Eden’s Crush Getting Wet

Specialty retailer The Wet Seal, Inc. and WRWB, Rochester’s WB 16 will host Eden’s Crush on Friday, Novevember 9 at 2:30 – 4 p.m. at the Mall of Greece Ridge in Rochester, NY. The girls will sign autographs while the store will gave away prizes.

Eden’s Crush in FHM

Got my copy of November’s FHM magazine which focuses on music, including Eden’s Crush. FHM asks each Eden’s Crush member 10 questions including Ivette Sosa being asked if she’d make out with rocker Marilyn Manson. Sosa says, “Eww, no. I’m not even sure what Marilyn Manson is. Is it a man, a woman, or an alien?” Nicole Scherzinger told FHM when she’s ‘in the mood’ she listens to “Coldplay. I’ve listened to that album at least a million times. But when I’m really in the mood, it’s Massive Attack.” …Best looking photo of the group? Maile Misajon, who’s wearing spiked heels, thong panties, and a lace and very sheer top, all in black.

Eden’s Crush Tells Popstars 2: Be Thankful

Launch.com talked to Eden’s Crush singer Ivette Sosa about the new batch of males and females vying in Popstars 2 and what advice she had for them. Sosa says, “Be thankful to be there, to audition, and having the chance to sing. And if it doesn’t work out, don’t stop, keep going, keep singing, follow your dreams. Things happen for a reason, and if it doesn’t happen at this time, it will happen later.”

Top Eden’s Crush August Search Queries

Popstars Eden’s Crush managed nearly 14,000 search queries on Goto.com in August and amazingly, ‘Eden’s Crush nude’ didn’t get the number 2 spot as is typical of the young female genre. Eden’s Crush lyric was in the second spot with 1,860 searches, while only 152 searches were for Eden’s Crush nude. Their most searched for song? ‘Love This Way’.