David Archuleta Discusses ‘Glee’, ‘Idol’ Judges & New Album

David Archuleta talked to reporters backstage at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. The ‘American Idol’ runner-up discussed his new album ‘The Other Side of Down’, it’s first single ‘Something About Love’, meeting the stars of ‘Glee’, and what he thinks about all the talk surrounding the rumored ‘Idol’ judges. “It’s a fun show to get to watch,” Archie said about ‘Glee’. “It’s funny because they’re like, we finally have something to relate to. The people who really didn’t quite fit in anywhere but loved music. I wasn’t the most liked kid. I wasn’t very good at very much stuff at all, but I love music, so I just think it’s a fun show to represent all us geeks.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

David Archuleta ‘Something ‘Bout Love’ Video

David Archuleta 'Something 'Bout Love' music video introduction

David Archuleta is out with the music video to his new single ‘Something ‘Bout Love’, the first release from the ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up’s third studio album ‘The Other Side of Down’, out now on Jive Records.

“The video and the song are kind of about people who are feeling a little down and feeling alone at this time and just feeling a little frustrated with love or their situation in life,” Archuleta explained in an intro video. “Even though you might feel down about love it’s something about it you shouldn’t give up on.”

Watch the introduction and video via Vevo below.

David Archuleta Promotes ‘The Other Side Of Down’ Fan Edition

David Archuleta posted a YouTube clip promoting the Fan Edition of his third studio album ‘The Other Side of Down’, out September 14th on Jive Records. The Fan Edition is available for pre-order at DavidArchuelta.com and includes four photos of the ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up, one of which he hand initials. Watch the brief clip below.

More Trouble With Locks For David Archuleta

David Archuleta sitting in the arena seats

David Archuleta checked in with his Twitter followers (@DavidArchie) earlier this evening after getting locked out of his car after traveling to California from Utah. Fans of the ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up might recall he shared a similar story last June about locking himself out of the house. Archuleta writes:

Locked out of the car. Exciting stuff lol.

For those of you wondering, we managed to get into the car. A very nice person passing by going to eat happened to be a car mechanic lol.

David Archuleta Pays Tribute To Selena At Tejano Music Awards

David Archuleta checked in on his YouTube channel from San Antonio before the Tejano Music Awards, where the ‘American Idol’ alum was in town to do a tribute to Selena Quintanilla-Perez. “I’m just really happy to get to do this, because Selena, she was one of the early influences on me when I was little, when I first got into music… I’m just really happy to get to do this. It’s the 15th year since her passing, and it’s just really special for me to get to do this for someone who had such an influence on me and also to other people including my mom.” Watch the clip below.

David Archuleta On The Message Behind ‘Something ‘Bout Love’

David Archuleta checked in from Washington, DC on Saturday before singing at ‘A Capitol Fourth’ on PBS, which aired July 4th. The ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up was in Nashville earlier this week, and his new single ‘Something ‘Bout Love’ also was debuted just recently. “I’m glad that you guys enjoy it,” Archie said of the new song. “It’s an up-tempo more fun song for the summer. It’s a song about people getting frustrated with love and a lot of people getting hurt by situations whether it’s with a relationship or with family member, parents, or someone you just care about. I think everyone goes through those situations of love and even though it’s kind of different for everybody, I think we’ve all had those same kind of emotions and even though people have gone through that and feel frustrated at times there’s still something about love that you still shouldn’t give up on.” Watch the comments via his YouTube channel below.

David Archuleta: I’m Weird

David Archuleta

David Archuleta checked in with fans on his YouTube channel, talking about what he’s been up to. Commenting on the video, David apologized because he was “a little loopy from lack of sleep. My cheek’s a little puffy too so if you were wondering why my face seemed swollen that’s why haha.”

Talking about going to New York for a photo shoot in the update, David said, “I didn’t realize I could have that much fun taking pictures,” the ‘American Idol’ alum said. “Because I’ve hated taking pictures all my life, and it was just fun. I felt like I could just – I didn’t focus about oh man, I’m gonna look so weird in these pictures, I just embraced the fact. I’m weird. I look weird. I’m just gonna have fun in these pictures and show myself.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

David Archuleta’s Memorial Day Message

David Archuleta with arms crossed

David Archuleta updated his Twitter followers (@DavidArchie) to reflect on today’s Memorial Day holiday. The ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up writes:

On this memorial day it’s so important to remember all of the brave men and women who gave their lives because they believed in life, liberty, and all the amazing freedoms we all have in this great country that we live in today. I hope we can all pause a bit from our activities to remember them and give thanks to each soldier who has fought, and to those who are out there today… As well as their families who’ve sacrificed so much for each of us. Let’s Keep them and their families in our prayers! We owe them so much. Happy Memorial Day guys! Hope you enjoy whatever things you have going on with friends and family!

