Vocal Cord Injury Forces Deborah Gibson To Rest 10 Days

Deborah Gibson checked in with her MySpace friends (@officialdeborahgibson) on Monday (January 28) with the following bulletin:

To those of you concerned about my health… yes, I did have a vocal cord injury and was on vocal rest for 10 days and had to cancel one engagement with Atlantis. There was and will be no surgery involved. I just had to shut my big mouth! But, that was the only show I had to miss. All upcoming dates are a go! Thanx for your concern… X Deb

Deborah Gibson Hopes For Tina Turner Style Pop Comeback

Playbill caught up with Deborah Gibson for a Q&A, asking the singer how she managed to avoid the pitfalls of young stardom and stay on a healthy path, in contrast to someone like Britney Spears. “I think something I mentioned before is [that] I’m in this because I love the craft,” Gibson said. “I love the first day of a rehearsal for a show. I love auditioning. It’s funny because I’ve gotten direct offers to do things on Broadway and yet had to audition for certain regional productions for directors that didn’t know my work at all. I love having to audition, and I love getting that call that says, ‘You’ve got the part.’ It doesn’t matter if it’s in the tiniest theatre or on Broadway. I think that if you have that genuine love for what you’re doing and you’re not in it for the media attention [you will be okay]. I’m not saying that [Spears] is in it for the media attention, but I do believe it becomes something that can sidetrack you if you are not grounded enough in some love of what you’re doing and some bigger reason for doing what you’re doing than fame and fortune.”

As for her own hopes for a pop music comeback, Gibson said, “At the end of this past year, I finished recording a round of new songs that I want to present to labels. I keep saying I’m ready for my big ‘Tina Turner comeback.’ [Laughs.] She was 42 when ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It?’ came out, so I still even have a few years. I still love the thrill of being on the radio, and I love the thrill of touring on a hit record. That’s just great stuff!” Read more.

Deborah Gibson Discusses Atlantic City Gigs, Camp Electric Youth

Deborah Gibson checked in with her MySpace (@officialdeborahgibson) friends on Saturday (January 5) with the following bulletin:

Hey all you My Spacers!

YAY! We have reached the 20,000 friends mark so I wanted to say “thank you for being a friend” (can you jus her the Golden Girls theme playing???)

Anywho – Happy 2008! Hope to see you all at Harrah’s Atlantic City in May or a Camp Electric Youth in July…

Exciting new developments with that – ‘Entertainment Tonight’ will be doing exclusive coverage on both new projects and I will be holding a scholarship audition late January/early February so stay tuned. If you’re on the West Coast stay dry…. Here’s to a great year!!!


Happy New Year From Deborah Gibson

Deborah Gibson, who is set to launch a 3-week concert run at Harrah’s in Atlantic City in 2008, sent out the following bulletin to her MySpace friends (@officialdeborahgibson) on Monday (December 31):

Happy New Year!
I want to wish everyone a ROCKIN’ New Year!
I know 08 is going to have so much in store for everyone.
I wish you good health, happiness and lots of love.

XO Deb

Deborah Gibson: Happy Holidays… And I Didn’t Get A Nose Job

Deborah Gibson checked in with her MySpace friends (@officialdeborahgibson) on Friday (December 21). The singer writes:

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays!

Whenever I look at all the messages from everyone I think “wow…..lots o’ love coming my way!” So, keep it coming because we all can use it!

Hope this letter finds you all happy and healthy. And, for those of you wondering – I did NOT get a nose job. Unfortunately that picture is my crazy crooked nose on it’s worst angle with the harshest lighting possible. How could I play Fanny Brice ever again if I had a typical LA button nose?!?

Anyhow – be merry and gay (I figure a large percentage of folks reading this will take that seriously : ) !!! Ha!) – and I’ll see y’all next year!

X Deb

‘Total Pop Star’ Episode 2

Episode two of ‘Total Pop Star’, featuring judges Deborah Gibson, Joey Lawrence, and Andrew Van Slee, has been posted online. The second episode’s contestants feature Jessica from Los Angeles, DeAndra Rodriguez from California, and Haran covering Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Don’t Cry’. Watch it at totalpopstar.com.

‘Total Pop Star’ Episode 1

Episode one of ‘Total Pop Star’, featuring judges Deborah Gibson, Joey Lawrence, and Andrew Van Slee, has been posted online. The first episode’s contestants feature Jessica performing ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston, Kathleen performing Journey’s ‘Open Arms’, and Chris performing ‘I’ve Lost You’ by Elvis Presley. Contestants are competing for a recording contract and prizes worth over $150,000. Watch it at totalpopstar.com.

Deborah Gibson Talks With Phoenix’s 104.7 KISS FM

Johnjay and Rich of 104.7 KISS FM in Phoenix talked to Deborah Gibson on Friday (November 9) about her new show ‘Total Pop Star’, an online talent search. Deborah also talked about no longer using “Debbie”, improvising when things go wrong onstage, and celebs she’s been linked to. Check out details about ‘Total Pop Star’ and submit clips at totalpopstar.com.

The interview audio at akamai.net has since been removed.

Deborah Gibson Visits Fox News’ ‘Live Desk’

Deborah Gibson is hosting a CD collection of the greatest ‘American Bandstand’ moments. She visited ‘Live Desk’ to talk with host Martha McCallum about the project, Dick Clark’s influence, her thoughts on how Britney Spears is running her career, and more.

Video at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

Deborah Gibson Dating Lorenzo Lamas?

Deborah Gibson was arm-in-arm with actor Lorenzo Lamas, prompting ‘Entertainment Tonight’ to ask the singer if a hot new romance was going on. et.tv.yahoo.com has since removed the video.