Justin Timberlake Courts Duran Duran For Collaboration

Duran Duran sitting

Us Weekly reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake was spotted backstage at the Brit Awards in London telling Duran Duran that he has a song he would like to work on with them.

Justin Timberlake Turns Down Duran Duran Duet

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The Mirror reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake has snubbed a duet with Duran Duran at next month’s Brit Awards so that he can “chill out”. An insider tells explained, “He joined The Rolling Stones on stage in Toronto last year and it was felt a duet with Duran would have been amazing. But he said no because he wanted to chill, not perform.”

Simon Cowell Branded A ‘Joke’ By Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor

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Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor has blasted Simon Cowell, claiming the ‘Idol’ judge knows nothing about nurturing talent. “I don’t have anything bad to say about the artists on these shows, because it’s not their fault,” he said. “But Gareth Gates probably could have been George Michael if he had been handled properly. He’s got a good voice and a great look. But what do they do? They make him sing ‘Unchained Melody’. It’s not a good thing.”

Duran Duran Hope To Team Up With Justin Timberlake

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Duran Duran are hoping to get into the studio with Justin Timberlake after meeting the *NSYNC star at the MTV Video Music Awards last week. Simon tells The Sun, “We spent a lot of the night with him. He is a great bloke. I told him I think his album is fantastic and we talked about doing something with him.”