Calvin Harris ‘Outside’ Video Ft. Ellie Goulding

Calvin Harris 'Outside' music video featuring Ellie Goulding

Calvin Harris is out with the music video to his new single ‘Outside’, featuring Ellie Goulding, off the Scottish artist’s fourth studio album ‘Motion’, out now on Columbia Records. ‘Motion’ earned first week U.S. sales more than double that of his previous release, 2012’s ’18 Months’. Watch the Emil Nava-directed clip via YouTube below.

Ellie Goulding Tops UK Singles Chart With ‘Burn’

Ellie Goulding face

Ellie Goulding has scored her first UK chart topping single with her song ‘Burn’. The track sold 117,000 copies for the week, besting Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ and last week’s number one, ‘We Can’t Stop’ by Miley Cyrus, which dropped to #3.

The 26-year-old’s previous high chart position was in 2010 when her cover of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ peaked at #2.

“It means the world to me to be number one at the moment,” Ellie said about the sales achievement. “It was always my dream to have a UK number one single and it’s been a long time coming.”

Goulding also told her Twitter followers (@elliegoulding):

Number one. Fu**. First UK number one… Thank you to all the fans for supporting me THE WHOLE TIME, overwhelmed and so happy x

Ellie Goulding Talks Having No Eyebrows, Skrillex & Katy Perry

Ellie Goulding, seen here during her acoustic performance at The Standard hotel in Los Angeles, talks about running, her boyfriend Skrillex, removing her eyebrows for the 'Anything Could Happen' music video and touring with Katy Perry

Ellie Goulding recently caught up with Nessa of WiLD 94.9 in San Francisco, where the British singer songwriter talked about how she got so into running, removing her eyebrows for the ‘Anything Could Happen’ music video, how she’d describe her music to the uninformed, making time to be with her (now ex) boyfriend Skrillex, and touring with Katy Perry.

Asked how she got into running, Ellie said, “Kind of like Forrest Gump. I just started running once when I was 18, I decided I wanted to start running and I went out and that was it. There was no going back, and I’ve been running ever since then. Weird.”

Talking about the music video for ‘Anything Could Happen’, Goulding said, “People keep talking about the fact that I have no eyebrows in it. It’s like, ‘Why is that such a big deal?’ I was on my Twitter this morning and it was like ten comments asking ‘Where did your eyebrows go?’ I kind of wanted to look kind of ghostly. It makes such a difference when you get rid of your eyebrows. When you’re pale and you have no eyebrows and blonde or pink hair or whatever, it looks crazy, it looks massively different.”

Describing herself to those that don’t know her, Ellie said, “I make pop music. I’ve always made pop music. My last album was more electronic. I play guitar a lot so there’s a lot of guitar on it. I like messing around my vocals. My set is kind of like a DJ set in that I like the songs intertwined with each other, then myself and the band essentially remix my own songs. Then there’s loads of drums. It’s very tribal and very epic. We all are really, really fascinated by electronic music like EDM, even folk music and classical music and all kinds of things. So my voice leads it all, my voice is the leader and everything else kind of follows. The next record ‘Halcyon’ my voice is way more present and I think that people will go away listening to the album thinking of my voice more than anything.”

Questioned why she has no features on the album, Ellie said, “Probably for the same reason you’re respecting me for. I didn’t want any. I want to collaborate with so many people, but this record had to be a document of me and entirely me. I felt like I owed that to people. It’s been such a long time. I don’t want to just cover it with collaborations. I want it to be all me.”

Asked how she makes it work with Skrillex with their busy schedules, Ellie said, “We just have to make it work and cross paths. It’s all about crossing paths. It’s hard but you just make it happen.”

Asked if she and Skrillex are ever critical of each other’s music, Ellie responded, “I know this sounds like I’m not being truthful, but generally everything he plays for me I love. I’m very critical. I have constructive criticism for anyone who wants it, but I genuinely haven’t been able to find a fault.”

Asked about what it was like touring with Katy Perry, Ellie said, “She’s so much fun. She’s so cool. She kind of simultaneously takes nothing seriously but everything seriously. Her shows are so amazingly well done but at the same time she has so much fun and she doesn’t take anything seriously, so she’s got the perfect makeup to be what she is. She can do everything pretty well.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Ellie Goulding Discussses Dying In ‘Anything Could Happen’ Video

Ellie Goulding close-up

Ellie Goulding visited with Rich Clarke on Capital FM in London to promote her new album. The English pop singer discussed wearing latex, the album being named after a bird, the video for ‘Anything Could Happen’ and shooting it on the beach while she “looked ridiculous” on an enormous crane.

Talking about the perception of a new image, Ellie said, “The only people who really talk about my image in weird, sort of scrutinized way are people who don’t really know me, and people who know me (know better).”

