Will Kylie Minogue Quit Living In England?

Kylie Minogue’s spokesman insists the singer has no plans to sell her London home, but a friend tells The People she’s quitting the UK to live in Paris with her boyfriend Olivier Martinez. “Olivier has supported her throughout her cancer ordeal and she is very happy with him,” the pal revealed. “They want to settle down and have children. She is also left alone in Paris while photographers camp outside her door here.”

Dannii On Kylie Joining Her On Stage

June 18, 2006 – The Sunday Mirror reports Dannii Minogue was shocked when her older sister Kylie Minogue joined her for an impromptu singalong to ‘Jump To The Beat’ at G-A-Y at the Astoria nightclub earlier this month in London. “Kylie and I always sing that song with a special friend in New York,” the 35-year-old said. “He was gutted he missed us together on stage. It was so good to sing with my sis.”

Dannii Minogue Trashes MTV UK Host

June 17, 2006 – Dannii Minogue was not happy after being interviewed by Russell Brand on his MTV show ‘1 Leicester Square’. The Aussie fumed to The Mirror, “He is completely crazy and a bit of a vile predator. I certainly don’t think he has cured his sex addiction, that’s for sure. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. He always goes that step too far. Never quite far enough to slap his face, but usually too far. He’s obviously very intelligent – but he wears more make-up than I do. Normally I love guys with eyeliner on. It can be very sexy, but not on Russell. Absolutely no way, never, he’s just not my type.”

Kylie May Return To ‘Neighbours’

June 8, 2006 – Ann Montini of Sky News reports Kylie Minogue is now saying she may have left ‘Neighbours’ too soon. “I was having a great time, but I was getting offered all kinds of work and the music was taking off,” she said. “Would I go back? I might… who knows the future?”

Dannii Minogue Thrilled With Her Re-Enlarged Breasts

Dannii Minogue is thrilled with her breast enlargement after last year’s weight-loss left her a little light on top. “I had a bigger bust when I was a teenager, then I lost weight and it shrunk,” the 34-year-old tells Star magazine. “I liked having a bigger bust, so I got one!”

Dannii Minogue Hits Back At Richard Madeley

Dannii Minogue has responded to Richard Madeley’s claims she’s the rudest guest he’d ever had on ‘This Morning’. “I’d agreed to go on and talk, which I didn’t want to do, ‘cos it’s a pretty daggy show,” Dannii told the new issue of Attitude magazine. “I had a calendar out and all Richard wanted to do was letch over it, which I wasn’t comfortable with. I shot him a look – it was either that or walk off.”

Dannii Looking For A French Boyfriend

May 24, 2006 – The Sun reports Dannii Minogue wants to follow in her big sister Kylie Minogue’s footsteps and land herself another French boyfriend. “There’s no one in particular at the moment,” the Aussie said. “I’m very single – too much running around, working. But I would like a French gentleman. I like the accent. Kylie and I love France. I guess we were first drawn there by the fashion – and I guess we like the men there. It’s becoming a third home to us.”

Dannii Buys Porsche Carrera GT

May 7, 2006 – The Sunday Mirror reports Dannii Minogue has spent a whopping $450,000 on a racy new Porsche Carrera GT. The car does 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 205mph. “Dannii can’t wait for it to arrive,” a source said.

Kylie Minogue Becomes An Aunt

The Sunday Mirror reports that Kylie Minogue is celebrating after her younger brother Brendan, 35, and his girlfriend announced the arrival of their first child, 8lb 2oz Charles Shand Minogue. “To say Kylie is absolutely over the moon is an understatement,” a spy said. “The baby wasn’t due until May, so the news has come as a wonderful surprise. Mother and baby are both doing well and the family are all thrilled. But Kylie is especially excited. She’s very close to her brother. It’s a great way to put the last year behind her and look to the future.”

Dannii Says Olivier’s ‘So Good’ For Kylie

April 14, 2006 – Kylie Minogue’s sister Dannii Minogue tells ‘Extra’ that Oliver Martinez has been Kylie’s rock. “He’s so good for her,” she said. “He makes her so happy; he’s really been so supportive.”

Kylie’s New Beginning

April 13, 2006 – The first pictures of a new-look for Kylie Minogue have been posted at the singer’s official web site. Relaxed and happy during a weekend break as a guest of Dolce and Gabbana in Portofino, Kylie showed how well she is doing. “She wanted to send a big hello and all her best to the many Kylie.com regulars,” Kylie.com states.

The pictures, taken by her boyfriend Olivier Martinez, have since been removed from kylie.com.

Kylie’s Comeback Plans

March 29, 2006 – Closer magazine reports that Kylie Minogue is planning a new album and a big return to within the next 12 months. “Kylie’s feeling good… She’s pleased she’s got a clear head to start putting together a brand-new show and album,” a friend revealed. “Her hair is quite thin at the moment after the chemotherapy, and she’s not sure it will grow back enough for the tour she’s planning in January. She’s thinking it would be great to have Priscilla Queen Of The Desert-style wigs to entertain the crowds. She’s really looking forward to having fun now.”

Kylie Rides An Elephant In Sri Lanka

March 13, 2006 – Sky News reports Kylie Minogue hopped on top of an elephant during a surprise trip to Sri Lanka, where she was doing charity work for Children Of The Sea – a theater group mainly made up of children who were orphaned in the Tsunami and civil war. “I was so happy to finally meet the children… their triumph through adversity is inspiring,” the singer said. “My visit was all too short. Everyone has been so welcoming; I do hope to return one day soon.”

The entire story and pictures at sky.com have since been removed.

Dannii Minogue Dating Rick Parfitt Jr.

