Colbie Caillat ‘Brighter Than The Sun’ Video

Colbie Caillat 'Brighter Than The Sun' music video

Colbie Caillat is out with the music video to her new single ‘Brighter Than The Sun’, the second release from the Malibu, California singer songwriter’s third studio album ‘All of You’, out July 12th via Universal Republic. The song serves as the official summer song for the OWN Network and is featured in the trailer for Disney’s new movie ‘The Help’.

“This song is awesome because it just gets people started right away and interested in what’s next,” Colbie explained. “A different instrument leads into each part of the song. It never stays the same, which keeps listeners wanting to hear what’s next.”

The Emil Nava directed video was filmed in the sunny Playa Del Rey beachside community of Los Angeles. Watch it via YouTube below.

Colbie Caillat ‘Brighter Than The Sun’ Video Behind The Scenes

Colbie Caillat just released a behind the scenes clip for her ‘Brighter Than The Sun’ music video, shot in Los Angeles and produced by Emil Nava. ‘Brighter Than The Sun’ is the second single from Colbie’s new album ‘All of You’, in stores July 12th on Universal Republic Records.

“The treatment for this video, ‘Brighter Than The Sun’, I wanted it to have a lot of movement and musicians just scattered around,” Colbie explained. “So I had this concept and I told it to the label and when directors submitted treatments, this one by Emil Nava I loved the most because he brought the outdoors inside. He made a grass bed and a lawn through the living room, and people are planting flowers and putting pots all through the house and there’s moss and vines in the walls and the bathtub with lily pads and water. It’s just really cool.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Colbie Caillat ‘All Of You’ Album Photo Shoot

Colbie Caillat 'All Of You' photo shoot

Colbie Caillat takes fans on the set of her photo shoot for her new album ‘All of You’, out July 12th on Universal Republic. Watch the clip, featuring her new single ‘I Do’, via YouTube below.

Colbie Caillat Performs The National Anthem At The White House

Colbie Caillat checked in with her Twitter followers (@ColbieCaillat) after performing at the White House for the 2011 Easter Egg Roll. The singer songwriter, joined by her family, also got to meet President Obama for the second time this month after performing at a Chicago fundraiser. The 25-year-old, who cried when Obama won the 2008 election and has said she thinks “our country is in safe hands”, writes:

Yesterday I sang the National Anthem on the White House balcony standing next to The Obama family. It was 1 of the best moments of my life!

The Obama’s were so sweet, real, down to earth, & engaging. They are a solid family. Also tall & beautiful! My entire family got to meet em!

The President hugged my grand parents & @jusajus’s mom! Oh & their dog Bo is so cute! Getting a tour of the white house was amazing.

Watch her performance of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ below.

Colbie Caillat’s Boyfriend Inspires ‘I Do’

Colbie Caillat 'I Do' behind the scenes

Colbie Caillat is out with behind the scenes footage from her ‘I Do’ music video, directed Benno Nelson and featuring her real-life boyfriend Justin Young. “‘I Do’ I wrote with Toby Gad, and he’s an amazing songwriter,” Colbie explained. “We were writing and he asked me to explain what I was going through and I was telling him how in love I am with my boyfriend and it’s really fun for me to say that because for so many years I never wanted a boyfriend. I thought it was just annoying. I just wanted to hang out with my friends and family and boys kinda came last. Now I love this guy so much and I always want to be with him. I was expressing that to him and he wrote this fun song.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

Colbie Caillat Credits Boyfriend With Getting In Shape

Colbie Caillat 'All Of You'

Colbie Caillat gives credit to her boyfriend Justin Kawika Young, who is the lead guitarist in her band, with motivating her to get healthier. “Justin convinced me to go for a jog in Germany while we were performing there two years ago, and it felt good,” the singer songwriter says in Fitness magazine’s May issue. “I don’t know if it was because I was in better shape or because I was with this guy I was falling in love with, but it changed the way I looked at running and working out in general. I was no longer counting down the minutes until I was done. I was actually enjoying it.” Read more.

Colbie Caillat Cries Happy Tears Watching Lauryn Hill Perform

Colbie Caillat 'All Of You'

Colbie Caillat checked in with her Twitter followers (@ColbieCaillat) last night after watching the Fugees singer Lauryn Hill perform at Club NOKIA earlier in the evening. The singer songwriter says:

I have to be honest. I’ve never known what it was like to be a fan until tonight. I met the beautiful Lauryn Hill. And she was so sweet.

I cried with pure happy tears when she sang my favorite songs. The ones that inspired me to be a singer when I was 11 years old. #Dreamscometrue

Her voice is still soulful & flawless. Thanks @lovemissbre for making friends with her peeps & getting us back stage! She’s back y’all!!!

Colbie Caillat ‘All Of You’ Out July 12th

Colbie Caillat 'All Of You'

Colbie Caillat will release her third album ‘All of You’ on July 12th via Universal Republic Records. Caillat wrote ‘All of You’ about her experiences the last few years, the most significant of which is her blossoming relationship with bandmate Justin Young. “He was in my band for two years before we noticed that we like each other,” she explained in a press release. “I wrote most of this album about us, our ups and downs. All the songs are about life experiences, so I guess this record is more grown up, with a somewhat wiser perspective.”

Colbie Caillat: Obama Very Sweet And Engaging

Colbie Caillat sitting

Colbie Caillat checked in with her Twitter followers (@ColbieCaillat) on Friday (April 15) after performing at President Obama’s re-election fundraiser in Chicago the prior evening. The singer songwriter Tweeted:

A few things to share… 1. I met our President last night! AND played a show before his speech. Mr. Obama was very sweet and engaging.

2. I’m excited for Justin’s show tomorrow night & hope everyone can make it who lives in / near LA! See you there! Justin Young-

Colbie Caillat Performing On TLC’s Royal Wedding Event

Colbie Caillat 'All Of You'

Grammy-winning singer songwriter Colbie Caillat will be performing in Times Square April 29th as part of TLC’s Royal Wedding Event. Starting early morning on Friday, April 29, TLC is culminating the network’s week-long event of Royal Wedding programming with a live production event and viewing party from Times Square. TLC will takeover the Father Duffy Square area of Times Square and broadcast a pre-show and coverage of the wedding on two of the digital billboards in Times Square.