‘Idol’ Propels Daniel Powter To Top Of U.S. Singles Chart

Daniel Powter 'Bad Day' single cover

Billboard reports that Canadian singer/songwriter Daniel Powter earned his first No. 1 on the U.S. pop singles chart Thursday as ‘Bad Day’ climbed one rung to the summit, swapping places with reggae star Sean Paul’s ‘Temperature’. His international hit had been languishing in the United States until ‘American Idol’ started playing ‘Bad Day’ every week, as underscore music to the video of the departing contestants on results shows.

‘Idol’ Farewell Dinner For Lisa Tucker

March 30, 2006 – TMZ’s camera caught the ‘American Idol’ contestants going to Universal CityWalk Wednesday night after the show. It’s become a ritual to have a “farewell dinner” for the contestant who is booted — in this case, Lisa Tucker. TMZ.com has since removed the video.

‘Vote For The Worst’ Upsets Pickler Fans And FOX

March 30, 2006 – VoteForTheWorst.com webmaster David Della Terza tells TMZ that his ‘American Idol’ lobbying web site pushing people to vote for contestants whom he believes are the worst singers has been prompting death threats from fans of Kellie Pickler. The 23-year-old added that FOX is so upset with the content, they’ve called out their lawyers to threaten him.

‘Idol’ Spawns Pre-Show, Post-Show, Clothes, Games & Ring Tones

March 30, 2006 – Former ‘American Idol’ finalist Kimberly Caldwell spoke with MTV News about her gig as co-host of the TV Guide Channel’s live pre-show ‘Idol Tonight’. “We have the entire audience, so we talk about each contestant, what’s going to happen this week,” Caldwell said. “We talk to experts, fashion designers, makeup, vocal coaches and then each one of their fans, and that’s where we get the crazy stuff. By the time we get done with them and send them in for the show, they’re really pumped up. Some of these people drove hours just to see the show, so the least we can do is hype them up a little more.” Read more, including other ways fans can get more ‘Idol’ and how much is too much, here.

Daniel Powter Will Pull It Out, But Won’t Talk About Family

Top of the Pops online caught up with Daniel Powter for a Q&A and asked the singer what was the last interview question he refused to answer. “Anything that has to do with my family. Anything that goes beyond the realm of what’s appropriate,” Powter responded. “I find that a little bit [invasive] and I’m not interested in that, and I won’t answer any questions about my family. I think that’s probably the only thing. I just think that there has to be a limit, you know. Otherwise, I mean, you can ask me whatever you like about ‘me’. I don’t care. I’ll pull my pants down and say, ‘this is how big I am’, it doesn’t matter to me, I’m not embarrassed about that. You’re not going to ask me that are you?”

The interview transcript at bbc.co.uk has since been removed.

Daniel Powter Visits ‘The Matt & Jo Show’

Daniel Powter dropped by The Matt & Jo Show on Fox FM in Melbourne, Australia the other day to promote his new single ‘Bad Day’. He talked about the song, finding success at age 34 in pop, and more. Then Daniel and Matt sat down and did a parody of ‘Bad Day’ dedicated to Jo. Auspipe.com has since removed the audio.

Daniel Powter Hates It Being All About Him

Daniel Powter tells Radio 1 that he hates being a pop star so much, he invites fans up on stage to play to the audience during his shows. “All of a sudden the whole show doesn’t become about you. It becomes about sharing music back and forth,” Powter said. “There’s this energy that gets shared back and forth. As opposed to being up on stage and all about me and ‘You paid to see me, and I’m going to be this big rock star’. Which is a bunch of BS.”