Daniel Bedingfield Experiences “Deliciously Bad Feeling” Writing ‘Secret Fear’

Daniel Bedingfield 2012

TheDishmaster.com spoke with Daniel Bedingfield in a Q&A, asking the pop singer about where he’s been for the last eight years, his ‘Stop The Traffik – Secret Fear’ EP, how it feels to finally be independent and off the label, how all of his songs are true, not liking to play music for his family of musicians, interacting with fans on Twitter, and baring all in his ‘Rocks Off’ music video.

“The beginning of that song is so shocking, what it says,” Bedingfield said about the track ‘Secret Fear’. “I’m so frightened that any woman that I date will hear the lyrics and think I won’t be happy with her. It was a deliciously bad feeling writing that. I knew I could be fu**ing my life hard-core. I was getting-off on the danger. Imagine you’re lying in bed as my wife and thinking of those lyrics.”

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Daniel Bedingfield Fumes About O2 On Twitter & Gets A Response

Daniel Bedingfield turned to his Twitter followers (@DanielBedingfld) to become a consumer activist, angry with UK mobile phone provider O2. The 31-year-old singer writes:

I don’t think that I have ever come across a company as bad as @o2 Never been exposed to such VINDICTIVE customer service in my life.

Seriously. Bought unlocked iPhone 4 from @o2 and took it to the US. I Didn’t work.

So I can’t use my UNLOCKED iPhone 4 from @o2 because they can’t (or refuse) to unlock it unless I catch a plane back to the UK to do it.

The move resulted in a response from O2’s Twitter (@O2):

@DanielBedingfld Sorry to hear you had a problem – what’s gone wrong?

@DanielBedingfld Sorry to hear everything that’s happened – if you follow us we’ll DM you some info on what to do next

Daniel Bedingfield ‘One Hit Wonder’

Daniel Bedingfield has penned a self deprecating song ‘One Hit Wonder’, performing it as part of a series of 12 reggae-ish songs he will be recording in this manner. The ‘Gotta Get thru This’ singer wrote them all in 2-3 hours on a brisk jog in Malibu Creek Canyon.

“By ‘written’ I mean sketched,” Bedingfield writes. “I wrote the beat/bassline, the melody and the hook. I wanted to preserve the creative frenzy they were written and sketched in. So I’m recording them in the order they were written, while not finishing the writing till just before the moment of recording. In real-world spaces. With great new directors and no budget.”

Watch the performance via YouTube below.

Snowboarding With Daniel Bedingfield

Daniel Bedingfield posted his first video blog at his YouTube. The 30-year-old artist was on a ski lift and talked about his role doing the score for ‘Devil’s Playground’ before reaching the top, then videotaped himself as he snowboarded down the hill.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Daniel Bedingfield Writing Music For Shayne Ward

Neil Sean of Sky News reports ‘X Factor’ champ Shayne Ward has asked Daniel Bedingfield to write him some new songs, and plans to cover Daniel’s single ‘You’re Not The One’. Natasha’s brother said, “I am not a musical snob. I like his sound and voice – he’s a great talent.”

Daniel Bedingfield Says There’s No Rivalry With Natasha

Though Natasha Bedingfield has enjoyed more success than her brother, Daniel Bedingfield tells the Daily Post there’s no jealousy. “I’m very proud of her. We don’t have any rivalry,” Daniel insisted. “We’re family and she’s a girl. If I had a brother it might have been different, we’d have loads of rivalry – it would be, ‘Ah, I sold more albums than you. Yeah but I sold more singles than you’.”

Live And Loud 2005 In Glasgow

Former S Club star Rachel Stevens, KT Tunstall, McFly, Lovebites, The Faders, Rooster, Freefaller, former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm, Daniel Bedingfield, Natalie Imbruglia, former a1 star Ben Adams, and Charlotte Church performed at Live and Loud 2005 in Glasgow, Scotland on June 26th. Check out pictures from RexFeatures (page1 / page2).

‘Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith’ London Premiere

Former Busted member James Bourne, Daniel Bedingfield, McFly, Natasha Bedingfield, and Sophie Ellis Bextor were on hand for ‘Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith’ London Premiere on Monday (May 16) at Odeon Leicester Square. Check out pictures from FilmMagic and RexFeatures.

Sophie Ellis Bextor Primed To Record Third Album

March 18, 2005 – Sophie was asked about opera singer Patrizio Buanne being lined up to sing at her wedding to Richard Jones. “I have never heard of that singer and he is not booked for my wedding,” the former Groovejet singer said. “However, all the real plans for the big day are coming on a treat. I’ve just returned from an exciting New York writing trip and think I may be fast approaching the recording stage for the third album. Hurrah.”

Sophie Ellis Bextor Promises New Album In ’05

February 22, 2005 – Sophie asked fans to submit questions to her on her official forum earlier this month, and responded to several, including the status of her new album. “The new album is coming on a treat. The sound is pop, of course, but i think it has moved on from the last two,” the singer revealed. “I’ve been experimenting lots with quirky vocal lines and subtle hooks. We’ll see how it turns out. Around 30 tunes have been done, but I want to keep writing for a bit longer. The album will definitely be out this year. First single autumn at the latest. Please wait for me. It’s so important to me that this album is my best.”

Daniel Bedingfield Going Back To Basics On Next Album

Daniel Bedingfield 'Second First Impression' album cover

Daniel Bedingfield’s new album ‘Second First Impression’ was a sales flop, but Neil Sean of Sky News reports that he’s already working on a new album that will be out later this year entitled ‘Naked’. “I am going back to basics, going all acoustic, some new songs and some old,” Bedingfield said. “I have found that this worked best on my recent tour and fans love it.”

Daniel Bedingfield Takes Samantha Almon Romance Public

The Mirror reports that Daniel Bedingfield has been secretly dating novelist and poet Samantha Almon. The couple went public with their romance on Monday, with the singer taking Almon to see John Legend’s concert at The Scala in London’s King’s Cross. “They looked really smitten,” a spy revealed. “They were cuddled up together on the VIP balcony, kissing and dancing to the music. The only slightly annoying thing was Dan’s insistence on singing along loudly to every track. After the concert they left hand in hand.”