Cody Simpson Rides Kraken Roller Coaster, Checks Out Sharks At SeaWorld Orlando

Cody Simpson sticks out his tongue while riding the Kraken roller coaster at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida

The latest episode of Cody Simpson’s ‘Wish U Were Here’ Summer Series sees the teen making a visit to a theme park in Florida with his sister Alli Simpson and Josh.

“Good day. This is Cody here,” the Australian pop singer said at the beginning of the video. “Welcome to episode 8 of the ‘Wish U Were Here’ summer series. I haven’t had a day off in a while but we’re here in Orlando. I have a day off here. We’re gonna go to SeaWorld and I’m going to give you a little insight of what it’s like on a day off with me at a theme park.”

After petting some stingrays and seeing Josh apparently get nervous enough to wet his pants, they went on to see the killer whales show off their talents.

“Right now we’re dining in this nice restaurant with sharks, honestly,” Cody said, pointing at the massive tank behind him. “Look at the teeth on this thing! I’m definitely not ordering seafood.”

Cody and company then went to check out the seal lions, feeding one some fish. The webisode wraps up with the group getting on the theme park’s Kraken roller coaster.

Watch it via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Talks About The Importance Of Daily Workouts

Cody Simpson talks about the importance of using the gym so he's healthy on stage doing his dances

Cody Simpson works up a sweat at the gym in episode nine of ‘Cody Simpson: Wish U Were Here’. The video features Cody talking about the importance of a workout, along with his trainer.

“Day off today,” Cody said in the video. “We’re in the gym right now. I think it’s very important that I come to the gym everyday, because I’m dancing on stage for an hour every single night, so it’s important to stay dynamic, stay healthy, stay fit. Our whole crew is in here doing workouts and we all make sure that we stay on the job every single day.”

Cody’s trainer Jeffrey Traynor added, “It’s very important we get these workouts in every day, if not twice a day, because we don’t have the normal schedule people could have in their everyday lives, whether it’s walking around the mall or at your job or at school, you’re walking around school all day. A lot of the tour life involves sitting or waiting, whether we’re sitting driving somewhere on the bus, or if we’re doing a signing or radio promo, we’re just stationary a lot, so we make sure every day we get into the gym or we go on a run outside, or sit-ups on the bus.”

Watch the webisode via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Discusses Fans, Favorite ‘Paradise’ Song & Snacks

Cody Simpson takes questions from his bassist Tarron Crayton which were submitted by the Australian pop singer's fans

Cody Simpson was joined by his bassist Tarron Crayton, answering fan questions in episode seven of ‘Cody Simpson: Wish U Were Here’. Cody was asked by Crayton what he loves about his fans, a favorite childhood memory, the favorite song on his new album ‘Paradise’, how Goldfish crackers and ketchup are his favorite snack, and more.

Cody Simpson is a big fan of Goldfish crackersAsked about what he loves about his fans, Cody responded, “Just that they’re so dedicated, honestly. They’re always tweeting and Facebooking and at all the shows and voting. Whatever they can. They’re always there 24/7.”

When quizzed about his favorite childhood memory, the Australian pop singer said, “It would have to be the first time I ever picked up the guitar. I was 6 or 7 years old, and my grandparents bought me my first guitar for Christmas, and it felt so good, honestly, when I first picked up the guitar.”

Cody Simpson wears the wig his bassist Tarron Crayton had been wearing earlierSimpson said his favorite song on ‘Paradise’ is the single ‘Wish U Were Here’. “When we first wrote that song, I just thought dang, this has to be the single. It’s such an important emotion for me, and we had a lot of fun shooting the video out here on tour. I would say I have a lot of other favorites on the album. It’s very hard to choose for me because I love every single one in a different way.”

As for his favorite snack, Cody cited Fig Newtons before Crayton reminded him of Goldfish crackers, which prompted them to pull out the emtpy box where Cody said, “I just had this entire box. That and I also like ketchup. Ketchup’s it. Ketchup and Italian food.”

