Melissa Schuman Quits Dream

Dream fan site reports Melissa Schuman (the tall blonde and most popular member) has quit the group. Her father Jerry told the site, “Its true. Melissa officially resigned from Dream about 2 weeks ago. She has been very unhappy for quite some time about things that have transpired in the past and the way things were working out for the future. This decision was not an easy one and she felt she had no other options.

Melissa will continue to pursue an acting and solo career. Melissa wants most of all to thank her fans for all their love and caring. She also wants to ask that you continue to support the girls in the future and wishes them luck and love.

On a personal note, its been a great experience interacting with you fans. You have been gracious and generous with undying support for the girls. I will be turning over the website to one of the other parents. It will be up to them to decide what to do with it.”

Dream Future Still In Limbo As Bad Boy Crumbles

Much in the same vein as Faith Evans’ tough split from Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs’ Bad Boy Label, R&B group 112 has jetted from Puffy’s label to Def Jam Records. Hits magazine reports negotiations were held under tight wraps with Bad Boy’s parent Arista looking to take over yet another act as they did with Faith Evans. Meanwhile, Carl Thomas is expected to join Faith at Arista while the fate of Dream is still up in the air, likely the reason the girl group has been in hiding in recent months.

Dream Benefit Photos has photos of Holly Blake-Arnstein, Ashley Poole, Diana Ortiz and Melissa Schuman of Dream from their performance in New York Friday where they and Boyz to Men headlined Pencil’s “Stand Up For Your Schools” Benefit. Check out photos from the show here.

Dream Talk To MTV About 2nd Album

Dream apparently is catching the wanting to write and produce bandwagon following the success of the Puffy backed groups first album.

Melissa Schuman tells MTV, “We want to write a lot on this album and produce. We got a taste of that on our last album a little bit, but we’re gonna take advantage of it this time.”

The group says they aren’t finished on their first album’s work though, as they’ll shoot a video for In My Dreams in a few weeks.