As for whether her sophomore album ‘Halcyon’ was named after a Kingfisher, Ellie said, “Yes. That’s the original kind of bird supposedly in ancient Greece it brought peace and calm in stormy seas, and eventually, this is kind of in a nutshell, then eventually it was made into this term halcyon days. I like the idea there’s gonna be this time, this period where there’s just complete happiness and prosperity.”

Admitting to being starstruck by Florence Welch complimenting her, Ellie said, “We just bumped into each other in the toilet, which has happened with quite a few people now. There’s been so many people that have said they were a fan that I’d never expected. I don’t ever expect anything. I expect the worst. I had such a good day yesterday and really happy and hyper, and I woke up this morning and was really, really sore throat, swollen, panicking running around and gargling, because I had a really important show to do. So I always think something bad is gonna happen. I suppose I just don’t expect things like that. Florence was lovely. She came up and said she was a big fan.”

Describing her ‘Anything Could Happen’ music video, Ellie said, “I kind of wanted to do something a little bit weird. I think because it’s quite sensitive thing, a car crash and me dying and stuff, I wanted it to be a bit more surreal so people would know it was all weird on a weird planet somewhere and I wasn’t real and I was just this alien type thing. I love it. When I watch it I feel quite emotional in a good way. I really enjoyed making it. Who knows what my next video will be like, but I did like making this one.”

Listen to the interview via Soundcloud below.

Ellie Goulding On Katy Perry Tour, ‘Halcyon’ & Collaborations

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding spoke with of Alex James of In:Demand about where she’s been, performing at The White House and the Royal Wedding. The singer songwriter talked about touring with Katy Perry, performing at the White House and the Royal Wedding, ‘Halcyon’ being a breakup album, the first single ‘Anything Could Happen’ being about freedom, declining to do collaborations on the project, believing that Adele paved the way for female UK artists, and her choice for next year’s Brits Critics Choice.

On touring with Perry, Goulding explained, “I had known she’d been a fan for a long time. She tweeted about me years ago, ‘Under The Sheets’ she tweeted about, and I guess she’s always been a fan and actually my friend Jessie J had a really bad foot so she couldn’t do it, so I filled in for her basically.”

Asked about her chance to perform at the White House, Ellie confessed, “I don’t know how that happened, but I think they needed a singer and I was available. I think they wanted me to sing and they had heard me.”

Describing her new album as a “breakup record”, Ellie said, “I hate the thought of people not knowing everything. I don’t want there to be any grey areas about what I do, so I like to be honest. I think it’s important.”

Discussing the album’s single ‘Anything Could Happen’, Ellie said that the track was “about freedom. It’s about fate and I suppose it’s self-explanatory really. Yeah, I’ll give you everything you need but I don’t need you is a statement of being free and not being held down by anything or anyone. I like that song.”

On the album being “all Ellie”, she said, “I think it should be. I didn’t want to come back with an album and have it just be all collaborations, but I think collaborating is one of the most important things an artist can do at the same time, so I have done collaborations, just not on my record. I felt like I owed it to my fans to just give them me seeing that it’s been so long.”

The interview at Soundcloud has since been removed.

Ellie Goulding Interview & ‘Lights’ Performance

Ellie Goulding performs her hit 'Lights' on Virgin Radio in France after talking about her Brit Award win and French artist collaborations

Ellie Goulding spoke with Virgin Radio in France about how her life has been “pretty insane” since winning “the awards in 2008” (they probably meant her Brit Critics’ Choice Award win in 2010), being happy at the moment, what French artist she’d like to collaborate with, working with Calvin Harris on a bonus track called ‘I Need Your Love’ from her new album ‘Halcyon’, and plans to perform in France if not by the end of this year, the beginning of next year. Ellie then performed her hit ‘Lights’, the title track from her 2010 debut.

Listen to the brief interview and performance via Soundcloud below.

Ellie Goulding Performs On The Roof Of The Standard In LA

Ellie Goulding an acoustic performance of 'Anything Could Happen' on the roof of The Standard hotel in Los Angeles

Ellie Goulding is featured on VEVO GO Shows, where the British singer songwriter performed her track ‘Anything Could Happen’ on the roof of The Standard hotel in Los Angeles. Beforehand, Ellie talked about the rooftop setting for the intimate performance.

“I think it’s cool to play here at The Standard, a quintessential part of LA,” Ellie explained. “It’s kind of touristy and I’m still kind of a tourist. I like the idea of playing up on the roof and having everything literally in the background. If I’m gonna do an acoustic performance, an intimate performance, I may as well make it the most LA vibe that I can. Sometimes I get nervous, but never know what to expect at all every in my life. I just like to have fun, really.”