Watch the Q&A session via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Meets With Fans At Kmart In Virginia Beach


Cody Simpson has released photos from a recent in-store appearance in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Australian pop singer posed for photographs and signed autographs for fans at a local Kmart on Monday (August 20) to promote his brand new teen apparel line, sold exclusively at the retailer. The first 1,000 fans in attendance received an autographed photo of the picture Cody is holding above. Check out additional pictures after the cut. (more…)

Cody Simpson New York City Photo Shoot Highlights

Cody Simpson wraps up a photo shoot in New York City

Spend the day with Cody Simpson at a photo shoot in New York City in episode six of ‘Cody Simpson: Wish U Were Here’. The clip begins with Cody’s sister Alli and friend Josh Winnington introducing the webisode before taking a lengthy elevator ride up to where Cody is doing the shoot.

“That’s a wrap, on set of the New York City photo shoot,” Cody said at the end of the video. “We’re here at the penthouse right now. It’s raining like crazy outside, but that’s a wrap. We have some really great shots. A bunch of different looks. We’re going to get some food in Times Square baby.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Last Minute Show Prep

Cody Simpson flexes his chest muscles

Cody Simpson documented the final minutes before he takes the stage in episode four of ‘Cody Simpson: Wish U Were Here’. The Australian pop singer is seen dancing and stretching, flexing his muscles and huddling up with his team. After practicing a few moves in front of the mirror, Cody is taken to the stage, greeted by cheering female fans. Watch it via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson ‘Wish U Were Here’ Video Ft. Becky G

Cody Simpson 'Wish U Were Here'

Cody Simpson is out with the music video for his new single ‘Wish U Were Here’, featuring Becky G. The song, written by Taio Cruz, is off the Australian pop singer’s ‘Preview to Paradise’ EP and the first single from his upcoming full length debut ‘Paradise’, out October 2nd on Atlantic Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Loves The Fans’ Energy At California State Fair Show

Cody Simpson poses for a photo with a fan at the California State Fair

Cody Simpson headlined the California State Fair in Sacramento this past week, where the Australian pop singer was greeted by thousands of his fans in attendance.

“Crazy, crazy show,” Cody said afterward. “It was my own show tonight. Thousands and thousands of people came out. I’m about to go sign some autographs and slap some hands and take some photos and smile and wave. It’s crazy.”

He later added once on the tour bus, “It was really sweet. Just the energy tonight, just knowing that many people were there for me was really, really cool. I love my fans. When it comes down to it, I love you guys.”

The highlight clip at YouTube has since been removed.

Cody Simpson Shoots ‘Wish U Were Here’ Video With Becky G

Cody Simpson and Becky G shooting their 'Wish U Were Here' music video

Episode two of the Cody Simpson Wish U Were Here Summer series features the Australian pop singer taking viewers on set and behind the scenes of his new ‘Wish U Were Here’ music video, which features Becky G.

“We’re in Houston, Texas at this really cool kind of club. It’s all wooden. It’s very vintage and we’re on the set of the ‘Wish U Were Here’ music video with my girl Becky G,” Cody said at the start of the clip.

“The story is we wanted to capture the energy of the tours,” the music video’s director Cameron Duddy explained about the concept. “What goes on on and off stage, because it’s such a fun vibe.”

“You know it’s been a good day,” Cody said, joined by pint sized Becky G, after shooting wrapped up. “We’re about to go to soundcheck right now for the show here in Houston, Texas. The first time performing together tonight and it’s gonna be pretty cool. We’ve had like one rehearsal go-through ever, so we’ll see how it goes.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Offes Fans A Look Inside His Tour Bus

Cody Simpson tour bus

Cody Simpson has released the premiere episode of his Wish You Were Here Summer series, which features the Australian pop singer showing fans around his tour bus.

“As you can see, this is where I sleep,” Cody said after being woken up by his sister Alli. “I sleep up top because I like the feeling of being in charge.”

Moving to his next stop, Cody said, “This is the back of the bus. That’s kind of where I spend a lot of my time, because I don’t really go up front. That’s where the older people hang out.”

Pointing out the bathroom, Cody explained, “This is where all the funny business goes on. No number two’s on the bus, by the way. The number one rule of tour is no taking dumps on the bus.”

Cody then showed off his ceramic chicken. “Infamous little bugger isn’t he,” Cody asked. “He’s been everywhere. He likes to meet other female chickens, and usually we don’t allow the female chickens on the bus because he’s a bit of a pimp and we try to make sure he stays young. We don’t want any chicklets yet.”

Watch the webisode via YouTube below.