Dannii Minogue Apologizes For Danyl Johnson Remark

Dannii Minogue took to her official blog on Sunday (October 11) for comments she made about ‘The X Factor’ contestant Danyl Johnson. The Australian pop singer writes:

Hi there. I want to clear up exactly what happened on last night’s X Factor show and post my sincere apologies to anyone who took offense. I made a comment about Danyl changing the lyrics of his song (‘And I’m Telling You’ – Dreamgirls). It was meant to be a humorous moment about the fact he has an opportunity to have fun with his song. An openly bi-sexual singing a song that is lyrically a ‘girl’s song’. Danyl and I were joking about the very same thing in rehearsals on Friday, so it carried on to the show. I’d like to apologize to anyone that was offended by my comments, it was never my intention. I spoke to Danyl straight after the show last night and he wasn’t offended or upset by my comments, and knew exactly what I was saying.

Dannii’s sister Kylie Minogue had this to say about it on her Twitter (@kylieminogue):

Just off the phone w my little sis, both she and Danyl are surprised by how much unnecessary attention her innocent comment has garnered…

Watch a report from ITN about the controversy below.

Dannii Minogue Arrives At LAX

August 7, 2009 – Dannii Minogue was photographed arriving at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday (August 6), where ‘The X Factor’ judge chatted on her BlackBerry. Dannii required the assistance of a male friend to wheel out her luggage.

The photo provided by Bauer-Griffin has since been removed.

Ice Thawing Between Cheryl Cole & Dannii Minogue?

Simon Cowell tells ‘GMTV’ that the tensions between Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue are fading as they prepare for a new season of ‘The X Factor’. “Girls are girls right – they all want to be the center of attention,” Simon said of the pair’s rivalry. “I don’t think anyone has ever ended up as best friends but they don’t hate each other. In fact actually no, I think they like each other now…ish.”

Simon added, “They’re not going to go on holiday together Ben, but you know, they’ve got to do the job they’re being paid to do – which is judge a talent show. Things have quieted down a bit – I think.”

Dannii Minogue Isn’t Leaving ‘X Factor’

January 30, 2009 – ITN spoke with Simon Cowell’s girlfriend Sinita and his PR man Max Clifford about reports Dannii Minogue is getting pushed out of ‘X Factor’. “It’s just these kinds of things are put about by unscrupulous journalists and media people,” Clifford said. “They make up all sorts of things all the time. It’s a terrible thing they do.” Watch the clip below.

Sharon Claims Dannii Joined ‘X Factor’ To “Fu** Simon Cowell”

January 13, 2009 – Sharon Osbourne is bringing her feud with Dannii Minogue, telling Piers Morgan on ITV1 that the Australian pop star was the reason behind her quitting ‘The X Factor’. “All Dannii wanted to do was fu** Simon Cowell,” Sharon claimed. “That’s why she’s on the show.”

Ozzy’s wife added she only asked for a $3 million deal so bosses would force her to quit. The source said: “They offered [$2.4] million but she ‘couldn’t bear to sit next to Dannii six more months’.” Read more.

Dannii To Focus On Her Music, Could Exit ‘X Factor’

January 4, 2009 – News of the World reports Dannii Minogue is teaming up with the Freemasons to return to her singing career, and if things go well enough, the 37-year-old may walk away from ‘The X Factor’ and the sniping she’s endured from fellow judge Louis Walsh. “Dannii is sick of the sniping, and seeing Cheryl Cole balance her singing and judging career for the past few months has made her more determined than ever before,” a source explained.

The entire story at newsoftheworld.co.uk has since been removed.

Dannii Minogue Critical Of Britney Spears ‘X Factor’ Appearance

Dannii Minogue is speaking out about Britney Spears’ forgettable appearance on ‘The X Factor’, where she and fellow judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole had to line up outside the pop tart’s dressing room to even meet her. “It was hysterical. We were all like little kids at the principal’s office,” the 37-year-old singer said. “There were so many security guards and PR people and they had to block the whole corridor before she could come out the door.” Minogue was more upset though about the kids, who only got a “Hi” from Britney, in stark contrast to Beyonce Knowles, who even performed with the show’s winner Alexandra Burke during Saturday’s finale. Read more.

Dannii Minogue To Be Replaced By A Man On ‘X Factor’

November 23, 2008 – Though Dannii Minogue told News of the World she’d been assured by Simon Cowell she’d be back for another season as a mentor on ‘The X Factor’, the British tabloid now hears Mr. Nasty is looking to replace her with a man, with Boyzone’s Ronan Keating and Take That’s Gary Barlow among those mentioned to be her replacement. “Simon’s made his decision. Once his mind’s made up it’s very hard to change,” a source revealed. “Even though ITV has the final say, Simon is the driving force behind ‘X Factor’. If Simon wants a man in Dannii’s place he’ll get it.” The entire story at newsoftheworld.co.uk has since been removed.

Dannii Minogue Slams ‘Diva’ Simon Cowell

Dannii Minogue tells News of the World that ‘The X Factor’ creator Simon Cowell has been giving her the cold shoulder since Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole joined the judging team. Still, Dannii says Simon’s treatment is easier to deal with than the war she had with Sharon Osbourne the prior season.

