Daniel Bedingfield: Brace Babe Magnet

Daniel Bedingfield spoke Monday about how his head brace has helped him attract women. “I’m feeling fine but lucky to be alive,” the 24-year-old said after snapping two neck vertebrae when his car overturned in New Zealand two weeks ago. “One good thing to have come out of this though is this brace is the best chick magnet ever. People keep coming up to me and holding my hand. They look into my eyes full of sympathy and ask if I’m alright and I say ‘nooo’ in a really pathetic voice. It’s great.” Check out Daniel in his head brace here.

Daniel Bedingfield Celebrating Life After Car Crash

The Sun reports Daniel Bedingfield is celebrating his car crash survival by throwing an I Am Not Dead party. The New Zealand born star broke his neck in two places after the 4×4 he was driving flipped over. His sister Natasha said, “Dan can’t stop saying how glad he is to be living and he is throwing a big party to give thanks for that.”

Daniel Bedingfield’s Message To Fans

Daniel Bedingfield has sent a message to his fans after his car crash in New Zealand last week. He writes on his official website: “First of all I’d like to thank all of the people who’ve taken the time to send messages of goodwill to me and my family. Right now, I feel okay and very grateful to be alive – I don’t remember much about what happened, but I’ve seen pictures of the car and feel blessed to have got out of there at all. I’m also very glad that nobody else was hurt, especially my friend who was in the passenger seat. The doctors have looked after me amazingly well and I owe the fact that I hope to make a full recovery to them and the fire brigade who removed me from the car. All of my family are here and keeping me occupied. I’m sure I will be getting bored soon but I’m in the middle of writing the new album so when I feel up to it I’ll start writing some more and my label are even going to get some studio equipment to make it a bit easier. I’ll be in hospital for the next week and New Zealand for the foreseeable future – two to three months probably. But having an accident like this really puts things into perspective so I’m not going to rush the process of getting better but will just take my time.” Bedingfield has sustained damage to the vertebrae in his neck, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

Daniel Bedingfield Will Have To Recover In New Zealand

The Sunday Mirror reports Daniel Bedingfield’s injuries after a car wreck in New Zealand are far worse than first thought and he won’t be allowed to travel for two months. “Daniel has damaged vertebrae in his neck. He will be in hospital for at least a week and will be in New Zealand for two months,” a spokesman said. The singer is being treated at the Whangarei Base Hospital on North Island, and will have to wear a neck brace for weeks after his release from the hospital.

Daniel Bedingfield Hurt In Auto Crash

Sky News reports Daniel Bedingfield is recovering in hospital recovering from head and neck injuries after crashing a 4×4 in his native country New Zealand. The accident happened near Whangarei in North Island where he was on vacation. No other car was involved and his passenger escaped unhurt.

A spokesman for the star’s record company Polydor said: “He suffered head and neck injuries and remains in hospital for observation. He is conscious and chatting and the doctors say he will be fine.”

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Simon Cowell Says Bedingfield Could Be Next Elton

Simon Cowell fielded questions from Independent readers, including which young solo singer around at the moment he felt could go on to be as famous as Madonna or Michael Jackson. “Probably Daniel Bedingfield. He’s a very, very good songwriter,” Cowell said. “He’s naturally gifted and a very smart and talented guy. He’s a rarity. He can just keep producing these brilliant songs. This year, he wrote one of the best pop songs I’ve ever heard – ‘If You’re Not The One’. I think he could be the next Elton John.”

ADHD Is Inspiration For Daniel Bedingfield

Daniel Bedingfield says his attention deficit hyperactive disorder, which has affected him since he was four, inspired him to write hit songs. He told The Glasgow Daily Record, “I have had ADHD since I was a child and I still have it. I’m a very hyperactive person. It can cause me to say really nasty things to people and really hurt them without meaning to. Sometimes I am rude without realizing it and I get insanely embarrassed and so apologetic afterwards.” Daniel added, “It has helped my songwriting because when I write songs my brain is flooded with adrenaline and endorphins. All my songs have been influenced by my condition.”

Daniel Bedingfield Leaves Fans In The Dark

The Evening Standard reports the high-profile launch of the Regent Street Christmas lights in London suffered an embarrassing hitch Thursday night when the 8,000 bulb display failed to turn on, finally lighting up after twenty minutes. About 10,000 shoppers had gathered to see singer Daniel Bedingfield illuminate the capital’s most stylish shopping street. Millions more were watching the event being broadcast live on BBC1.

Daniel Bedingfield Leaves Bedroom For Sophomore Album

Channel4.com had a video clip, since removed, of Graham Norton’s recent interview with Daniel Bedingfield, where they joked about him creating his first album in his bedroom, and now he’s expanded into a studio.

Daniel Bedingfield Returns Home To Fan In His Bathroom

Megastar reports Daniel Bedingfield got back home on Monday night to find an obsessed fan in his bathroom. “He’s had fans get obsessive in the past, which was daunting,” says a friend of the singer, “but no-one has ever taken it this far before. It’s sick, it’s illegal and she’s lucky he didn’t batter her.”