Dido Waves ‘White Flag’ At The Fiance She Ditched

The Sun reports Dido is set to release a new single called ‘White Flag’ as a heartfelt apology to Bob Page, the man she dumped as they arranged their wedding. Of her split with Bob, all she will say publicly is: “It was a big decision not to get married so I’ve put all that to one side. We’re still friends, we still get on amazingly well and he’s still the love of my life.”

Dido Chats With Capital FM

Dido stopped by Capital FM in London to talk about her new album and what she’s been up to lately. Asked if she was glad in a way that she was a little bit older when she achieved success, the singer said, “If this had happened when I was 19, I would be a lunatic by now. I mean its been insane, and I think it’s great it happened in my late 20s, because I sort of can basically take it in my stride, and think well, it’s all a little bit shocking but a lot of fun. I just think we’re having so much fun with it now. Everyone who was involved in the first album, they’re still involved and we’ve all just enjoyed the success of it.” Audio has since been removed.

Dido Ditched By Her ‘Womanizing’ Man

The Mirror reports is heart broken after being dumped by the man she left her fiance, Bob Page, for. Friends say Ferdinand Rafael Andres Unger-Hamilton wasn’t ready for a long-term relationship. “He broke the news to Dido last month. They are both gutted it didn’t work,” said a close friend. “It’s just one of those things. Ferdie has a bit of a reputation as a womanizer but he never did the dirty on Dido. There was even talk of marriage. But Ferdie is 32 and isn’t ready to settle down. He is a bit of a lad and drives a gold Jaguar. He is very fond of Dido and didn’t want to hurt her.”

Dido Teams With Santana On ‘Feels Like Fire’

September 17, 2002 – The Sun reports Dido has secretly recorded a track on Carlos Santana’s new album ‘Shaman’. The track is entitled ‘Feels Like Fire’ for the album due out October 22nd. Dido joins P.O.D. and Michelle Branch as artists who have collaborated on the album.

Dido Sad, Will Young Smokes, Cathy Dennis Surprised

The Sun was at the Ivor Novello awards at the plush Grosvenor House hotel on Park Lane in London, where writer Dominic Mohan spoke with Dido about the split with her fiance Bob Page, the news that Pop Idol winner Will Young is already back to smoking after swearing off the habit, and spoke with Cathy Dennis, who nabbed three awards thanks to the success of the song she penned for Kylie Minogue, ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.’ Dennis said the song wasn’t even written with Kylie in mind, “It was just a song we put down without thinking of any particular singer in mind. I never intended it to be for Kylie but of course I’m glad it worked out that way.”

Will Young Promises To Quit Smoking

May 18, 2002 – News of the World reports Will has promised to quit smoking, along with gossip columnist Rav Singh. Will revealed, “I’ve decided enough is enough. It’s a filthy habit.” He also challenged readers saying, “If any News of the World readers catch me doing it, I’ll make a donation to the British Lung Foundation.”

Will Young Online Video Chat

May 10, 2002 – Top of the Pops has the video archive of Will’s video chat with fans on the internet. Will talked about Pop Idol, filming videos, his message board, his fans – one of which is almost 100 years old he revealed, his dating status, the dumbest thing he did when drunk, his troubles with kicking his smoking habit, advice for aspiring pop stars, and more.

Dido Splits With Fiance

The Sun reports Dido has recently split with her fiance lawyer Bob Page, whom she was supposed to marry later this year. A friend revealed, “It’s all very sad. We were all wondering when the wedding would be, only to be told that the relationship is over. There isn’t anyone else involved or anything like that. The pressures of being Dido and travelling the world put an unnatural strain on their love.”

The Capital Radio Awards Photos

WireImage.com has photos of Blue, A1, Dido, and Kylie Minogue backstage at The Capital Radio Awards in London on Wednesday where all showed off their awards. Check out the pictures here.

Blue Chats With Channel V

February 23, 2002 – Channel V has a 20 minute clip with the guys from Blue asking them several questions including their worst job before the band, the story behind the band’s name, the boy band label, the story behind ‘All Rise’, what they’re thinking about when singing, and more. The clip has since been removed.

Video Clips From Brit Awards

February 21, 2002 – Radio 1 has several video clips from the Brit Awards Wednesday night including chats with Newcomer winners Blue, double winner Dido, and Nicky and Kian from Westlife. Blue said of their win, “We were just saying that we were in such a hard category, with So Solid and Misteeq, that it’s great to actually win something so big – we’ve got to thank all the Radio 1 listeners.” The videos have since been removed.

Blue’s Duncan ‘Dunk’ James Comments On Brit Awards

February 10, 2002 – Duncan ‘Dunk’ James of Blue spoke with Radio 1 about the group’s nominations in this year’s Brit Awards. Duncan said, “First of all, to be put forward for a Brit is a truly amazing thing. But then to find out that we’ve got TWO nominations after being in the public eye for just 10 months is a dream come true! Were all very happy and looking forward to the night.”

Blue’s Duncan Talks Brit Award Nominations

January 26, 2002 – Blue’s Duncan ‘Dunk’ James talked with Radio 1 to share his feelings on getting a Best British Newcomer nomination. Duncan admits, “First of all, to be put forward for a Brit is a truly amazing thing. But then to find out that we’ve got TWO nominations after being in the public eye for just 10 months is a dream come true! Were all very happy and looking forward to the night.”

