Debi Nova Loves Connecting With Her Fans Through Social Media

Debi Nova against the window

In an interview clip with Coca-Cola Music, Debi Nova talked about her fans and social media. “Social media keeps me connected to man fans through many ways,” she said. “Thank god we have Twitter, we have Facebook, and I think it’s a very, very exciting time for artists. We get to share what we work on and that’s something that didn’t used to happen years ago. I love it. I feel the love from them and I can tell them how much I’m appreciative of that love. That’s what this is all about.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

Debi Nova ‘We Were Young’ Video

Debi Nova 'DrummerBoy'

Debi Nova is out with the music video to her new single ‘We Were Young’, off the Costa Rican singer-songwriter’s debut album ‘Luna Nueva’, out now on Decca. The track was written by Debi Nova, Doc McKinney and Sam Waters. Watch the John Osborne directed video, shot in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, below.

Debi Nova Gets Stitched Up After Shower Glass Door Accident

Debi Nova accident

Debi Nova checked in with her Twitter followers (@debinova) on Friday (February 4) with news of an accident in the shower that left her cut and requiring medical attention. The Costa Rican singer-songwriter told readers:

Not what I had planned for a Friday night. At the ER getting stitched up :-( no piano or guitar for me

A lil accident at home Thank God nothing serious happened. Thank you for the love ;)

You guys are making me feel so much better, thank you!

@MelissaMolinaro Yea mama, thank you! just a lil accident with the shower glass door :-S but luckily nothing serious! xoxo

Debi Nova Overwhelmed By Toilet Paper Varieties In America

Costa Rican pop singer Debi Nova talks about how she was surprised to see so many varieties of toilet paper in America

When emigrated from Costa Rica to Los Angeles at the age of 17, Debi Nova tells MTV she felt overwhelmed by the number of toilet-paper varieties available when she went shopping for the first time in Los Angeles.

“Very first week I get here, I go into the supermarket because I need some toilet paper,” she said. “I go in the toilet-paper aisle and I’m like, ‘OK, unscented, aloe vera, recycled, non-recycled, double-ply, triple-ply, four rolls, eight rolls, 12 rolls, 32 rolls. What do you want?'”

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Debi Nova: I’d Be A ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contestant

Debi Nova standing

Debi Nova did an interview with PopEater’s About to Pop recently, where the Costa Rica native talked about her experience performing on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and whether she’d want to be a contestant on the ABC hit show. “The whole experience was pretty surreal,” Nova said. “We got the call about a week before the show so I didn’t have time to think about it too much or get too nervous! I really enjoyed working with the dancers. They were super sweet and fun to work with and really helped me with my performance. I would definitely be a contestant on the show in the future. I love dancing and I love the show!”

Debi Nova Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Debi Nova 'Luna Nueva'

Debi Nova did a feature for Pepsi Loot, where the singer was seen heading off for a photo shoot. Afterward, Debi pitched her new single ‘Drummer Boy’ and album ‘Luna Nueva’. Watch it below the cut. (more…)

Debi Nova Performs On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Debi Nova 'Luna Nueva'

Debi Nova made her American television debut the other night on ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’. The Costa Rican pop singer performed her single ‘Drummer Boy’ and lit up the dance floor alongside dancing pros Derek Hough, Damian Whitewood, Tony Dovolani and Dmitry Chaplin. Nova’s North American debut, ‘Luna Nueva’, is out on May 18th.

Video at has since been removed.

Debi Nova ‘Drummer Boy’ Video Behind The Scenes

Debi Nova talks about the murga dancing and capoeiristas incorporated in her 'Drummer Boy' music video

Debi Nova is out with behind the scenes footage from her ‘Drummer Boy’ music video shoot. The Costa Rican beauty provides an inside look into the making of the video from tiring dance rehearsals to shooting at Vasquez Rocks State Park with director Thomas Kloss. Debi’s hybrid (English/Spanish) debut album ‘Luna Nueva’ is due out this spring.

“It’s been a long day but I want to show you guys around a little bit of what we’re doing over here, so come on in,” Debi says introducing the video.

“The dances we incorporated was the murga, a street dance from Paraguay and Argentina. It’s like a version of the Carnival dance and it’s very freestyle, energetic dance, so I wanted to incorporate that into the video.”

“We also have some capoeiristas from Brazil. Capoeira is a martial art from Brazil. The unusual thing about it, different from other types of martial arts, is that it’s really a dance. A dance that is very tied into music and very tied into rhythm. They do some crazy things. They do flips and stand on their hands and kick people. It’s quite amazing and it’s also very energetic. I thought that with murga, with African drumming, I think it’s gonna be a fun day. I’m excited to show you guys.”

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Debi Nova Discusses Costa Rica, Songwriting Passion & Love For Surfing

Debi Nova talks with to share details about Costa Rica, being bilingual and her musical beginnings

Debi Nova sat down with to share a little more about herself in a new episode of ‘The 5’. Viewers can learn more about the pop singer’s native country of Costa Rica, her tendency to speak in “Spanglish”, her passion for songwriting and playing instruments, and with her love for surfing.

“I am from San Jose, Costa Rica,” she said. “Beautiful country, it’s in Central America and what you should know about Costa Rica. First of all, the most beautiful thing about it is that it has no army, and you can really feel the peace and the positivity that’s within the people there. It’s very at the forefront of eco conciousness and it really takes care of its natural resources. People are really laid back. It’s really cool. Food is amazing. Beaches are beautiful. Weather is fabulous.”

On being bilingual, she said, “I moved from Costa Rica to Los Angeles about seven years ago, and I speak both English and Spanish, so this album that’s coming out soon is a good representation of how I communicate with my family and friends. I say maybe 80% in English and 20% in Spanish, and sometimes 80% in Spanish and 20% in English, depending on the mood.”

On her musician and songwriter profession, she said, “I started playing piano when I was four years old. I picked up the guitar and the bass when I was between 12-14. They’re really a very, very important part of my songwriting process. Playing instruments is probably what I love to do the most. I sit in front of the piano every single day and it’s definitely a big part of this album.”

Watch it below.

Debi Nova ‘Drummer Boy’ Video

Debi Nova

Debi Nova is out with the video for her new single ‘Drummer Boy’, which was filmed in the beautiful Vasquez Rocks State Park in California. Nova is featured dancing the freestyle, energetic “murga” – a street/carnival dance from Uruguay and Argentina, including the “borracho”, or “drunk” dance, often done to express the joy of life. The Costa Rican artist will release her debut album ‘Luna Nueva’ in March via Decca Records. Watch the Thomas Kloss directed video via below the cut. (more…)