Darren Hayes ‘Bloodstained Heart’ Video

Darren Hayes is out with the music video to his new single ‘Bloodstained Heart’, the second release from the former Savage Garden singer’s fourth studio album ‘Secret Codes and Battleships’, out next month on Mercury / EMI / Powdered Sugar.

“The song means so much to me because I wrote it about a time in my life when someone close to me was going through a horrible time and I wished more than anything that I could step in and take the bullet for them,” the Australian pop singer explained. “We’ve all experienced that helpless feeling of standing by idly while someone you love is suffering – and wished that you could absorb the impact for them. It’s about those situations in life where, maybe you feel you are losing the battle, but you’ll never lose your dignity.”

Watch the Chris Cottam directed video, shot in the UK, via YouTube below.

Darren Hayes’ Message About His Messages

Darren Hayes checked in on his YouTube channel with a message about the messages he’s been leaving on DarrenHayes.com. The pieces of art with encrypted messages are lyrics to the former Savage Garden singer’s new album. Darren has been keeping track of who is the first person to work out what he’s trying to say with the messages, and is sending out framed canvas of the new album’s artwork to those guessed right. Watch the message below.

Darren Hayes Excited To Sign With Mercury Records

Darren Hayes is out with the ninth in a series of video blogs documenting the making of and release of his fourth studio album due later this year. The video includes the former Savage Garden singer signing a record deal on April 13th. “It’s a record contract with Mercury Records in Australia, and this is a pretty momentous occasion for me,” Hayes said. “It’s been a period of… years that I’ve been making this album, and it’s always been our plan to find partners around the world to bring the album to you. This is a partnership I’m incredibly excited about and grateful for.” Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Darren Hayes Takes A Hot Air Balloon Ride

The eighth in a series of video blogs Darren Hayes has posted documenting the recording and release of his fourth studio album to be released in 2011 has been posted at the former Savage Garden singer’s YouTube channel. Darren is seen going on a hot air balloon ride and attempting to cajole his dog to go for a walk in the video, both of which obviously have nothing to do with making an album, but Darren promised not to make anymore clips about either topic. Watch it below.

Darren Hayes: The Death Of The Recorded Music Industry

Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes sounded off on the state of the music industry due to illegally downloading music on his blog at MySpace (@darrenhayes) on Tuesday (September 15), mentioning that the studios he recorded several of his albums have gone under. The former Savage Garden singer suggests that governments should pressure ISPs to cancel the accounts of their customers who illegally download music. Hayes writes:

They went broke because they weren’t getting any clients.
They weren’t getting any clients because not many people could afford to spend the kind of money it costs to record in a quality recording studio facility.
Those people couldn’t afford to record in such spaces because record companies weren’t offering the kind of budgets that used to allow for such costs.
Record companies aren’t offering those kinds of budgets because the sale of records doesn’t earn enough money to pay back the investment.
The investment is not being made because the sale of records are so low.
The sale of records are so low because it has generally become the consensus that music is ‘free’.
Records sell so few copies these days that major record stores are closing down.

Darren Hayes Discusses His Upcoming Album

Darren Hayes posted the second video blog on his YouTube channel documenting the former Savage Garden’s recording of his fourth solo album, due in 2010. Watch it below.

Celebrities React To Kris Allen’s ‘American Idol’ Victory

Celebrities are reacting to Kris Allen’s victory over Adam Lambert on tonight’s ‘American Idol’ via Twitter, some of whom spoiled it for west coast viewers. Among the reactions:

David Archuleta: Wow! What an amazing show! Congrats to Kris! Also to Adam for the incredible job that he did too! They had some awesome performers!

Billy Bush: Source at the top says Votes were NOT close on idol. IE Kris blew out Adam Lambert.

Joe Simpson: Chris….congrats!!! … Ur right.. It is Kris! however, I think Adam is a huge star. What a voice.. Papa is proud of both guys!!!

Darren Hayes: Idol Schmidol. What a crock of baloney.

Anthony Callea: It’s not that bad to come 2nd!

Drew Seeley: Wow. Kris. Upset of the year? Good for him, I think that’s awesome. They are BOTH gonna get a chance to make an album so its a win win

Larry King: I see Kris won Idol, never underestimate the underdog! He’ll be here Friday, tweet away w/ questions

Blake Lewis: And Kris takes it my friends. Your new American Idol Kris Allen. Adam Lambert number 2 like myself

Adam Lambert Shopping At Barneys New York

May 19, 2009 – ‘American Idol’ finalist Adam Lambert was spotted preparing for this week’s finale by looking for some new outfits at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills. Lambert wouldn’t give away any secrets about what to expect on tonight’s show, and when asked to comment on the Miss California controversy regarding the gay marriage debate, Adam said he had no idea what the Finalpixx videographer was talking about because he’s been in the ‘Idol’ bubble. Watch video below.

Simon Cowell Discusses Life After ‘American Idol’

May 15, 2009 – Simon Cowell sat down with ‘Fox & Friends’ host Brian Kilmeade in a two part interview. In part one, he discussed getting a visit from Brian every year at this time, whether Adam Lambert has already won this season’s ‘American Idol’, his off mic interaction with Paula Abdul, and Brian’s failed attempt at ‘America’s Got Talent’. In part two, Simon talked about his future on ‘American Idol’, what’s up after his ‘Idol’ run ends, how the show has remained such a hit, and whether he feels people are jealous of his success. Video at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

Darren Hayes Covers ‘Dress You Up’ By Madonna

Former Savage Garden star Darren Hayes checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@darrenhayes) on Tuesday (September 9), posting a cover of the Madonna single ‘Dress You Up’. The Australian pop singer writes:

In 1985 the Her Madgesty released a song that made me want to dance, sing and get up and do my thing.

I recently performed a live version of it at my New Years Eve show last year and fulfilled a lifelong indulgent ambition.

In celebration of the Queen’s show in London this week Justin Shave and I recorded a studio version based on an original tour demo floating around from the Reinvention Tour era that I believe was scrapped. My vocals pay homage to the way the Boy Toy adlibed them during the Virgin Tour.

You can check it out here [since removed].

Darren Hayes Thanks Fans For In-Store Appearance Support

Darren Hayes updates fans from Detroit, thanking them for showing up to his in-store performancesFormer Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes checked in with fans with a video blog on his YouTube channel. The Australian artist thanked fans for their support, especially those who came to his in-store appearances. Hayes was in Detroit, Michigan, and was excited about seeing snow there.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who has come out and supported me and my team during this U.S. promo trip,” Darren said. “It’s been amazing, especially on the in-store appearances, because they can be awful, and they’ve been wonderful, so I want to thank Borders for inviting me on and I want to thank all of you for coming up and saying hi and making us feel like a million bucks.”

Talking about what’s on tap, Darren said, “I’m halfway through the trip, and tomorrow we’re in New York City, so I’m very excited about that. It’s gonna be a long day. I’ve got early morning TV and then I’m going to a radio station, then I’ll perform at an in-store, but I’m well up for it.”

Watch the clip below.

Darren Hayes ‘Me, Myself And (I)’ Video

Darren Hayes 'Me, Myself And (I)' single cover

Darren Hayes is out with the music video to his new single ‘Me, Myself And (I)’, the second release from the former Savage Garden singer’s third solo album ‘This Delicate Thing We’ve Made’, out now on Darren’s label Powdered Sugar. Watch it via YouTube below.