“This year has been very emotional and I admit I’ve struggled to deal with it all, especially with Simon, who is the biggest diva on the show,” the 36-year-old said. “Mariah Carey doesn’t even compare to him! I guess Simon and I don’t talk much any more, definitely nothing like last year when I was next to him on the panel and was also the new girl. He moved me away from him and now sits next to Cheryl and is in her ear all the time. It is a snub but I’m fine. It’s nothing compared to what I had to go through last year.”

Louis Walsh Predicts Dannii Minogue Will Be Axed From ‘X Factor’

The Daily Mail reports Dannii Minogue is set to be axed from ‘The X Factor’, making way for Sharon Osbourne to return to the ITV hit next season. Sharon had left the show because of an icey relationship with the Aussie pop star, and now Dannii has been upset because Sharon’s replacement Cheryl Cole of Girls Aloud has been getting more airtime. “Obviously Dannii would be the one to go,” fellow ‘X Factor’ judge Louis Walsh said regarding Sharon’s return, “having Sharon and Cheryl Cole on the show together is too good an opportunity to miss.”

Walsh took a further dig at Dannii by talking up Cole and saying she’s better looking than Dannii. “Cheryl has come in and is doing a fantastic job. She’s a natural and definitely has a career in television,” Walsh enthused. “She brings the emotion that Sharon did, without the mad streak. And, of course, she’s absolutely stunning. She’s the prettiest girl on the show and will be sat next to Simon during the live shows. He always sits next to the prettiest girl so there is no doubt in my mind that he’ll get Cheryl.” Read more.

Dannii Minogue Praises Fellow ‘X Factor’ Panelist Cheryl Cole

After taking some digs at her former ‘X Factor’ co-panelist Sharon Osbourne, Dannii Minogue discussed her excitement working with Sharon’s replacement on the singing competition, Cheryl Cole. “I’m thrilled Cheryl has joined,” Dannii tells Thomas Cook’s travel magazine. “She has experienced the whole process first-hand and successfully carved out a recording career with Girls Aloud. She brings a breath of fresh, young air to the show and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions, even with Simon.”

Meanwhile, an insider on the set of the ITV hit seems to back up life with Cole is easier than it was with Sharon, especially for show creator and judge Simon Cowell. “Simon is so pleased he took a gamble because it has paid off,” the source told the Daily Mail. “This is the happiest he has been for a long while. For once there is no bitching or backbiting like there was before. It was incredibly stressful with the feud between Dannii and Sharon.” Read more.

Sharon Osbourne At War With Dannii

August 27, 2007 – The People reports tensions are high between ‘X Factor’ judges Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue, with 54-year-old Sharon worried she’ll be overshadowed by the younger and sexier singer. “Sharon’s nose has been well and truly put out of joint by the arrival of Dannii,” a source told the tab. “In previous series she has been the star of the show. She brought the glamor and sexiness. This year she was hoping things would be the same, particularly as her own chat show crashed and burned. She was hoping to prove she’s still got what it takes, more so to herself because nobody has ever questioned her ability. She’s brilliant. But she feels Dannii is taking over. She thinks she is the star of the show. She’s younger, sexier and Sharon hates it.” Read more.

Stripper Details Her Lapdance For Dannii Minogue

Janine Marshall spoke with News of the World about her sexy sapphic strip tease for Dannii Minogue, which was captured by the Puss In Boots club’s security camera and posted on the internet. “Dannii admired me. She said, ‘Wow, look at that body.’ I knew I looked fantastic,” Marshall explained. “At one point she grabbed a curl of my hair and twiddled it around her finger. And she said, ‘You’ve got such sexy hair’. Then she whispered, ‘You’re stunning, you’re turning me on so much’.” Janine said after dancing fo the singer and her boyfriend, he invited her to go home with them. “That’s not the kind of girl that I am,” she said. “I never went home with clients men or women and I wasn’t about to start then.”

The entire story at newsoftheworld.co.uk has since been removed.

Dannii Minogue Models Lingerie For Next

Dannii Minogue is the body of The Next Boutique lingerie collection. A spokesman for Next said: “Both Dannii and Next possess a whole host of credentials, the ability to consistently engage the consumer, a loyal fan base, a dynamic influence over fashion.” Check out Dannii modeling the sexy items at next.co.uk.

Dannii, Not Sinitta, To Be New ‘X Factor’ Judge?

April 4, 2007 – The Mirror reports Dannii Minogue has signed on to be a judge on ‘X Factor’, where she’ll join Simon Cowell Sharon Osbourne. A source on the show said, “Dannii is going to add some glamor to the show. She has had top 10 hits for 15 years and she can’t wait to be a mentor to new performers.” News of the World head reported over the weekend that Cowell’s former lover Sinitta had been tapped to replace axed Louis Walsh.

Rick Parfitt Jr. Birthday Bash In London

Richard ‘Abs’ Breen of Five and Dannii Minogue were on hand as Jacks Lounge hosted a birthday party celebration for Rick Parfitt Jr. in London, England on Saturday (October 28).

