Das Pop Recording New Album In New Jersey

Das Pop on Hudson River

Das Pop posted footage from the first two days of recording their fourth album in New Jersey. The first clip showed the Belgian pop group on a boat in the Hudson River, while clip two sees them in a Jersey studio. Watch both via YouTube below.

Das Pop Perform At Sportgala 2009

Das Pop performed at Sportgala 2009 in Oostende, Belgium on December 20th, with the group performing ‘Never Get Enough’, while Bent Van Looy went solo to cover ‘Human Nature’ by the late Michael Jackson.

The videos at YouTube have since been removed.

Das Pop Live At StuBru

Belgian band Das Pop performed a live set at StuBru which included ‘Fool For Love’, ‘Let Me In’, ‘The Last Thing’, ‘Never Get Enough’ and ‘Underground’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Das Pop ‘Never Get Enough’ Video

Das Pop are out with the music video to their new single ‘Never Get Enough’, the first release from the Belgian pop group’s third album ‘Das Pop’, out October 19th via N.E.W.S. Watch the animated video, created by Lia Rochas Paris and Sylvia Grincourt, below.

Happy New Year From Das Pop

Das Pop checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@daspop) on Friday (December 26). The Belgian indie pop group tell readers:

Hohoho. After spending the best part of autumn in our blue van, cruising the UK from top to bottom and back again, playing our little hearts out to the best crowds you could possibly wish for and a short yet vigorous visit of Scandavia, the dark days of December found us joining the insane party circus known as Radio Soulwaxmas. This ominous odyssey took us, your Belgian friends of Das Pop, alongside legends such as Erol Alkan, Justice, Tiga and the mighty Soulwax round the bend once more. The hipsters of Paris and wide eyed ravers of Berlin, the big toothed giants of Rotterdam and a herd of 15000 bucking Belgians made all of us forget about road weariness, scurvy and having a well deserved rest altogether. We are eyeing the horizon, tugging the ropes, ready to go again. A marvelous 2009 is roughly what we are wishing upon you, love, Das Pop.