D.L. Hughley On Elliott Yamin’s Dental Issues

D.L. Hughley visited ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday night, and commented, “I’m very glad ‘American Idol’ is coming. You know, I love watching you, but I really had a problem with the show last year because it’s not about the most talented person. Like, Elliott Yamin was a great singer. But you have to – you can’t just be a great singer. You have to have a great look. ‘Cause he had a dental problem. You see the teeth on that dude? That dude looked like he had a a mouth full of jumper cables. Didn’t he?”

Taylor Hicks & Elliott Yamin Perform At Coyote Joe’s

VoteForTheWorst.com favorite Taylor Hicks

Following their American Idol Tour performance at Bobcats Arena in Charlotte, Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin, Bucky Covington and Ace Young were chauffeured over to Coyote Joe’s, a local bar that bills themselves as ‘The Southeast’s Premier Country Nightclub’. Taylor and Elliot joined Taylor’s former band, now called the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, onstage for a surprise performance, while the remaining ‘Idol’ singers enjoyed drinks in the makeshift ‘VIP’ section of the bar. After that, they dined at a waffle house.

KT Tunstall On Being Covered By ‘Idol’ Katharine McPhee

KT Tunstall spoke with People magazine about Katharine McPhee covering her song ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’ on ‘American Idol’. “It was so crazy seeing that,” she said. “She just looked like she was having a really good time. It was really cool that she did something different.” As for her opinion of ‘Idol’, the 30-year-old said, “It’s a great TV show, but it’s not amazing music to me. It’s kind of like watching karaoke. It’s not the same as spending 10 years to try to get somewhere as a musician like I did.”

Elliott Yamin On Life After ‘Idol’

Elliott Yamin 'Live & Direct'

June 4, 2006 – ‘Live & Direct’ host Rita Cosby spoke with Elliott Yamin about life after ‘American Idol’ and possible recording contracts. Another popular ‘Idol’ finalist, Ace Young, surprised Elliott with a phone call. Video of the interview at Bing.com has since been removed.

Taylor Hicks Sometimes Voted For ‘American Idol’ Competitors

June 1, 2006 – Though ‘American Idol’ season five champ Taylor Hicks admits that he sometimes spent Tuesday night after the show at Burger King voting for himself, he also cast a few for his competitors. “I’d vote on the performance as opposed to who I liked as an artist,” he tells Rolling Stone. “I voted for Elliot [Yamin], for Chris [Daughtry] a couple of times, for Katharine [McPhee]. It was funny because we’d be in the apartment or somewhere and I’m like, ‘I’m voting for you, you know.’ And they’re like, ‘What?'” The full story and audio at rollingstone.com has since been removed.

Simon Cowell Slams Prince After ‘Idol’ Finale

May 30, 2006 – Simon Cowell wasn’t impressed with Prince’s dash into the Kodak theater for the ‘American Idol’ finale last Wednesday, where he performed without meeting the ‘Idol’ contestants or greet the audience. “It just tells you how selfish he is,” Cowell said, according to ContactMusic.com. “He comes on, not a word – ‘I’m not gonna sing with anybody else, I’m not gonna say goodbye.’ Thank you for your generosity, Prince.”

Kellie Pickler Discusses Her Mother She Never Knew

May 30, 2006 – ‘American Idol’ season five finalist Kellie Pickler spoke to Chaunce Hayden of Steppin’ Out magazine about her father who was recently released from jail and the mother who walked out on her at the age of 2. “I just keep wondering if she watched the show,” Pickler said through tears. “I wonder if she knows. She must know. You can’t turn on the TV without seeing something about ‘American Idol’ or pick up a magazine. … So it’s made me wonder if she ever picked up the phone and voted for me. How weird would that be? I don’t know if I’ve even bumped into her at the grocery store. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to accept her back into my life, because we were never close in the first place. She just walked out on me. I wouldn’t even know what I would say to her. She hurt me a lot. I didn’t even think about my mom until I picked up a copy of Star magazine and saw her in there. I just cried.”

‘Live & Direct’ Senior Producer Praises Elliott Yamin

‘Live & Direct’ Senior Producer Nina Bradley blogged on the MSNBC program’s web site on Friday after their interview the previous night with ‘American Idol’ season five finalist Elliott Yamin. Bradley said the singer “was so down to earth and genuinely nice both on and off camera,” adding, “I am completely confident that Elliott will end up being an enormous success and do a lot of good for some important causes close to him.”

Elliott Yamin’s ‘Fox & Friends’ Interview Leaves Fans Fuming

‘American Idol’ season five finalist Elliott Yamin was on with ‘Fox & Friends’ on Friday (June 2). He talked about what’s been going on since he was voted off, how many times he voted for himself, becoming an overnight celebrity, getting offers to fix his teeth, and getting compliments from Simon Cowell.

Video at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

Of course, the question about dental work had fans of the singer furious at Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, in addition to their subsequent segment with Mancow, who called Elliott “Goat Boy”. Check out the discussion at Idolonfox.com.

Kimberly Caldwell On Yamin’s ‘Idol’ Ouster

Kimberly Caldwell 'Live & Direct'

‘Live & Direct’ host Rita Cosby spoke with former ‘American Idol’ finalist Kimberly Caldwell about the departure of Elliott Yamin. The segment at bing.com has since been removed.

Stars Pick ‘Idol’ Favorite

May 18, 2006 – ‘Extra’ spoke with a few stars for their ‘American Idol’ choice in next week’s finale between Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Ellen Pompeo said, “I really like Taylor.” Taylor also has the winning vote from ‘The George Lopez Show’ star Constance Marie, who said, he is “a combination between Phil Donahue and George Clooney.” But John Stamos said, “I like that Katharine McPhee– she’s cute!”

Elliott Yamin Voted Off ‘American Idol’

May 18, 2006 – In a close vote on last night’s ‘American Idol’, Paula Abdul’s favorite finalist, Elliot Yamin was bounced off the Fox talent contest during the elimination show. The exit of the 27-year-old Richmond, Virginia, resident cleared the path for a final showdown between gray-haired Taylor Hicks and sultry Katharine McPhee. The winner will be crowned May 24th.