Dan Talevski Covers ‘There Goes My Baby’ By Usher

Dan Talevski covers Usher

Dan Talevski performed a cover of ‘There Goes My Baby’ by Usher on his YouTube channel. “Love this track! I really like the R&B feel & smooth melodies it has to it,” the singer writes. Watch it below.

Dan Talevski Finishes Up Tour With The Backstreet Boys

Pop singer Dan Talevski

Dan Talevski updated fans on his blog at MySpace on Saturday (August 21) after wrapping up his stint opening for the Backstreet Boys and returning to Los Angeles to work on new material. The pop singer writes:

Dan here… just finished the Backstreet Boys “This Is Us” tour! It was an incredible experience! I had never performed on a stage in my life until this tour and my first audience was 10,000 people! I’m so happy that I got to share 4 new songs with all of you! I performed “Bigger Than That”, “Can’t Look Away”, “Nothing But Time”, & “Do It Again” Feat. will.i.am & Soulja Boy

Listen to a snippet of ‘Do It Again’ below.

Highlights Of Dan Talevski Tour Supporting Backstreet Boys

Dan Talevski hits the stage for the first time ever in his life as a supporting act on the “This Is Us” Backstreet Boys Tour across Canada. Check out an exclusive look of Dan’s time spent on tour in a YouTube video below. “I couldn’t have made it this far without the support of my online fans ..Thank you so much,” Dan said.

Dan Talevski Finishes Recording Debut Album

Dan Talevski

Dan Talevski updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@dantalevski) on Saturday (May 15), discussing the completion of recording his debut album on Interscope. The Canadian pop singer writes:

I’m currently living in Los Angeles and have FINALLY closed the recording for my album. I have dozens and dozens of songs that now have to be narrowed down for the official track listing. We are still in the very early process of that so in the meantime we are focusing on the lead single — which I am very excited about. I am in awe when I listen back to my 1st single! It’s crazy how far I’ve come! What you guys will soon hear is a really great pop track. We are currently in the final stages of getting the mix done so we can master it …and then release! I promise it will be out VERY soon. We just want the single to be the best it can be and to come out at the right time. It’s definitely a great summer track …and it’s almost summer! So look forward to it very soon!!! The single even has a feature on it! (That’s all I can say at this point)