What Makes Darius Danesh Angry

‘Top Of The Pops’ caught up with Darius Danesh for a Q&A and asked the singer several questions about what makes him angry. Asked if he’s ever really lost it with someone, Darius responded, “Yeah, I also get road rage. Don’t ever cut in on me, or you’ll get a ram up the… bumper.”

Darius: If Robbie Can’t Crack America, I Won’t Even Try

Sky News caught up with Darius Danesh for a Q&A and asked the singer if he plans on making a go at America in 2005. “Europe yes, America no,” Darius responded. “I am going to really go for it in Europe, but if Robbie (Williams) can’t do it in America then I’m not going to try. It just seems too much. There’s a saying that you should learn from your mistakes, but it is even better to learn from other people’s. I just want to entertain people for years to come and do my thing. I’ll be happy if that’s what happens.” The chat transcript at sky.com has since been removed.

Darius Danesh ‘Live Twice’ Video

Darius Danesh 'Live Twice' album cover

Darius Danesh is out with the music video to his new single ‘Live Twice’. The song is featured on the Scottish pop singer’s second album, also titled ‘Live Twice’ (Mercury Records). The black and white video was was filmed in Malaga, Spain. Watch it via YouTube below.

MTV Immies 2004

Alanis Morissette and Darius Danesh performed at the MTV Immies 2004 – The Indian Music Excellence Award in Bombay, India on Friday (December 10). Check out pictures and read highlights from the evening at MTVIndia.com.

Darius Danesh Grovels In Acting Break Bid

Darius Danesh was spotted Jennifer Ellison and her fiance Tony Richardson to get him into the VIP area at the ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ after party so he could meet the film’s director, Joel Schumacher. “It was hilarious watching Darius, he was virtually begging them to get him an introduction,” a source revealed. “Jen and Tony were so embarrassed they agreed.”

Darius Danesh Hooks Up With His Keyboard Player

The Sunday Mirror reports Darius Danesh was spotted getting up close and personal with his sexy keyboard player Sarah Decourcy at the BMI/Gibson Guitar live music night at the Hard Rock cafe last week. “They were kissing in the VIP area of the venue before his performance. And then when he was playing his gig, Darius couldn’t take his eyes off Sarah,” an insider revealed. “After his three-song set the pair went back to their corner and began kissing. They were all over each other again.”

Record Deal Ultimatum For Darius Danesh

‘Pop Idol’ Darius Danesh’s solo career is at the breaking point after his new album bombed in the charts, Neil Sean of Sky News is reporting. Danesh has been told if his next single isn’t a success, he’ll be sent packing. Sean hears that if his pop career fades, Danesh will be looking at the world of musicals.

Geri Halliwell Dating Darius Danesh

According to News of the World, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is now dating Darius Danesh. “They seem like an odd couple but it looks like the real thing,” a source revealed. “Geri has been swooning that Darius is absolutely gorgeous. She’s fallen for him very hard and quickly. She even says Darius is the man of her dreams.” The singers met while performing on the same bill in September. “They clicked immediately,” the source added. “Darius asked her out and she said yes. They’ve been on several dates since then and it seems to be going well.”

Halliwell’s Latest Slammed By Simon Cowell

October 29, 2004 – After seeing former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell video for her new single ‘Ride It’, during an interview for Saturday’s CD:UK, Simon Cowell sneered: “Honestly, if I was her record company and that video arrived on my desk, I’d throw it in the bin. I think it’s rubbish, it is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Is it a joke?”

‘Scotland Today’ Chats With Darius At Signing Session

With Darius Danesh’s second album due out shortly, is the singer feeling any nerves? “Honestly? Not at all,” Danesh tells ‘Scotland Today’ at the Braehead Shopping Centre near Glasgow on Tuesday (October 19). “I didn’t think I was going to be releasing the album this year so I’m just happy to be here. I thought that I was going to be taking time out to spend time with the family and so being here is really, it’s because of the encouragement of my father particularly who’s been ill this year and who’s been a huge inspiration for me. His battle against cancer has been something for me that I have expressed, I feel, on the album with ‘Twice’. I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t said, ‘Darius, you’ve got to move on and keep going.’ And it drew focus for me on how important not worrying about your job is. Not worrying if it sells a lot, not worrying if it goes high up in the charts. I mean it really doesn’t matter.”

ASDA Tickled Pink Girls’ Night In Live

Darius Danesh, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, Natasha Bedingfield, former S Club star Rachel Stevens, and former Boyzone singer Ronan Keating performed at the ASDA Tickled Pink Girls’ Night In Live at the Royal Albert Hall in central London on Sunday (September 19), with all proceeds invested into Breast Cancer Care. Check out pictures from FilmMagic and RexFeatures.