Blue To Do Promo Tour In Malaysia

January 22, 2002 – Blue will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on January 30 and 31 to celebrate the Gold Award that they will receive from EMI Malaysia for getting more than 15,000 copies of sales in the first month of the release of their debut album All Rise. The guys will be interviewed by several radio stations in KL, including Hitz.FM for their Late Night Show, which will be simulcast live at 10 AM EST on January 30.

Dido’s ‘No Angel’ World’s Top Selling 2001 Album

Dido 'No Angel' single cover

According to Billboard, the top-selling album worldwide last year was Dido’s album ‘No Angel’. The singer just beat out Linkin Park getting 8.6 million copies sold ahead of 8.5 million from Linkin Park’s debut album ‘Hybrid Theory’.

Dido Discusses Lawyer Fiance

Dominic Mohan of The Sun spoke with Dido ahead of the Brit Awards Wednesday where the singer spoke about her fiance Bob Page, whom she plans to marry later this year. Dido said, “Everyone loves him and if I’m cranky he’s always been really good with me. I always joke that people like him more than me. He’s one of the few people who can control me and stop me from misbehaving and I love him for that.”

Dido, J.Lo, Britney, Geri, Jacko Win NRJ Awards

January 20, 2002 – Dido won two awards at the NRJ Awards in Cannes on Saturday, with Jennifer Lopez getting best female artist. Other winners included Britney Spears, who also performed ‘Slave 4 U’ at the show, while Michael Jackson was presented best male star by Spears. Geri Halliwell got best song of the year for ‘It’s Raining Men’.

Dido Still Promoting ’99 LP But Will Start New Work Soon

Billboard spoke with Dido about her future projects where the singer sighed, “I’m still promoting [‘No Angel’], unbelievably.” Adding of the album released in 1999, “I won’t really be starting [on a new album] probably until April, ’cause I’m still desperately flying around and sort of doing stuff [on ‘No Angel’], but I want to spend this year getting the record right. I’d love to get it done sooner. I don’t want to spend any longer than the rest of this year doing it.”

Red Faced Brit Awards Drop Dido From Newcomer Race

January 16, 2002 – After getting blasted following the their Monday announcements for Brit award finalists, the bosses behind the show have more to be red-faced about following news that they wrongly included Dido in the best newcomer award, even though he was already nominated last year. Strangely, they haven’t commented on why Atomic Kitten, who also was nominated as a newcomer this year AND last year, will be handled. Dido seemed to take the news in stride. Read more.

Dido Talks Sophomore Album Plans

January 3, 2002 – Radio 1 spoke with Dido as the singer is beginning work on a follow-up album to ‘No Angel’. Dido says she’s not quite sure what the album will sound like admitting, “There’s a mixture of emotions. I’m so looking forward to making it, pressure doesn’t come into it. I’ve got so many ideas – I’ve been looking forward to getting into the studio to put them down.”

Robbie, Kylie & Dido Lead Brit Award Pop Nominees

Nominations for the Brit Awards 2002, the most prestigious UK music awards of the year, were announced on Monday, with Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, and Dido leading the pack for pop performers with four nominations each. Other acts up for awards included Westlife, Hear’Say, Blue, and Atomic Kitten. Read on for a full list of nominees.

Starsailor Amazed At Dido’s Styling

WENN reports British band Starsailor was amazed to watch Dido being worked over by stylists before her Top of the Pops performance. Frontman James Walsh, 20, says, “Her make-up artist was touching up her make-up, and moving bits of hair into place, and I thought it was hilarious. We were all dressed really scruffily and had no concept of where we were or anything.”

Dido Gets Best New Act

November 8, 2001 – Dido won the Best New Act award at Thursday’s 2001 MTV Europe Awards in Frankfurt where she was hugged by award presenter Shaggy. Dido thanked brother Rollo and told the crowd, “Thank you MTV and thank you everyone that voted for me.”

Dido Was Jumpy About Post September 11 Flight

November 8, 2001 – Reuters talked to Dido about her feelings following the terror attacks on September 11 where the considered cancelling an Australian tour stop. Dido admits, “I was actually about to get on a plane to Australia. I was a little jumpy at first. But I thought it was important to do the tour, to give people a little relief.”

Top Dido Search Queries

October 15, 2001 – Overture.com has the top Dido related search queries for the month of September posted, and they show a respectable 38,170 searches for the singer who uses a stage name. Interestingly, searches for her impossible to remember/spell real name, Florian Cloud De Bounevialle, were non-existent. With a name like that, you can understand why the singer needed something simple. Not much interest in the ‘Dido nude’ query as only 287 pervs searched for it, with ‘Dido lyric’ being the most popular 2 word search. The most popular song search was ‘No Angel’ with 1,325 searches, followed closely by ‘Thank You’ with 1,023.

Dido’s Worst Rumor Was Britney & Justin Wedding Guests

October 15, 2001 – Dido held a press conference in New Zealand Monday where she’d performed the night before in Auckland. Dido was asked what was the best and worst rumors about her and she responded, “The best was that I used to be a porn star. It was fantastic, and sadly not true. The worst one is that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are coming to my wedding.”