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The final Supreme Court decision is complete and delivered: The verdict for Dream Street Entertainment (DSE) – INNOCENT on all charges!

The judge writes that the mothers of the former 4 Dream Street performers were responsible for their son’s loss of a career with Dream Street. The judge accuses the moms of lying and fabricating the story that their boys were in ANY moral or physical danger. The court claims the boys stopped working to force hardship upon DSE in order to gain (steal) control.

This ruling was made two days ago (August 7th, 2002) by Judge D. Lebedeff.


Dream Street Suit Never Part Of Silly Claims Of Endangerment

The final decision handed down by the Supreme Court of the State of New York on Wednesday outlines how and why Dream Street Entertainment won the case against the group’s members and parents — except for Chris Trousdale. Read on for the text of the decision, courtesy Yahoo! group Dream Street Truth.

Dream Street Lawsuit Ruled A Sham

The New York Post reports Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Diane Lebedeff has ruled against the parents and members of Dream Street in their lawsuit charging the producers of boy band Dream Street with scamming the performers out of their money. Lebedeff ruled it was the lawsuit itself that was a sham, and said the accusations in the suit “show all the signs of a creative attempt to avoid contractual obligation.”

Top Dream Street Search Queries

Dream Street fans are conflicted on how to spell the band’s name. For the month of April on pay-per search engine, the band had 32,664 search for Dream Street while 30,320 searched for Dreamstreet. The group’s most popular member was Chris Trousdale, who just edged out Jesse McCartney with 9,319 searches to 9,157. Frankie Galasso had 2,730 queries, followed by Greg Raposo with 2,723 and Matt Ballinger with 1,781. The most common misspelling was Dreem Street with 188 queries.

Dream Street Creators Produce Several Porn Mags

The New York Daily News has more details on the Dream Street lawsuit filed against Dream Street Entertainment, Inc.’s Louis Baldonieri, who produces several porn magazines, including one called Just Come of Age, which the group’s manager Jon Stuart says borders on child pornography. Baldonieri responded to the charge saying the magazine was an “adult sophisticated magazine.” Baldonieri and his partner Brian Lukow have both denied offering the boys booze or women.

Record Producers Fire Back At Dream Street Suit spoke with Dream Street co-creator Louis Baldonieri on the recent lawsuit filed by parents of the group, saying the charges have been made up in an effort to get them out of their current recording contract. Baldonieri insists of the parents, “They are the ones setting the bad example . . . Teaching kids you can sign anything, then lie, cheat and defame people for your benefit.”

Pop Group Dream Street in Court

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Details in the legal proceedings between the members of Dream Street and Dream Street Entertainment have been released in a daily bulletin sent out by Billboard, only within the industry. It has not been confirmed by either side (the members of the group or the producers) but the article states that officers of Dream Street Entertainment were involved in manufacturing and production of pornographic materials, unknown to the group members and their families.

Dream Street Deny Breakup & File Suit Against Management

Dream Street fan site reports they’ve heard from MaryAnn Raposo, mother of Dream Street performer Greg Raposo, who has denied reports on Z100 that the group is breaking up. She told the site, “We know that a lot of rumors and stories are being circulated about the group and it’s future so we wanted to respond to let you know what’s going on and to set the record straight. On Tuesday, April 9th we filed legal proceedings against Dream Street Entertainment, Inc., the company that’s run by Louie Baldonieri and Brian Lukow with the help of Matt Mitchell. In the legal papers, we asked the court to terminate the agreement between the group and Dream Street Entertainment because of conduct of Louie, Brian and Matt that we truly believe is threatening the boys’ well-being.”

Dreamstreet Love *NSYNC Comparisons spoke with the Frankie from Dreamstreet and asked who his musical influences are. Frankie said, “Earth, Wind, and Fire, Michael Jackson, and of course *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. Whenever we get compared to *NSYNC it is such a huge compliment.”

Aaron Carter & Dream Street In San Jose has photos of Aaron Carter performing in concert with opening act Dream Street in San Jose, California on Friday. The teen pop star is on tour in support of his third studio album ‘Oh Aaron’, released last year on Jive Records.

Check out Aaron and his many stage costumes here.

Aaron Carter Set Not Without Mistakes

February 20, 2002 – Steve Knopper of the Rocky Mountain News was at Aaron Carter’s concert Tuesday night at Dever’s Pepsi Center. Aaron’s voice was cracking badly on high notes to the point he had backup singers take over for him while he rubbed his throat. Aaron also managed to fall off the stage late in the show causing shock in the audience, but “he immediately let out a goofy chuckle and gamely finished the ballad ‘I’m All About You’.”

Aaron Carter Loves Linkin Park & Journey

February 18, 2002 – Mark Brown of the Rocky Mountain News spoke with Aaron Carter about his musical influences where the 14 year old revealed, “Journey was actually a big influence. Do you know who Journey is? They’ve always been a big influence in my life. They help me reach the high standards I have to be at.” As for current acts, Carter said, “I love rock music. I’ve always loved rock. I love Linkin Park.”

Aaron & Nick Carter To Collaborate On Album

February 11, 2002 – Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith of spoke with Aaron Carter who revealed he and his Backstreet Boys star brother Nick will collaborate on an upcoming album. Aaron said of that and his brother’s contribution on his per-view special ‘Aaron Carter’s Valentine Party’, “We should be recording together soon. It was great. My brother and I sang together on the previous tour but we’d never done an actual special.” The full interview at has since been removed.

CBS 48 Hours To Follow Aaron Carter Fan

February 3, 2002 – No details on an air date but Aaron Carter’s official site reports 48 Hours is looking for one of Aaron’s biggest fans to follow as they attend his February 5th show in Lowell, Massachusetts. The site is soliciting fans that have tickets to the show to email them at at for consideration.

Aaron Carter Gripes About Nick’s Arrest

January 26, 2002 – spoke with Aaron Carter about the arrest of his brother Nick a few weeks ago. Aaron said, “That’s messed up. Just because he’s a celebrity they arrest him and make a big deal about it. It wasn’t a big deal. He didn’t do anything wrong, and it wasn’t his fault. And he just got a whole bunch of crap for nothing.” When quizzed if that was really it, he added, “That’s all it was. I’m not lying to you or nothing either.” Aaron also talked about how people have tried to sue him, his tour, and other famous Carters. The complete story at has since been removed.