Elliott Yamin Has A Blast At ‘American Idol’ Finale

Jordin Sparks and Elliott Yamin

Elliott Yamin updated his Twitter followers (@elliottyamin) on Wednesday, while the singer was attending the finale of ‘American Idol’ in Hollywood. Yamin posed with several ‘Idol’ alums, including David Archuleta and Jordin Sparks. Elliott was also sounding peeved at Perez Hilton, who labeled him a “has been” after Elliott wondered on Twitter why ‘Glee’ was so popular. Yamin writes:

Me and Jordan Sparks on the carpet of redness!

Me and Archie backstage at idol…Love his voice!! #davidarchuleta

Whoohoo!!….just saw my 2.3 seconds of “has been-ness” (as @perezhilton so eliquently put it) on AI finale!…had a blast 2day w the alumn!

4got 2 mention that I got 2 talk ‘betis” with bret michaels backstage at AI 2day..I showed him my pump..he was nice,and seemed ok..get well!

@travisgarland seems like hes got a good head on his talented shoulders…so why is he lettin a douche puff with no merit plug him?

David Archuleta and Elliott Yamin

David Archuleta Explains Gay Club Visit To “Worried” Fans

David Archuleta checked in with his Twitter followers (@davidarchie) moments ago to discuss news that he was spotted at Club57 to watch Charice perform for the city’s largest gay dance party. While trying to throw cold water on his sexual preference, the ‘American Idol’ may have angered fans who wonder what the big deal was by suggesting it was a mistake for him to watch his friend perform at a gay club, leaving people to wonder if David has or ever will perform at a gay club himself. Archuleta writes:

Hey guys just wanted to clear something up real quick lol. Last night in New York I got invited to go and see my friend Charice perform..

Mental note to self: always ask where before you go! Wasn’t my kind of place lol, and I had no clue! I guess you live and learn. The..

upside was that Charice was awesome, and she has an incredible voice. Hope that clears things up! Been seeing some of the tweets.. sheesh!

Can get crazy quick. NO worries all, I wouldn’t get into things like that intentionally haha. Hope you guys have a good Sunday!

@ka****albow Back home :). Spending time with the family! I just didn’t want you guys to be worried so had to let you guys know the facts!

@Deb***OD Thanks a bunch! Charice is great and she didn’t mean to do cause any harm haha. She apologized a lot after. She’s way nice lol.

Among the Twitter reactions to Archuleta’s comments (user names censored):

mal****ently I hate your PR, @davidarchie. “I wouldn’t get into things like that intentionally”. What do you mean? A club, or an evil gay club?

clos*****ring @DavidArchie oic. as a “person like that” how should i feel about you acting like a gay club is a shameful thing?

canyon_*****ght @DavidArchie There is nothing wrong with a gay club. Sorry you seem to think there is.

Cat***MD @DavidArchie So, u r saying u want to stay away from those turrible gay people? Or is this about PR freaking out on ur ass?

Bet****nks @DavidArchie It’s sad that your mgmt co is so afraid of “the gay” that you are forced to explain a completely innocent outing #ShameOn19E

buckhollywood: @DavidArchie you would never go to a gay bar intentionally? Oops. You just lost a big fan. Good Luck with your career!

alva****zarro @DavidArchie Going to a gay bar doesn’t mean your gay. The fact that you said you wouldn’t go there intentionally is sh**ty!. A**hole.

c**li @davidarchie Thanks, man. I was just thinking, to make my day complete, I need somebody to make me feel bad about being gay. Again. Awesome!

Ala***am @DavidArchie I guess you assume none of your fans are gay?? I guess you wouldn’t want them buying your cd’s anyway! Oh well, tolerance!!!!

tor****re @DavidArchie i’m disappointed & offended by your tweets. what did you think was going to harm you, exactly? gay people? please.

over****H8 So sad that @DavidArchie feels it will cause harm to be seen (gasp) in a gay club. Is he really that closed minded or is it his management?

Update: David had this to say to a critical follower about the situation:

@ha****ost I have friends who are gay, and they’re great people. Whether they’re gay or not doesn’t change how I think of them.

@ha****st I have nothing against anyone, I’m sorry if that’s how it came across. I’m just not into the partying scene lol.