Drew Seeley ‘Little Mermaid’ Opening Night Highlights

Drew Seeley took fans backstage as he prepared for the first ‘Little Mermaid’ show on Broadway on June 9th, starring as Prince Eric. After showing a bit of his performance, Drew celebrated afterward by signing autographs for fans. Watch via YouTube below.

Drew Seeley Shoots ‘New Classic’ Video

Drew Seeley called in from the set of his ‘New Classic’ music video to talk about it and his upcoming shows New Orleans, LA and Titusville, FL with Tommy2.net. Drew says he hopes to have the video out in a couple weeks. Listen to the message at tommy2.net.

Drew Seeley Telephones Surprised Fans, Offers Music Biz Advice

Drew Seeley gets on the telephone with some fansFootage of Drew Seeley returning calls from his SayNow number has been posted at the pop star’s YouTube channel.

Asked about the right path to the music biz, Seely said, “There’s no right way to do it. That’s what I’ve learned. I took a couple music classes 10 years ago but I didn’t really like it and I’m only singing and doing what I’m doing right now by trial and error. I had a couple bands and some things worked and some things didn’t, and there’s no real way to do it, you just gotta keep trying.”

Watch the comments below.

Drew Seeley Unveils Wax Alvin And The Chipmunks In Vegas

Drew Seeley in Las VegasDrew Seeley unveiled Alvin and the Chipmunks at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas for their 50th anniversary, signed autographs for fans afterwards, met up with Zac Zefron – the wax version anyways, promoted the appearance at a local Vegas television station, and teased the music video release of ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’.

“Here we are in beautiful Las Vegas,” Drew said at the start of the video. “We’re here at the Plaza hotel for an Alvin and the Chipmunks album release and a 50th anniversary party event. We’re just chillin. We just got here for the unveiling right now, so come fly with us and see what it’s about.”

Talking in his interview about the ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’ music video, Drew said, “It was pretty crazy. We shot it on the green screen and the guys got thrown in digitally later. It’s a great song. A lot of fun to remake.”

Watch it below.

Drew Seeley Kicks Off YouTube Channel

Drew Seeley launches a YouTube channelDrew Seeley checked in with fans on his “DrewTube” channel at YouTube, giving the fans an update from the studio. The singer and actor is promising frequent updates anytime he has something important to say.

“I decided to start this so I could keep you guys informed with everything that is going on with music and acting and whatever,” Drew said of the channel. “So, we’re in the studio today. Check it out. Behind the camera is my boy Brandon and we’re gonna be coming to you live every day, well not every day, every time there’s something worth talking about, and that’s that.”

Watch the message below.

Drew Seeley Talks About High School Musical Tour

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Last week Drew Seeley left a message at the Tommy2.Net Celebrity Hotline and spoke about performing in front of over 50,000 people and feeling as if he was in the Beatles. To listen, visit tommy2.net.