David Cook Previews American Idols Live Tour 2008

David Cook offers an update in the dark about his upcoming tour‘American Idol’ season seven winner David Cook checked in with his fans with a video blog on YouTube. David was on his way to a magazine shoot and talked about the kickoff of the ‘Idols Live’ tour in Glendale, Arizona. Cook promised to keep a documented account of what will be going on inside the tour bus with more video postings.

“We are on our way to a magazine shoot,” Cook explained. “Trying to get ready for everything that’s coming up after this tour, but before we get to that point we do have this tour coming up. I think we start six days from today. Wow. July 1st we are in Glendale, Arizona, from then on who knows where we’ll be. We’ll be all over the place. You guys should definitely come check it out and keep an eye on DavidCookOfficial.com. I’ll try to keep you guys updated on what’s going on as I can. They’re gonna give me a fancy little camera so I can keep a documented account of what I do while we’re on the bus. You guys will see plenty about myself and Michael Johns and David Archuleta and all that jazz.”

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David Cook: Seven Songs Written For Debut Album

'American Idol' winner David Cook provides fans with an update on his debut album‘American Idol’ season seven champ David Cook checked in with fans on his YouTube channel.

“We started the writing process,” Cook said in regards to his debut album. “We’ve already got seven songs, so it’s been really, really cool. So far it’s been a really fruitful experience, I’ve met a lot of really cool people.”

David added, “I thought I’d take this moment to tell you guys again that I really appreciate all of the support. In the last few weeks it’s been really cool to get outside of the ‘Idol’ bubble and really get a chance to meet you guys on a person to person basis.”

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David Cook & Kimberly Caldwell Low Key Outing At Dodgers Game

David Cook

UsMagazine.com reports ‘American Idol’ season seven winner David Cook and season two finalist Kimberly Caldwell appeared together at Tuesday’s Dodgers game, where she performed the National Anthem. The pair, who began dating just after the ‘Idol’ finale last month, kept a low profile in the private Baseline Box seats. “Kimberly was definitely nervous about the public appearance!” a source revealed. “They were really cute and sweet together, laughing and having a lot fun.” The full story at usmagazine.com has since been removed.

David Cook, David Archuleta Perform On ‘Today’

‘American Idol’ season seven champ David Cook and runner-up David Archuleta visited the ‘Today’ show on Thursday (May 29) to perform in Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. Cook talked with Merideth Vieira about his “cougar” fan base, his long struggle as an artist finally paying off, and being amazed ‘Time Of My Life’ is #1 on iTunes. Archuleta talked with Matt Lauer about how he’s not used to have so many fans, hoping for the best for a musical career going forward, and dealing with nerves. Footage of Cook performing ‘Time Of My Life’ and Archuleta performing ‘Think Of Me’ at MSN.com has since been removed.

David Cook Dating Kimberly Caldwell

‘American Idol’ season seven champ David Cook tells ‘Extra’ he’s been dating ‘Idol’ season two finalist Kimberly Caldwell. “She’s great,” Cook said. “So far, I’ve had a really good time with her.” David had asked Caldwell out while she was interviewing him on the ‘Idol Tonight’ show after Wednesday’s finale. Cook admitted to ‘Extra’ he’s not very familiar with Caldwell’s music. “I knew who she was, but I can’t remember a song that she sang,” he explained. “I’m probably in the dog house now.” The ‘Extra’ interview at extratv.com has since been removed.

David Cook Thanks Fans For ‘American Idol’ Victory

David Cook posts a thank you message to fans after winning 'American Idol'‘American Idol’ season seven champ David Cook checked in with fans on his YouTube channel, thanking fans for their votes during the program. Cook talked about the ‘Idols Live’ tour, the iTunes release ‘Time Of My Life’ – “I hope you guys will enjoy that song as much as I do”, and plans for launching a community oriented web site.

“Let me start off by saying thank you so, so much for all the votes, all the support, all the fan mail,” David said. “You guys have made this experience one of the coolest things for me. The finale was really cool. I got to share the stage with someone I really respect in Archie, and we did some really cool things and now moving forward I get to tell you about what is hopefully the next phase of our relationship. It’s gonna start with these kind of videos, talking to you and trying to keep you up to date on what’s going on as we prepare for not only this ‘American Idol’ tour this summer, but hopefully a fantastic record.”

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Blake On His Debut Album, Advice For Latest ‘Idol’ Singers

May 23, 2008 – ‘American Idol’ season six runner-up Blake Lewis talked with The ShowBuzz about the release of his debut album ‘A.D.D. (Audio Day Dream)’ and offered advice to this year’s ‘Idol’ finalists. “Stay true to yourself,” Lewis suggested. “I made the mistake of biting my tongue at the finale last year, so don’t hold back.” Watch the brief interview below the cut. (more…)

David Cook, Other Stars Comment After His ‘American Idol’ Win

FoxNews.com’s Mike Straka and Diane Macedo spoke with ‘American Idol’ season seven winner David Cook following his expected finale win over David Archuleta during Wednesday’s finale of the FOX hit program. Also commenting on the decision was judge Paula Abdul, repeatedly saying, “I told you so, Simon.” Ryan Seacrest said, “I was happy with the outcome. It made for a fantastic season.” Meanwhile, last season’s winner Jordin Sparks lamented about having to give her crown away and having people forget about her.

The video clip, featuring Cook’s winning moment and other highlights from the show, has since been removed at FoxNews.com.

Castro Booted From ‘American Idol’ After Spacing Out

May 10, 2008 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “The other night on ‘American Idol’, Jason Castro was voted off. A lot of people think the reason was – we saw the show – maybe he forgot the words to a song and he kind of totally spaced out and he lost his train of thought. And he got kicked off. You know, if that gets you kicked off ‘American Idol’, how is Paula Abdul still there?”

Ousted ‘American Idol’ Brooke White Visits ‘Today’

May 7, 2008 – Last week’s ‘American Idol’ castoff Brooke White visited the ‘Today’ show on Tuesday (May 6), talking with Matt Lauer about making it to the top five in the hit FOX program. Brooke said her favorite performance during the show was ‘Let It Be’, going on the ‘Idols Live’ tour soon, and hoping to make a record after that. White called the show “an accelerated experience of what you’re gonna get out there.” She added, “I tried to stay away from the blogs because I’m not the thickest skinned person.” Watch the interview below.