Duncan James Will Be A Hands On Dad

Though Blue star Duncan James’ father Simon Roscoe walked out on his mother when he learned she was pregnant with the singer, Duncan tells The Sun he won’t do the same with his now pregnant ex-girlfriend Claire. “Its pretty mad to think I’m going to be a dad,” Duncan said. The baby is due in April.

Blue’s Duncan James To Be A Dad

October 31, 2004 – The Mirror reports that Blue star Duncan James is the latest member of the boy band to learn he’s to become a dad. Duncan’s night of passion with an old flame Claire in the summer now sees her set to give birth in April. “I’m overjoyed with the news that I’m going to be a father,” James said. “Claire has been an amazing friend to me for the last seven years. Having this baby will keep us connected for the rest of our lives.”

Duncan James & Keedie’s ‘I Believe My Heart’ Video

Duncan James & Keedie 'I Believe My Heart' single cover

Blue singer Duncan James has teamed up with Keedie on the lead song from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical ‘The Woman In White’. Watch the video for ‘I Believe My Heart’ online at YouTube.

Duncan’s Scooter Solution

August 25, 2004 – According to The Glasgow Daily Record, Duncan James of Blue is so fed up with London traffic he’s got a scooter. The singer can now get in and out of jams without suffering delays and with his helmet on, he doesn’t get bothered by autograph hounds.

Blue’s Duncan Moves Beyond Friendship

August 15, 2004 – News of the World reports Blue star Duncan James has been vacationing with pal Tara Palmer-Tomkinson after both recently split with their respective lovers, now the friends have added romance to their relationship. “There has always been an intense chemistry between the pair,” a source explaind, “and they are now both in a position to unleash it.”

Blue’s Duncan And Geri Halliwell At Wimbledon

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and Blue star Duncan James were on hand at the Kids Centre at Wimbledon in London on Monday (June 28). They later attended a tennis match. Check out pictures from RexFeatures (Kids Centre / tennis match).

Geri Halliwell Has Singing Lessons

June 16, 2004 – The Sun reports former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is being taught to properly sing by top voice coach Penny Davis who works with the National Theatre in London. “Geri is loving getting professional help,” a friend revealed to The Sun. “It has made such a huge difference to her voice. She had nodules on her throat, a condition which can be painful and affects singing. She recently had an operation to remove them.” Halliwell’s spokesman said, “After a throat operation it is a normal procedure to take some lessons to retrain your voice.”

Blue’s Duncan To Marry Anya Lahiri

The Sunday Mirror reports Blue star Duncan Janes has given Anya Lahiri a huge diamond engagement ring. “Duncan and Anya couldn’t be happier,” a friend of the couple revealed. “They may have had their ups and downs in the past but they’re blissful now.”

The full story at sundaymirror.co.uk has since been removed.

Geri Halliwell And Duncan James To Host Party In The Park

The Sun reports former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and Blue star Duncan James are teaming up to host this year’s Party In The Park before 100,000 fans, including Prince Charles, on July 11th. Friends claim the singers have amazing chemistry as a presenting duo and believe the partnership could lead to something more.

“This is a massive deal to land and could be the start of big things for them as a team,” a pal said. “Duncan and Geri get on brilliantly, there’s a real spark between them. Who knows, they could be the next Johnny Vaughan and Denise Van Outen. Duncan presented the show last year and everyone was happy with his performance. But getting Geri is a bit of a coup – this is the first major presenting role she’s had.”

Blue’s Duncan In Secret Fling With Geri Halliwell

News of the World reports former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is having a secret fling with Duncan James, despite the fact that the Blue star is dating model Anya Lahiri. “Duncan didn’t plan a fling with Geri—it just happened. They got on so well it seemed natural to take the relationship one step further,” revealed an insider. “Obviously Geri is thrilled to be seeing such a heart-throb, but she is pretty concerned about the fact Duncan has a girlfriend. He feels very guilty about his girlfriend and doesn’t want to hurt her. That’s why they have kept it so secret. Not even his Blue bandmates know.”

Halliwell In Tap Lessons To Prep For Tour

March 23, 2004 – The Glasgow Daily Record reports former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has enrolled on the tap dancing course at The Tabernacle Centre For Arts in London to shape up for her upcoming tour. “Geri comes in once a week for her hourly class,” revealed a source at the college. “She brings her own tap shoes and mingles with everyone else. She really is a sweetie.”

Halliwell’s Pre Album Release Publicity Stunt

March 18, 2004 – With photos of former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell giving gifts to fans outside her London home making it into the British tabloids, popbitch.com asks, “Wouldn’t it be funny if the fans had been told by Geri’s management company exactly when and where to be, with a paparazzi tipped-off to capture the happy, spontaneous moment?” The stunt likely was prompted by Halliwell’s new album due in May, and they add that the first single is reportedly a cover of Madonna’s ‘Cherish’.

Blue’s Duncan James Claims He Was Formerly A Medieval Knight

January 5, 2004 – Top of the Pops reports Blue star Duncan James recently claimed that he was a medieval knight in a previous life.”I can feel spirits and I have an understanding of the afterlife. I’ve been told three times that I was a knight.”

Blue’s Duncan James Settles Down With Current Girlfriend

Ratethemusic.com reportts Blue star Duncan James has settled down with Anya Lahiri, giving up his playboy lifestyle. “Yes I had a couple of casual relationships with a few celebrities. I’m talking about three over the last three years,” he revealed. “But it wasn’t like I was going around sleeping with everything in sight because I’m not like that. I value myself more as a person and morally I don’t want to bring myself down to that level.”

Blue’s Duncan Spotted Shopping With Mystery Woman

October 7, 2003 – Duncan James stopped off at a Newsagent in Radlett on Monday (October 6) to buy some papers. The Blue star also bought some lunch in a delicatessen’s called ‘Yummies’ The singer was also spotted on Monday shopping with a mystery woman at Spencers in Whetstone, North London.

Duncan James Plots Film Career

The Sun reports Blue star Duncan James has signed with respected talent agents Peters Fraser & Dunlop in a bid to launch a film career following the eventual split of the boy band. “The band is still hugely popular but Duncan is smart enough to know it can’t last forever,” a source close to James revealed. “He has always loved acting but put it on hold because of Blue’s success. PFD approached him after he hosted Party In The Park with Denise Van Outen and said they were very impressed with him. Duncan signed with them in the past few days and they intend to help him land presenting and acting work. PFD want to make Duncan the next Brad Pitt. They would like to put him up for roles immediately but he won’t be able to consider any major commitments because he is so busy with Blue. He has been told his good looks and on-screen charm will guarantee him some leading movie roles.” Read more.

Duncan James Lands Deal With Burton

The Sun reports Blue star Duncan James has signed a £500,000 deal to become the new face of high street store Burton in a move the company hopes will shed their stuffy image. “Burton chiefs believe signing Duncan is a massive coup and this cements his reputation as one of Britain’s biggest pop stars,” remarked a store insider. “They think his good looks and well documented success with women will help give the store a sexier image. And while some blokes would not admit to liking Blue, they certainly admire Duncan’s way with the ladies. It’s all part of Burton’s plan to celebrate what is cool and quirky about British men.” Read more.

Duncan James’ Childhood Obsession With The WWF

September 2, 2003 – Duncan James of Blue has admitted to a childhood obsession with the World Wrestling Federation and its star Hulk Hogan. James admits he was distraught when he saw his hero Hogan suffer in the ring. “I wrote to Hulk when I was 12,” Duncan admitted. “I was a massive WWF fan and when he got badly injured in a match I wrote to him saying get better soon. I also told him I was his biggest English fan, ha-ha!”