Teen Soap Babes Put Darius Danesh In A Sweat

The Sunday Mail reports Darius Danesh has found it difficult to concentrate during his cameo role in Hollyoaks because of the teen soap’s beautiful stars. “Something about acting with the Hollyoaks girls brought me out in a sweat,” he admitted. “Maybe it was the fact there were so many beautiful girls in one room … and they were all looking at me. The Hollyoaks girls are amazingly attractive and because it was a ball they were all wearing revealing dresses. It really was hard to concentrate.”

Summer XS Pop Party Photos

Former Five star Abs Breen, Busted, Darius Danesh, Triple 8, Sugababes, Daniel Bedingfield, Blue, Mis-Teeq, former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee, former Hear’Say star Kym Marsh, and Appleton performed at the Summer XS Pop Party at Milton Keynes Bowl in England on Sunday (June 15). Check out pictures from GettyImages and RexFeatures (page1 / page2).

Darius Danesh Amazed By Success

Darius Danesh tells The Sunday People he’s hoping for another smash-hit success with his new single ‘Girl in the Moon’. Darius admits he still can’t believe he has so many fans. “I never thought I could have my own UK tour at 22 and I’m still getting my head around the fact that thousands of people bought tickets just to come and see me,” he says.

Q&A With Darius Danesh

Cris O. Ramos Jr. of the Manila Times chatted with Darius Danesh and asked about how his performance in Pop Idol sort of became the talk of the town, and why that was.
Darius responded, “I actually performed Britney Spears’ ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’. It was a pretty over-the-top rendition. I was rebelling because the contest people didn’t want me to perform my own songs. Heck, they didn’t allow me to use my guitar too! That performance was such a release.”

Darius Danish Rocks Vicar Street

Pop Idol Darius Danish proved his caliber in Dublin last night as he strummed his guitar in front of a jumping Vicar Street crowd. He told the crowd, “If you haven’t got a drink in your hand you should have…” Check out photos and more on the concert at Showbiz Ireland.

Idol Chatter Between Darius And Record Exec

A spy for the Sunday Mirror overheard a conversation between Pop Idol Darius Danesh and a record executive during lunch in a cafe in Fulham, London. The exec told Darius of his next project: “”I think it would be a good idea if you were more passive with the production of the next song. Just sit back a bit and it could be WOW! What a sound.” Darius responded, “Yes, I agree that would be a good idea. I’m happy to do that.”

Darius Danesh Relates To Eminem

The Sunday People reports Pop Idol Darius Danesh says he identifies with the poor upbringing of Eminem, despite going to a posh school in Glasgow. He said, “I didn’t grow up in a trailer park, but I relate to the plot of ‘8 Mile’. It sums up my feelings too.”

Darius Danesh Says He And Jacqui Are ‘Just Friends’

The Mirror spoke with Pop Idol Darius Danesh who turned up with model Jacqui Ainsley, who is featured in his ‘Colourblind’ video, at a screening of romantic comedy ‘Just Married’. He told the paper, “Jacqui’s gorgeous but there’s nothing going on. I’m dating different girls at the moment but there’s no one serious.”

Darius Danesh Is Alergic To Mushrooms

The Sunday People reports Pop Idol Darius Danesh believes he looks like Mr. Blobby if he eats mushrooms. He said: “I’m allergic. If I eat one my face swells up and goes red and my tongue feels fat.”

Darius Danesh Won’t Emulate Tatu Formula

The Sunday People reports Pop Idol Darius Danesh believes the only reason t.A.T.u. got to #1 is because of their kissing, but he promises not to try a similar stunt. “I’m amazed no one thought of it before,” he said. “Two teenagers kissing in schoolgirl outfits is going to have everybody watching. It’s very clever marketing.” But he added, “You won’t see me in a gay snogging scene or wearing a schoolgirl uniform!”