Daisy Dares You Checks In After Isle Of Wight Festival

Daisy Dares You (Daisy Coburn) checked in iwth fans on her official web site’s blog on Tuesday (June 15), discussing her performance at the Isle of Wight festival. The English pop singer writes:

Hi all, never drive back from Isle of Wight in a camper van if you’re unsure whether or not it works. Sitting in the rain at seven sisters waiting for the rac, got a busted type writer though, listening to Blood Red Shoes. My film camera battery has gone too, I need to replace it. So I cannot take a picture of this moment, or else I would, sorry.

Also thinking about Friday afternoons show at Isle of Wight. Anybody present and who were watching, you made it possibly my best live experience so far. My heart is in my shows, if anybody is interested in me, I would love you to see a show, I want to be able to feel my listeners. We can’t just buy music anymore, observation of something spontaneous from the person you admire is a lot more precious, well is to me.

I saw Bombay Bicycle Club also, which was absolutely amazing, I think I’ve been cursed whenever trying to see them before, so to finally see them was amazing, the aa let me correct myself not rac have arrived…laters

Daisy Dares You Explains What ‘Rosie’ Is About

Daisy Dares You (Daisy Coburn) checked in with fans on her official web site blog on May 20th, discussing what her ‘Rosie’ music video is about. The British pop singer writes:

The video for my new single ‘Rosie’ is finally out, and I thought I owe it to my listeners to tell you what its really about. Rosie is one of my oldest friends, and the inspiration for the song came easily to me when I realized how much we didn’t see each other anymore.

I wrote it mainly about when we were growing up. We used to ride round in her brother’s Jeep on her pig farm listening to music, spending almost everyday of the summer together on the farm, and even winters on the quad bike with our hands almost falling off from how cold it was.

I also owe it to Rosie, who has grown up too, and is doing her own thing.

I hope you love it as much as I do. d x

Watch the ‘Rosie’ video below.

Daisy Dares You ‘Rosie’ Video

Daisy Dares You - Rosie music video

Daisy Dares You (Daisy Coburn) is out with the music video to her new single ‘Rosie’, featuring You Me at Six, the second release from the British pop artist’s debut album ‘Rush’, out soon on Jive. The single is out July 5th. Watch it via YouTube below.

Daisy Dares You Super Excited About ‘Number One Enemy’ Support

Daisy Dares You (Daisy Coburn) checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@daisydaresyoumusic) on Tuesday (March 2), thanking them for buying her debut single ‘Number One Enemy’, featuring Chipmunk. The British pop singer writes:

Hello everyone. I just wanna say thank you again for your support and pushing the single on iTunes all the time. It’s getting me super excited. You have no idea how happy you’re all making me!!!!!! This has so far been an amazing week! Also library tour starts next week and can’t wait for that. Also for the London folks, Hoxton at some point next week. Lots of love. d

Daisy Dares You Can’t Believe Her Debut Single Is Finally Out

Daisy Dares You (Daisy Coburn) checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@daisydaresyoumusic) on Monday (March 1), celebrating the release of her debut single ‘Number One Enemy’, featuring Chipmunk. The teen British pop singer writes:

Singles out today. I can’t believe its finally here.

It all feels pretty surreal. I’m just so happy to be amongst the infectious British talent that is around this year. I hope all of us have a great year.

Thanks everyone who has given support plus those who keep on giving it and are just about to start! I love you and hope you have an amazing week and an even better 2010. Lots of love. d

ps. download from iTunes now!

Daisy Dares You Isn’t Worried About Suffering Burn-Out

Daisy Coburn, aka Daisy Dares You, spoke with The Sun about how her collaborator on ‘Number One Enemy’ warned her about the perils of being pushed too hard by the music industry. “He told me you should know when to say no,” the 16-year-old said of Chipmunk, who suffered a meltdown last year. “I don’t want to get unhappy because of what I’m doing. I’m trying to do everything so that I don’t get to that stage.
Obviously it’s going to get hard because this is a 24-hour round-the-clock job. I think I know when to stop and get the right balance. Chipmunk pushed himself to the limit. I don’t feel pressure.” Check out the full story at TheSun.co.uk.

Daisy Dares You Unbelievably Excited To Kick Off Tour

Daisy Dares You checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@daisydaresyoumusic) on Friday (February 12), just before a performance at O2 Academy Birmingham with Chipmunk, Tinie Tempah and Skepta. The British pop singer writes:

Hey guys

Day one of the tour – on the way to Birmingham and rarin to go. Can’t wait to get out and get the ball rolling – unbelievably excited. Hopefully be seeing some of you later.


Daisy Dares You: I Don’t Hate Grime And Chipmunk

Daisy Dares You 'Number One Enemy' single cover

Daisy Dares You (Daisy Coburn) updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@daisydaresyoumusic) on Wednesday (January 27), talking about doing promo for her new single ‘Number One Enemy’. The teen pop artist writes:

Afternoon troops. Holiday bin was dreadful last night, apparently a rare steak is the most cooked thing you’ve ever seen in life. Can’t understand the Scottish accent at all and so cold, but cool though! Making my way to another radio station to talk about the same thing again – bring me something new interviewers! Playing a gig tonight and can’t wait to be back on stage with the band, we are raring to go. Looking forward to flying back to Essex and getting my lovely Bertie blue looked at. laters. d

In a later posting, Daisy pushed back against a report regarding her partner on the ‘Number One Enemy’ track, writing:

Just been online and read a site saying I hate grime and Chipmunk. I wanted to say I was definitely misquoted and never said I hate grime or Chip. Chip and I know each other well enough for him to know my music tastes are broad. If I didn’t like or appreciate grime, why would I collaborate with him?? What the fu** do people think they are doing? I’m so angry that has been said. We are going on tour together, I think Chips great and I love what he’s done to my track. Sorry if this misquote has offended anyone. All musics good music. D.

Daisy Dares You Busy With ‘Number One Enemy’ Promo

Daisy Dares You (Daisy Coburn) updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@daisydaresyoumusic) on Tuesday (January 26), talking about doing promo for her new single ‘Number One Enemy’. The teen pop artist writes:

Afternoon. Been trapesing around the country interview after interview – where did the Avril Lavigne thing come from? Manager eats salads only and I can’t sleep due to heavy snoring beside me – great. Flying to Glasgow tonight and tomorrow I will be reunited with the band – cannot wait. Playing a very cool show tomorrow. Over and out troops.
ps. really looking forward to the holiday bin tonight!

Meanwhile, Daisy posted video featuring her dancing during a studio break with her masked friends Pegasus and Rokchild while they were recording ‘Talk About The Weather’.

Daisy Dares You Photo Shoot Update From Paris

Daisy Dares You checked in with a quick update from a shoot in Paris, France with Ellen von Unwerth, telling fans she thinks they’ll see the snaps soon. Watch the brief message via her YouTube below.