Jokes From Jeremy William Smith Of Days Difference

Days Difference

Jeremy William Smith of Days Difference told some jokes on the band’s YouTube channel. Find out where dart players go to shop and why the seasoning got thrown in prison below (note: the video has since been removed).

Don’t Cut In Front Of Jeremy William Smith

Jeremy William Smith of Days Difference checked in with fans on the band’s YouTube channel, sharing a story about going to the grocery store and having a woman try to cut in front of him saying she had fewer items and someone was waiting for her. Jeremy told the woman no since they had four items and she had three and they’d been waiting in line. Later, the band’s frontman noticed the lady outside at her car, where nobody was waiting.

Video of Jeremy recounting the story has since been removed at YouTube.

Days Difference Remember 9-11 Terror Attacks

Days Difference

Days Difference singer Jeremy Smith checked in with fans on the pop rock group’s blog at MySpace (@daysdifference) on Friday (September 11), remembering the 2001 terror attacks eight years later. Smith writes:

I can’t believe it has already been eight years. Where were you when you heard the news? I remember we got a phone call from our neighbors right after the first tower was hit. We immediately ran next door to watch the news with them. Sitting there on that couch seeing another airplane crash into the second tower and both buildings collapse is still so surreal to me. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of those lost in the attacks of September 11th. You will never be forgotten.

Days Difference ‘Are You Happy?’ Video

Days Difference 'Are You Happy?' music video

Days Difference are out with the music video to their new single ‘Are You Happy?’, off the Virginia Beach pop rock group’s self-titled sophomore album, out later this year on Universal Motown Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Days Difference Discuss Guilty Pleasures, Band Name Origin & More

The guys from Days Difference recently sat down to answer a few questions for Teen Hollywood 411. The Virginia Beach pop rock group talked about when they first met, where the name came from, their guilty pleasures, where they’d like to tour, the favorite song they like to perform live, and more.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Days Difference Performance & Interview At Twist

Days Difference stopped by Twist magazine’s office for a one-on-one interview and performance, where the guys introduced themselves in the first clip and talked about a new single ‘Radio Song’ coming out April 21st and took check them out in the new ‘Hannah Montana’ movie. In the second clip, they talked about how while filming the ‘Hannah Montana’ movie, their favorite memory was trying to get Miley to touch her nose with her tongue. The other two clips features the guys performing ‘Radio Song’ and ‘Falling Into U’. Watch them all below.