ tomorrow. Super, super excited. Cody is killin’ it and we’re getting ready for the Staples show, so check it out.”

After rehearsing, Cody updated fans saying, “So it’s 3 PM now. We’re still not finished. We just did three hours or more of dance rehearsal. I’m so sweaty right now, but I’ve got to get home. Go get changed and perform at the Staples Center tonight with Bieber and Carly Rae.”

Before hitting the state, Justin’s manager Scooter Braun sent out a message to Cody, stating, “I want to say congratulations. Your album is now out. It is actually incredible. The fact that you’re fifteen and this talented is also incredible, and you’ve been killin’ Staples Center. Women are going absolutely made. You’re making Australia proud. Congratulations on your album and killin’ it at Staples Center, and Justin told me he wants to have you on more dates, so rock n’ roll.”

Carly Rae Jepsen tongueThe other support act for Bieber, Carly Rae, added, “I just want to say congrats on the amazing album ‘Paradise’. We’re gonna have so much fun on the ‘Believe’ Tour. I’m really looking forward to catching your set every night and perhaps coming on for my set and joining me for ‘Good Time’. Have a good one and everyone go buy that ‘Paradise’ album.”

Watch the footage via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Performs At We Day In Vancouver

Cody Simpson points to the crowd, displaying some armpit hair, during his performance at Rogers Arena in Vancouver for We Day on October 18th

Cody Simpson was among the performers at We Day on Thursday (October 18) at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, where the Australian pop singer entertained the 20,000 kids in attendance for the event which focused on anti-bullying.

Cody was joined by Demi Lovato and OneRepublic during the show that alsum featured celebrity speakers Magic Johnson and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

We Day, an initiative of international charity Free The Children, brings together a generation of youth to be engaged in changing the world through an inspirational event and a yearlong educational program.

Check out additional pictures of Cody from the performance after the cut. (more…)