Delta Goodrem ‘Second Fiddle’

The Herald Sun reports Delta Goodrem was unhappy about playing second fiddle to John Farnham before ending her partnership with manager Glenn Wheatley. “This past year has been wonderful, but Delta was alone,” a source said. “Let’s face it – Glenn was on tour with John (Farnham) nearly seven months of last year. If everyone does their sums, work it out. Delta was working on Neighbours all day, then doing her music at night.” Sources said Goodrem’s mother, Lea, took charge because Wheatley was busy, adding that Wheatley’s relationship with Goodrem soured considerably after she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in July.

And The Nominations Go To… Delta Goodrem

The Sun Herald reports Delta Goodrem has received more than 100 nominations for Australian of the Year 2004, the National Australia Day Council has revealed. “We have had numerous nominations for Delta,” a national council spokeswoman said. “She is obviously a really popular young Australian.” Read more.

Hospital Worker In Trouble Over Photo Incident With Goodrem

A worker at St Vincent’s Private hospital in Sydney has been severely reprimanded over an incident involving Delta Goodrem, according to the Herald Sun. The singer is being treated at the hospital for Hodgkin’s disease, a form of cancer, when the man, a hospital porter, is thought to have approached Goodrem and tried to take a photograph of her while she was undergoing treatment, and then later was caught handing something to a photographer who had been waiting around the hospital.

Born To Aim For The Top

The Herald Sun reports that after 500,000 singles sales in Australia behind her, Delta Goodrem was about to hit the U.S. before being struck with Hodgkin’s disease. “I’ve always felt drawn to releasing my music in America,” Goodrem said. Last year she had a meeting with the then Sony super-boss, Tommy Mottola. “It was just amazing,” she said of the meeting. The singer had been hampered with success in the UK due to her refusal to remove her clothes, and instead let her music to the talking. “I felt there wasn’t a need for it and that doesn’t feel right for me,” she said.

Katie Underwood’s Remarks On Delta Goodrem’s Cancer

Former Bardot star Katie Underwood has weighed in on the recent news that fellow Aussie Delta Goodrem is battling cancer. She says on her official website, “This week Australia was shocked with the news that Delta Goodrem has cancer. Fortunately, her condition is curable and we hope she will recover well. My thoughts go out to her family who must be struggling to come to terms with what has been an amazingly successful year for Delta, only to be facing this terrible illness. It is hard to think of anything to report this week as it all seems so irrelevent in the face of such news. At times like these I feel grately to be happy, healthy and doing what I love – music. I’m sure Delta’s love of music will be her saving grace, as it would be mine. Get well soon Delta – we are all cheering for you.”

Delta Goodrem Diagnosed With Cancer

AAP reports Delta Goodrem has been diagnosed with cancer, her family said today. Goodrem was diagnosed with the treatable Hodgkin’s disease following a series of tests last week. She is undergoing treatment for the cancer. “I want to assure all my fans that I will be fine and I will be back just as soon as my treatment is completed,” Goodrem said in a written statement. “Knowing that I have your love and support is making a huge difference and I look forward to seeing you all very soon.”

Delta Goodrem Excited To Talk Music, Not Comparisons

Delta Goodrem tells The Courier-Mail that it’s not so much keeping the private from being public that concerns her during interviews as it is talking about what really interests her. “I’m really excited to talk about music and things,” she says. “I get excited about talking about the album. I don’t have anything to hide so I don’t get worried when it comes to talking about things.” Including comparisons to other Neighbours actresses turned pop stars, Holly Valance, Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia. “It always gets brought up but no one ever compares because it’s a different style of music,” she says. “I admire how hard Kylie has worked and how amazing she is. Hopefully you create your own path; you’ve got to run your own race.”

Neighbours Star Tops Australian Charts

Delta Goodrem 'Born To Try' single cover

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Delta Goodrem, the latest star to come out of Australian soap opera ‘Neighbours’, has hit the top of the Australian charts with her debut single ‘Born To Try’. ‘Born To Try’, co-written by Delta, was first heard on the soap and has since worked its way to the top of the charts.