Dannii Talks With RTL Boulevard

October 3, 2006 – RTL Boulevard’s Cover Story on Monday (October 2) was Dannii Minogue. The singer was in Amsterdam for the A1 Kickoff Party, where she talked about tripping in front of the paparazzi, performing at the event, plans on hanging it up at some point, everyone watching and critiquing her fashion, eventually settling down, getting squeezed filming ‘So Under Pressure’ by an albino python, and her visits back home to Australia. The video clip at RTL.nl has since been removed.

Dannii Drops By Kyle And Jackie O.

August 16, 2006 – Dannii Minogue was in the studio with Kyle and Jackie O. of 2Day FM in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday (August 16). Minogue discussed her busy promo schedule, what she has coming up, childhood fights with her siblings, having a dividing line in the room she shared as a child with sister Kylie, being a geek at school, Kylie being the wilder one growing up, looking for a boyfriend, and more. She also took questions from callers. 2day.com.au has since removed the audio.

Dannii Visits ‘Rove Live’

August 16, 2006 – Dannii Minogue visited ‘Rove Live’, where she participated in the show’s regular segment the Help Desk and was interviewed. Dannii talked with host Rove McManus about the new album, some of the fashions she wore on her previous videos over the years, the ‘So Under Pressure’ video with the python, dealing with her sister Kylie’s battle with breast cancer, and Kylie’s appearance at her G-A-Y performance. Watch both segments at YouTube.

Dannii Visits Kyle And Jackie O.

August 1, 2006 – Dannii Minogue was in with Kyle and Jackie O. of 2Day FM in Sydney on Tuesday (August 1). Dannii gave props to the pair’s appearance, talked about being single, how she stays in shape, starring in an Australian film, the new song ‘So Under Pressure’, her ’80s years on ‘Young Talent Time’, and she took calls from fans. The interview audio at 2dayfm.com.au has since been removed.

Myer Pulls Kylie Minogue’s Lingerie Line In Australia

The Sun reports slow sales have forced upmarket retailer Myer to remove Kylie Minogue’s Love Kylie lingerie brand from its shelves. “It’s a blow on top of news that her comeback concerts are far from sold out,” a source said. “Its like her own country is losing interest in her.” Read more.

Dannii: Kylie Will Have Babies First

August 21, 2006 – ContactMusic.com reports that Dannii Minogue is claiming her sister Kylie Minogue will be the first to start a family, with her boyfriend Olivier Martinez. “Kylie is so ready to get pregnant,” the singer said. “Our parents have been on at us for ages, asking when we’re going to make them grandparents. I’m not doing so well on that score – I can’t find a man. Kylie will do it first, I’m certain.”

Olivier Martinez: I’m There For Kylie

August 13, 2006 – Olivier Martinez spoke with France’s Nice-Matin newspaper about how he coped as he helped girlfriend Kylie Minogue through the chemotherapy and the side-effects after she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. When life tests you, you have to do your best. I’m there for her,” he explained. Though Kylie has said “I would love children”, Olivier now says, “I’m very happy the way things are.”

Jake Shears And Kylie’s Connection

July 30, 2006 – Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears tells The Sun why he’s such good friends with Kylie Minogue. “We’re both complete freaks,” he said. “We get up, drink too much caffeine and by 11am we’re doing interpretive dance, making each other laugh. We both love attention, whether it’s from three people in a room or the 100,000 people we’re performing to. We see that in each other and get along.”

Dannii Minogue Ready To Move On After Sister’s Nightmare Is Over

Dannii Minogue has spoken of her relief that big sister Kylie Minogue is clear from cancer and revealed to The Sun, “At last the nightmare is over.” The 34-year-old said, “But I’m just grateful that this is now a happy year for us. I get fed up talking about bad times. Now it’s a happy time, she is better and the nightmare is over. So let’s all accept that it’s over and let’s all rejoice that she is better. I think it’s made every woman more conscious about breast cancer but I really don’t want to become a spokesman for breast cancer awareness. I just wanted to be a good sister and I’m only just coming out of that mode of protecting, caring, supporting and being there. I had to get my head around it all too, but the most important thing is that everyone stops talking about it. I know other people who have had cancer in their families and after a while they just don’t want to talk about it. You don’t want to talk about it every second of every day. Once it’s over, let it go. I like to live in the moment. Now I want to move on.”

The story at thesun.co.uk has since been removed.

Kylie Minogue Agrees To TV Interview

June 20, 2006 – The Sun reports Cat Deeley of Sky One is set to interview Kylie Minogue, the singer’s first interview since her breast cancer battle. “Kylie is one of the UK’s biggest and best-loved artists,” said Richard Woolfe, Sky One’s director of programming. “Ever since she made her UK debut in ‘Neighbours’ some 20 years ago, she has found a place in the nation’s heart. The news of her diagnosis sent shockwaves across the world, so we’re delighted that Kylie has chosen Sky to give her first worldwide exclusive interview about the ups and downs of the past year and her immediate plans for the future.” The interview is set to air on July 16th.