Darren Hayes Has Just Scratched The Surface

Hip Online chatted with former Savage Garden member turned solo artist Darren Hayes. On comparisons to Sting, Hayes said, “I look at him, Annie Lennox, Stevie Nicks, and Prince even. I think at the moment once I get past this record I’ll be fine. I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface of what I can do as a singer and songwriter. The first record is like ‘who? What’s his name again?’ I think I’ve really realized this is what I want to do for the rest of my life and I think my fans get that. When I play a show or put a record out you know what you are going to get from me.”

Hayes Was Told To Find Another Day Job After Savage Garden Breakup

Savage Garden duo

Tom Lanham of the San Francisco Examiner talked with Darren Hayes who spoke about the reaction he got after the breakup of Savage Garden. Hayes revealed, “‘You’d better find another day job’ — that was the message I was getting with the band breaking up. But I feel so free now. I feel like I’m using a register and range in my voice that people have never heard before.”

Darren Hayes Explains His Solo Album

Darren Hayes spoke with Channel V in Australia to talk about life as a solo artist after leaving Savage Garden. Darren said it took him about a year to make this album where he wrote 35 songs. Darren insisted he didn’t want to imitate the sound of his old group but he didn’t want to go so far as making an album sounding exactly the opposite of Savage Garden.

Former Savage Garden’s Video Dumped Over Hair Color

The Herald Sun reports ex Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes had a $800,000 video scrapped because his record company, Sony Music, had a problem with his hair color. Hayes dyed his hair blonde after leaving the group, and Sony fears he would be unrecognizable to the audience.

Darren Hayes Opens Up On Savage Garden Breakup

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News.com.au talked with ex-Savage Garden member Darren Hayes about his and Daniel Jones final show. Darren said, “It was really tense. The whole touring party was ready to go home because it was the end of the (Affirmation) tour, but it was also the end of the band and no one knew. I cried. I cried on stage. A couple of times. I still get upset thinking about it. At the end I just sang a little bit of that Doors song, This is the End, and gave Daniel (Jones) a big hug and it was cool. We left separately and didn’t speak for the longest time.”