After performing the song and getting a healthy round of applause from the small audience, Ellie said, “The GO Show was good, because it was a challenge, and I like a challenge. The thing is, it’s really weird but at the same time it’s like I should be able to go up and do that. I was like I’m just gonna do it the best that I can. To be honest, it’s so good to do stuff like this. I mean, obviously it’s different, but it’s good because there’s nothing I haven’t done now. Standing on a podium and singing to people with no microphone is quite weird.”

Watch it below.

Ellie Goulding On Her Stealth Hit ‘Lights’ & Sad ‘Anything Could Happen’ Video

Ellie Goulding discusses 'Lights' success, 'Anything Could Happen' success and most embarrassing on-stage moment

Ellie Goulding hung out with JoJo of KIIS FM in Los Angeles recently, where the English pop singer talked about jogging with JoJo, being a green tea drinker, how ‘Lights’ has become a big hit in America much to her surprise, the music video for her ‘Halcyon’ lead single ‘Anything Could Happen’ and how she once forgot the words to her song on stage in Glasgow and blamed her sound guys.

On the success of ‘Lights’, she confessed, “I don’t understand what’s happened to this song to be honest. I wrote it about four years ago and in the UK it was like the sixth single, so it kind of just came and went really. Here, it’s like a stealth hit, is what someone said, because it just creeped up the charts. I didn’t pick this song to be on my best album, did I?” It was actually her manager that pushed to release the track.

On shooting her ‘Anything Could Happen’ video in Los Angeles, Ellie said, “I have to say, it’s quite a sad video. The song ‘Anything Could Happen’ is really positive and sort of anthemic, but the video in contrast is quite sad. You’ll see.”

On her most embarrasssing on stage moment, Ellie confessed, “I forgot my words once and I was so embarrassed that I decided to blame it on my sound guys and pretend my microphone wasn’t working. I was just pointing at it and giving them the angry face. If I remember it was in Glasgow I think in Scotland. It wasn’t he first night of a big tour.”

Listen to the interview via below.

Ellie Goulding Discusses ‘Lights’ Success, Personal Trainer Aspirations

Ellie Goulding talks with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM about the success of 'Lights' in America, the emotional songs on her sophomore album 'Halcyon', and how she thought she'd become a personal trainer

Ellie Goulding was in studio with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles recently, where the British pop singer talked about spending time in America, how ‘Lights’ was released in America well after the UK, the difficulty she’s having singing songs off her second album ‘Halcyon’, being afraid of the dark, and and thinking she’d become a personal trainer while studying theater in college.

On America, Ellie said, “The last couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of time here. It was about a year ago that I started touring and promoting and stuff.”

On the long delay before ‘Lights’ was released in America, she said, “It’s about 3 1/2 years old now. When we released it in the UK which was a while ago now, it was like the sixth or seventh single from my album. It was kind of a point where I was ready to write a new album anyway, so I didn’t put much into it. Then all of the sudden, it was like ‘Lights’ is on the radio a lot in the US, and that was it. It started it rolling.”

As for why ‘Lights’ found success, she confessed, “I literally have no idea. I don’t know. Maybe just people, it’s a song that American people get more than British people? I don’t know.”

Talking about how the songs on her new album might be more difficult for her to sing, Ellie said, “Even in rehearsals, I felt myself wetting up a little bit. Not on my last album, but these songs in particular really are emotional and they mean a lot to me. They’re about really personal things so, it’s a good thing though. If it evokes that kind of emotion in me, then hopefully it will be the same on people.”

On how ‘Lights’ is about her, she explained, “I’m kind of afraid of the dark. It’s got better now, but I used to not be able to sleep with the lights off. I used to share a bedroom when I was young with my two sisters until I was 18, and when I went to university and I was by myself, I couldn’t bare it. It was weird because it was weird that I was by myself. I still find it quite weird.”

Talking about how her time in college studying theater had her thinking she’d become a personal trainer, Ellie said, “I really, really loved physical theater, and at univesity I got really into running and martial arts and stuff. My interests are moving away from theater, more of to the physical side of things. I enrolled in loads and loads of classes in physical stuff. Running is my thing. I just wish I could run more. I feel really unfit at the moment.”

Listen to the interview via below.

Ellie Goulding Hopes To Release New Album In October

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding spoke with Clevver News about the possibility she’ll move to America to be with her boyfriend Skrillex. “I scarily love LA a lot so I’m thinking about moving here,” the British pop singer explained. “My fans in the UK might be quite sad to hear that.”

As for the summer festival circuit, Ellie said that she’ll attend shows but won’t perform. “I’m writing, I’ve got to finish my album,” she said. “I would not get my album finished if I’m performing at festivals everyday.” She added that for the album release, she “really hopes October.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.