Dido Was Weird And Angry In High School

Teen People caught up with Dido for five questions, including if she was cool during her high school days. “I was considered weird!” I was always in trouble and angry,” Dido admitted. “I had freaky hair – I wasn’t getting a lot of dates.” She also called 50 Cent “brilliant” and was “so excited about meeting Sting – he’s my hero!”

Claire Richards Aims To Be A Sexier Dido

October 5, 2003 – Former Steps star Claire Richards is hoping to be the next Dido – but sexier. “It’s not going to be easy going from a band like Steps to someone like Dido, but that’s the direction I’m hoping to take,” she told The Sunday Mirror. “I’m determined to be sexier though.” Richards is currently recording her solo debut single.

No Pressure For Dido On ‘Life For Rent’

Dido 'Life For Rent' album cover

September 30, 2003 – With ‘Life For Rent’ following up the multi-platinum smash ‘No Angel’, Dido tells Radio 1 she wasn’t pressured to equal the success on her sophomore effort.

“At first I just felt more excitement because I’d been touring for three years, so I was so desperate to back in the studio that I just wanted to get all these songs down, and then by the time I’d sort of written them all I hadn’t really noticed I’d done it, so it wasn’t horrific,” she said. “In a way, the first album I still think was way more pressurized because everyone was like ‘What are you doing? Why are you doing it?’ Whereas this time now I had unlimited studio time and people making me cups of tea. It was great.”

On TV: Jessica Simpson, Kelly Osbourne, Dido

Pop acts on television this week include Jessica Simpson, who appears on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday; Kelly Osbourne, who appears on Live with Regis and Kelly on Monday, Last Call with Carson Daly on Wednesday, and she visits her mom’s Sharon Osbourne Show on Thursday along with Elton John; *NSYNC star Joey Fatone, who appears on the Wayne Brady Show on Tuesday; Boomkat, who appear on the Sharon Osbourne show on Tuesday; Dido, who appears on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday, the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Thursday, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday; Wade Robson, who appears on the Sharon Osbourne Show on Wednesday; Michelle Branch, who appears on Last Call with Carson Daly and MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday and The View on Thursday; John Mayer, who appears on the Late Show on Friday; and look for Holly Valance on TRL UK sometime this week.

Dido Would Never Make Love To Her Own Music

Dido has spoken for the first time about her romance with record boss Ferdie Unger-Hamilton and told The Sun: “I’ve never been happier.” And in a rare and unguarded moment, the she admitted she could never make love with him to her own music. Dido explained: “There is real passion in all my songs. But I’d never have sex to my music. That would be seriously weird.” Read more.

Is Dido Back With Her Ex?

The Daily Mail reports Dido’s relationship with record mogul Ferdie Unger-Hamilton looks to be back on track after the couple were seen shopping together near her home in Islington, North London. “They seemed really comfortable with each other,” an onlooker remarked. “She was laughing and joking but they were also very tender. They were trying to be discreet but he was quite protective. He kept touching her back and waist.”

Dido Was Never Shamed By Eminem’s ‘Stan’ Boost

Dido’s determination was famously rewarded when Eminem used her cold tea-referencing, ‘Thank You’ for the basis of his global smash, ‘Stan’. In doing so, he delivered Dido’s elegant melancholy to an audience far beyond her wildest imagination. “I’ve never felt any shame in the fact that so many went off and bought my record because they heard ‘Stan’ – it’s funny how some people try to imply I should have. I just don’t think it matters where you first hear music if you like it,” she tells the London Independent. “Besides, it was funny hanging out with Eminem and Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre’s my hero – I was just like an excited kid. It was freaky hearing them tell me how much they loved my record – and if they helped my music cross over into a whole new market, then wicked!”

Dido Still Fond Of Eminem, But Doesn’t Keep In Touch

While Dido is thankful for the sales explosion Eminem provided her by sampling ‘Thank You’ for his 2001 hit ‘Stan’, the two don’t keep in close touch. “We weren’t really sort of phoning each other on a regular basis in the first place,” Dido said. “I saw him, probably, like, a year and a half ago, or something like that. But if he was in the same place. [If] I found out he was in the same hotel, then, you know, I would totally go and say ‘Hi,’ ’cause apart from anything, I really like–not only did I like him, but I really liked all the people he works with. They were so sweet to me.”

Dido’s New Lease On ‘Life’

For all the scrutiny of Dido’s new album ‘Life For Rent’, the English artist tells Billboard.com she has put BMG’s sales estimate for her previous album ‘No Angel’ out of her mind. “It was very easy to put it aside,” Dido insisted. “I was so desperate to get back in the studio, because I had all these ideas in my head. Then I was in this studio environment where you’re completely unaware of what’s going on. Actually, I think I had way more fun making this record than the last one.”

Dido Is No Diva

Dido wearing a tank top

While fellow superstars Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Britney Spears may lap up the celeb lifestyle, Dido keeps it firmly at arm’s length and still lives in Islington, North London, where she grew up.

“I haven’t become a diva. I hate people who are rude to waiters,” she tells The Sun. “And I never buy designer clothes, I still just go to Topshop. I do well on the non-famous front. Sometimes someone will tell me I look just like Dido. I just say, ‘Thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment.’ But mostly I’m left alone. Fame doesn’t interest me in the slightest. Success is a fantastic thing and has made my life very exciting. But it has done nothing for me except be a little bit weird. I just love writing songs, that’s what I live for.”

The story at thesun.co.uk has since been removed.

Dido Says Sophomore LP Pressure Is Fun

Top of the Pops caught up with Dido and asked the singer if she felt pressured to top the huge success of ‘No Angel’. “I think there’s always pressure to become a better artist, singer, producer,” she said. “But I think that’s half the fun of it. It’s limitless. I didn’t feel an enormous pressure because of what happened, I felt pressure because I wanted to make a really good second album.”

Dido’s Economical Hotel Stays

The Glasgow Daily Record reports that Dido takes her own packed lunches to hotels because she doesn’t want to pay for room service. The award-winning singer worth millions confessed, “I would be in the Four Seasons Hotel and I was going down the street to buy crackers and sardines because I refused to pay $50 for room service. I still do that.”

Dido’s Props For Christina Aguilera

Dido teeth

According to a posting at LiveDaily.com, Christina Aguilera has received praise from Dido, was on TRL UK on Tuesday, saying she thinks Christina right after they played ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’. Dido says she could never wear the outfit Christina was wearing in the video and gives her credit for being so “out there.”

Dido Performance And Interview On Radio 1

September 1, 2003 – Dido’s back with a brand new album – ‘Life for Rent’ – at the end of September, and ahead of her appearance at One Big Weekend in Cardiff, she joined Radio 1’s Jo Whiley and their four competition winners for a special Live Lounge performance. Asked about the video for White Flag, Dido said, “I asked David Boreanaz, from ‘Angel’, to be in it. I wanted someone dark and twisted, and young. He’s a lot of fun, and he was really up for it even though it was something that he didn’t have to do.” Audio and pictures have since been removed from bbc.co.uk.

Dido ‘White Flag’ Video

Dido 'White Flag' single cover

The video to Dido’s new single ‘White Flag’ was filmed in Los Angeles. Directed by Joseph Kahn, the video features actor David Boreanaz from ‘Angel’. Watch it below.

Dido Denies ‘White Flag’ Is About Ex-Fiance

Dido tells Time Out magazine that reports saying her forthcoming song ‘White Flag’ are about ex-fiance Bob Page are untrue. “It could not be less about him,” Dido insisted. “Bob was the love of my life. I wouldn’t drag him into this album in a million years.”