Audiences Embrace Bedingfield’s Lyrics In Ways He Didn’t Imagine

While Daniel Bedingfield wrote ‘Gotta Get Thru This’ for the “pretty girl from New Jersey” who now is his girlfriend, the singer tells Chris Chandar of Pulse! magazine that to his surprise, audiences worldwide embraced the song’s unaffected lyrics–in ways he never imagined. “There’s a guy who had cancer surgery, and he said the song helped him through it. And a girl who wanted to die–she felt the song was a message from God, telling her to get through it. I didn’t realize that because the song meant something to me, it would mean something to others, and it did. It really did.”

Daniel Bedingfield Offers Advice On Fame

Daniel Bedingfield 'Gotta Get Through This'

Entertainment Weekly profiled Daniel Bedingfield, the UK pop star who is breaking though in America thanks to his hit ‘Gotta Get Through This’. Asked about the pitfalls of fame, Bedingfield said, “Sort out who your friends are before you get famous. And get ready to rebuild your life from the ground up, because everything gets thrown upside down.” Bedingfield adds that he’s already begun work on a follow-up album that he says will be “much more vulnerable, a lot more angry, quieter and louder.” Read more.

Daniel Bedingfield Talks And Performs On TRL

Daniel Bedingfield 'Gotta Get Through This'

Daniel Bedingfield stopped by MTV”s Total Request Live on Friday to talk with Hillary and perform ‘Gotta Get Through This’ and later wrapped up the show with ‘James Dean’. Daniel also brought along his girlfriend Gina and introduced her, saying it was her who inspired him to write ‘Gotta Get Through This’. Read on for a transcript.

Def Jam Has Confidence In Daniel Bedingfield

Daniel Bedingfield 'Gotta Get Through This'

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News spoke with Def Jam artist Daniel Bedingfield (never mind the fact he refers to him in the article/photo as ‘David’) who says he’s drawing from many genres in his ‘Gotta Get Through This’ album debut. “I wouldn’t have had the confidence to try so many things if they didn’t believe in me,” he says of Def Jam. The label also matched him with its new signee Mariah Carey, for whom he wrote a song that may appear on her upcoming album. “If not, I’ll give it to Whitney Houston,” he says.

Top July Searches For Daniel Bedingfield

Searches for Daniel Bedingfield on pay-per search engine were pretty light in July, though they no doubt will spike now that his debut single has been doing pretty well here in America. ‘Daniel Bedingfield’ received 8,836 searches, while many of the searches revolve around the single and album both titled ‘Gotta Get Thru This’, which drops on Tuesday (August 27). The most common misspelled search was Daniel Bettingfield with 536 queries.

Top Pop Acts Perform At New Seahawk Stadium

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Monday, August 19: Daniel Bedingfield, Mario, BBMak, The Calling, Michelle Branch, Shaggy, Avril Lavigne, O-Town, P Diddy, and Special Guest Host Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys all rocked the stage down at Kiss 106.1’s BFD 4. Highlights of the concert were definitely new BBMak music, the cool soothing sounds of Michelle Branch and her guitar, Avril Lavigne’s great music and edgy attitude, and the guys of O-Town brought down the house with there one hour set, each band member performed a solo cover song that inspired them. Also Nick Carter made several appearances on stage and premiered his new solo song.

Daniel Bedingfield To Team With Mariah Carey

Daniel Bedingfield tells he has completed a song which he plans to sing with Mariah Carey. “I haven’t met up with Mariah to record the song yet but I have finished it so I will be singing it with her at some period in the future,” said Bedingfield. “I am looking forward to meeting her though and I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun.”

Daniel Bedingfield Collaborating With Mariah Carey

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A posting on Daniel Bedingfield’s official site revealed, “Daniel is also set to work with the stunning diva Mariah Carey. These are all the details we have at the moment, so keep checking in and we’ll fill you in!”

H & Claire Working With Daniel Bedingfield & Abba

Capital FM caught up with H of H & Claire (formerly of Steps) on the duo’s upcoming album. Asked who they have been working with on the disc, H offered, “We’ve recorded with Daniel Bedingfield who’s written us a track and he was nuts! He’s a really, really lovely guy but not on this planet – and I thought I was bonkers! What a talent though, he’s just phenomenal. He’s really humble, very down-to-earth, but completely bonkers! We‘re also off to Sweden to record one of the Abba tracks that they’ve written for us. Benny and Bjorn (of Abba) actually suggested it to myself and Claire, which was just unbelievable, and this is the first stuff they’ve written for other people since Abba split up.”

Daniel Bedingfield Helping Mariah Carey On New Album

The Sun reports Daniel Bedingfield is writing a single with Mariah Carey on her upcoming album. Daniel had the #1 UK hit ‘Gotta Get Thru This’ and he has signed to Carey’s US label Def Jam. Her label suggested the colloboration.