Daniel Bedingfield ‘Nothing Hurts Like Love’ Video

Daniel Bedingfield is out with the music video to his new single ‘Nothing Hurts Like Love’. Watch it online at talktalk.

Daniel Bedingfield’s Computer Hacked

A source tells The Daily Star that Daniel Bedingfield’s computer was hacked while connected to the internet when he was in the studio. “Dan had a real panic when he went back to his computer after lunch and saw that half its contents were missing,” the source revealed. Included in the lost data were personal pictures and emails, and five completed tracks for his new album. As for the missing songs, he had backed them up a few weeks ago, but all the work done on them since the backup has been lost and has to be redone.

Clear Channel’s Hurricane Charley Relief Auction

Clear Channel Communications is auctioning off guitars inked by the stars to raise funds for victims of Hurricane Charley and the American Red Cross. The online sale at StormAid.com includes instruments signed by Britney Spears and Shakira, and a guitar signed by Brian McKnight, LL Cool J, Nappy Roots, Tyrese, Frankie J, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Prymary Colorz, Daniel Bedingfield, Bowling for Soup, JC Chasez. Check out more details at StormAid.com.

Natasha Bedingfield Backs Her ‘Amazing’ Brother Daniel

In an interview with The Glasgow Daily Record, Natasha Bedingfield denies her upcoming album track ‘We’re All Mad In Our Way’ is about her brother Daniel Bedingfield, who suffers from an attention deficit disorder. “I always get upset when people put down my brother,” Natasha said. “Sometimes they seem to be positive about me and put him down, which is really silly. He is such an amazing person.”

Daniel Bedingfield To Sing About Near Fatal Car Crash

Daniel Bedingfield tells The Sun he has written a song about his car crash in his home country of New Zealand called ‘I’m Not Dead – I’m Alive’. The committed Christian also told the paper that God had told his parents he was going to be in a crash three weeks before it happened. “He told them I wouldn’t be paralyzed or brain damaged but it would be serious. After that they kept begging me not to drive – but obviously I did.” Look for the single on Bedingfield next album, which he plans to release in October.

Natasha Bedingfield Creates Album Without Daniel’s Help

Despite Daniel Bedingfield’s connections, his sister Natasha Bedingfield tells The Glasgow Daily Record she has been determined to forge her solo career without his help. “As an older brother, he has known it is important for me to make my own way,” Natasha said. “He has not been involved in this single or on my forthcoming album. But he has been incredibly supportive. He’s always telling people his sister has a record coming out and that I’m fantastic. Daniel loves my album and calls me now and again and sings the songs to me. He has helped me to learn how the music industry works.”

Fit Daniel Bedingfield Flies Home

Daniel Bedingfield finally arrived back in London on Sunday, five months after his horror car smash in New Zealand – minus the hi-tech head halo which doctors had fitted to protect his injured neck. Check out a picture of Bedingfield at Heathrow from TheSun.

Daniel Bedingfield Dating Classical Singer

The Sun reports that Daniel Bedingfield has started dating classical singer Hayley Westenra, though his neck brace is proving to bring difficulty in the romance department. “They make a very nice couple. Hayley is young but Daniel is a real gent and very honorable,” a friend of the New Zealander said. “There may be an eight-year age gap between them but it’s very sweet and very early days. They are going to see how Daniel recovers and take it from there. Dating has been a bit difficult at the moment because Daniel has still got his head brace on. I don’t think they’ve even managed to kiss yet – but they plan to when the brace is off.” Read more.

Daniel Bedingfield Charge In Motor Vehicle Crash

The Associated Press reports Northland police communications officer Richard Storey confirmed Daniel Bedingfield has been charged with careless use of a motor vehicle following a crash in which he fractured two vertebrae in his neck. If convicted, Bedingfield could face a maximum fine of $676, and a possible temporary driving ban.