The Sunday Mirror reports that Dannii Minogue is dating Rick Parfitt Jr., the son of the Status Quo legend. “Yes, Dannii and Rick are an item,” a spokesman confirmed.

Dannii Minogue ‘So Under Pressure’ Video

Dannii Minogue 'So Under Pressure' single cover

April 15, 2006 – Dannii Minogue is out with the music video to her new single ‘So Under Pressure’, a new track from her upcoming greatest hits album ‘The Hits and Beyond’, due out June 12th. Watch it online below.

Dannii Minogue In Sizzling Lesbian Romp With Stripper

News of the World reports Dannii Minogue has been caught on camera in a lesbian romp with a naked lapdancer at London’s Puss In Boots nightspot. “Dannii was having the time of her life and didn’t care who saw,” an onlooker said. “She wasn’t in a private booth or the VIP area, she was on the dance floor. I can’t believe how far they went. It was more like a porn film. There were hands and tongues everywhere-I thought it was going to turn into a full-on orgy.”

Dannii Minogue Enjoys Night Out At Strip Club

The People reports that Dannii Minogue enjoyed a night out with friends at a strip club. A Brazilian beauty called Savannah performed at Minogue’s table three times at £20 a go. “At one point Savannah was naked with her back to Dannii,” another patron revealed. “Then she leaned forward until she was looking at her through her legs. But Dannii wasn’t fazed, she took it all as a bit of fun.” Read more.

Dannii Minogue Pole Dances At Puss In Boots

Dannii Minogue spent an evening at the Puss In Boots club in London’s Mayfair, where she took part in the tradition shared by fellow celebs Christina Aguilera and Kate Moss by pole dancing at the venue. “I’m trying to work out how my London pad can accommodate a pole, although with floor-to-ceiling windows it’s probably best for the neighbors that I don’t,” Minogue told The Mirror.

Simon Cowell Wants To Build Show Around Dannii

October 16, 2005 – After meeting Dannii Minogue at the GQ Man Of The Year awards in London last month, ‘Idol’ mainman Simon Cowell told the singer he wants to turn the 33-year-old into an international TV star. “He was bowled over by her. She’s funny, down-to-earth and charming,” a source told The Sunday Mirror. “He told her she’s got what it takes to be a massive TV star all over the world. He wants to build a show around her.”

Dannii Minogue Discusses Kylie’s Breast Cancer Battle

Dannii Minogue is spoke to ‘Extra’ Terri Seymour about her sister Kylie Minogue’s courageous fight with breast cancer. “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever encountered in my life,” Dannii admitted, adding that her sister is doing “really good. She’s just a trooper and I admire her so much. She’s so calm about the whole thing.” Dannii also denied a report that Kylie had become so thin, she left Paris to go back to Australia to be with her parents.

Kylie Looking Relaxed And Healthy In Corsica

September 5, 2005 – The Herald Sun reports that Kylie Minogue was looking relaxed and healthy on a recent break in Corsica, despite visible effects of her cancer treatment. On White Wings, the yacht Minogue bought boyfriend Olivier Martinez, the singer wore similar scarfs to the ones she had in Paris, reportedly to hide her thinning hair, and wore a cap to keep the sun off her face. The full story at news.com.au has since been removed.

Pain Of Lonely Kylie

September 4, 2005 – Friends of Kylie Minogue tell The People they are worried how the singer will react after boyfriend Olivier Martinez flew out of town Friday to shoot a movie in Romania. “Olivier is her rock and she has been dreading him going away,” a source close to Kylie revealed. “He will be gone for months and everyone is really worried about her.” The source added, “After she was diagnosed with her breast cancer, I think Kylie wanted to go back to work as soon as possible. But things have changed since then. This is a lot more serious than anyone realized at first.”

Minogue Penning Songs

August 20, 2005 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports that while she’s recovering from breast cancer, Kylie Minogue is penning songs for other artists. “Kylie co-writes most of her own tunes now and thinks that this is a great option that allows fans to hear what she has been up to over the past few years and is delighted in the response from some major stars who want to record her work,” an insider revealed. “Some though may not even know it’s Kylie who wrote the track as she often writes under a pen name.”

Dannii Falls For Kylie Boyfriend’s Best Pal

August 1, 2005 – The Sunday Mirror reports that Dannii Minogue has fallen head over heels for French TV star Jeremy Banster, the best friend of her sister Kylie Minogue’s lover Olivier Martinez. “Jeremy and Dannii have fallen for each other big time,” a pal revealed. “In every crisis, there can sometimes be joy. That has what happened here.”

The story at Mirror.co.uk has since been removed.

MAC VIVA GLAM V Party Pictures Ft. Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue attended the MAC VIVA GLAM V party launching MAC Cosmetics latest charity lipstick at Home House on April 21st in London. All proceeds went straight to the MAC AIDS Fund, helping people affected by the disease across the world. Check out pictures from RexFeatures, GettyImages, and FilmMagic.

Dannii: My Body Is Too Hot To Make New Friends

April 6, 2005 – ITV.com reports Dannii Minogue is blaming her inability to make friends with women on her figure. “Having a voluptuous figure can be intimidating to other women,” Minogue reasoned. “Sometimes I just walk into a room and other girls will just be like, ‘Hiss’, and I think, ‘You don’t even know me’.”

Dannii Visits The Kyle And Jackie O. Show

March 24, 2005 – Dannii Minogue visited the Kyle and Jackie O. show in Australia recently, where they talked about Dannii being back home, how beautiful Dannii’s mother is, and her plans on filming a movie in Melbourne later this year, her dating life, and more. The 2-part interview as Auspipe.com has since been removed.