Elton John And George Michael End Rift

Elton John and George Michael have ended their feud after Gordon Ramsay prepared a meal for the pair at George’s home in North London. “They’re both delighted that the feud’s over,” a source told The Mirror. “George invited Elton to have dinner secretly at his house a couple of weeks ago and it was quite an occasion. Gordon did all the cooking and George and Elton spent much of the time creased up laughing as they reminded each other of hilarious stories from the past.”

Cadbury Dairy Milk & Sir Elton John Unveiling At Madame Tussauds

David Furnish posed next to a chocolate effigy of his partner Sir Elton John following a nationwide poll which saw members of the public choose Elton as their favorite personality, at Madame Tussauds on Tuesday (June 14) in London, England. The chocolate model is produced by Cadbury as part of their centenary celebrations. Check out pictures from FilmMagic, RexFeatures, and GettyImages.

After Sticking His Foot In It, Elton Plans On Keeping His Mouth Shut

June 12, 2005 – Elton John got into a lot of trouble recently when he accused Madonna of miming. Has the Material Girl forgiven him yet? “I haven’t spoken to her, I haven’t seen her,” Elton told ‘Scotland Today’ correspondent Billy Sloan. “She’s been in Kabbalah meetings ever since!” I don’t think I’ll ever be forgiven for that one. I had a helluva time last year, the end of it. There was the Taiwan thing which… That made the press. I didn’t realize we were being filmed when that was happening and it was going out live on television. Then I had the Madonna thing and then I had the George Michael thing and the Posh Spice thing. I was only trying to just help and I’m just going to keep my mouth shut now…”

Former Lover Dishes About Elton John

April 20, 2005 – Sir Elton John’s former manager and love partner John Reid was on Lowie’s hot30 Countdown to provide intimate details on his affair with the pop legend. Reid said Elton was “quiet” in the sack, that “he’s just not able to face up to reality”, and that he had experienced “the little one” – a reference to Elton’s “wang”. Auspipe.com has since removed the audio.

George O’Dowd Still Steaming Over Elton’s Duet With Eminem

March 9, 2005 – Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com reports that in Boy George’s new memoir ‘Straight’, the Culture Club singer targets Elton John for doing a duet with Eminem at the 2002 MTV Awards. “It’s like me singing with Pol Pot,” the singer said. “People will call you a fag or whatever occasionally, but it’s so much more prevalent now and he has to take some responsibility. He’s an asshole and I think every gay person with a brain cell found it hideously offensive to see Elton performing with him.” Read more.

AirTran’s Elton John Planes

February 17, 2005 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night, “The airline AirTran announced plans to paint Elton John’s picture on the side of some of their planes. Yeah, AirTran says the Elton John planes will be like other aircraft, except the passengers will load through the rear.”

Victoria Beckham Still Fuming At Elton John, But Grits Her Teeth

The Mirror reports that at her sons’ christening, Victoria Beckham was said to be still fuming at recent comments Elton John made about her marriage problems. Sir Elton had blamed the former Spice Girl for her hubby’s alleged affair with Rebecca Loos, explaining she was at fault for not being in Madrid with him after he moved there from Manchester United. “Victoria was livid. She has found it very difficult to forget and has just about forgiven,” a source said. “She felt it was too late to change their plans and has just had to grit her teeth. She was trying to be on her best behavior because she didn’t want to upset the boys.”

Victoria Beckham Does Health Spot In China

Victoria Beckham is starring in a public service television announcement urging Chinese people to show more love and care for children stricken with leukemia. The former Spice Girl is appearing in a 60-second TV spot with 10 young leukemia patients, the Shanghai Daily reported, citing the Shanghai Charity Foundation.

Cameras Banned At Beckingham Palace Bash

The Mirror reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and hubby David were so worried about photographs being taken at the christening of Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham on Friday that they banned guests from bringing cameras.

Spice Girls Reunite For Posh Christenings

A source close to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham tells The Mirror that the Spice Girls are set to reunite for the christening of Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham. Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm will meet up with Posh for the first time since February 2003 on Thursday at the Beckhams’ mansion in Hertfordshire.

“All of the ex-Spice Girls have accepted their invitations and Victoria and David are looking forward to seeing them,” the source revealed. “There’s bound to be some anxiety but no doubt they will have a lot of catching up to do.”

Rupert Slams Elton For Slamming Madonna & George

The New York Daily News reports Rupert Everett has lashed out at Dame Elton John for lashing out at his friends Madonna and George Michael in recent interviews. “I think Elton has lost it completely,” Everett told journalist Daphne Barak. “He loves to tell you how he overcame addictions – drugs, bulimia. … He did not overcome addictions. He went from one to another. … All these shopping sprees, and not controlling his mouth.”

Elton John And George Michael Duel

Elton John 'Peachtree Road'

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “Elton John said some negative things about George Michael’s new album, and now George Michael has lashed back at Elton John. It’s hard to figure out who started this. You know, this is a classic case of she said/she said.”

Madge: The Female Singer With The Most Loot

December 15, 2004 – Contributed by StilettoSadist: On ABC’s ‘Life Of Luxury’ which aired on Dec. 13th Madonna was named the richest female artist with a estimated fortune of $613,000,000. Behind Madonna was Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand.

Madonna Heads List Of Year’s Top Tours

December 14, 2004 – Contributed by StilettoSadist: Madonna’s blockbuster Re-Invention tour took all of the drama out of the top tour of the year race, ringing up a year’s best $125 million in total box office gross by the time it wrapped in September. According to Billboard Boxscore, Madonna sold out 55 of 56 performances worldwide, with an average nightly take of $2.23 million. Prince’s Musicology tour drew nearly 1.5 million people, more than any other artist, and grossed $90.2 million, second only to Madonna. Shania Twain was third, reporting grosses totaling $62.5 million. Fourth went to Simon & Garfunkel with $59 million and next was Metallica at $53.8 million. The full story at billboard.com has since been removed.

Madge Responds To Elton’s Lip-Synch Diss

November 27, 2004 – Madonna has hit back at Elton John after he accused her of lip-synching, telling People magazine she thought he was a friend. “He was obviously having a bad day,” she said. “When I read about it I was surprised, because I’ve always thought of Elton as a friend. I’ve had tea at his country house. I’ve had dinner at his house in the city and in restaurants.”

Elton John Visits Radio 1

November 9, 2004 – Elton John was Chris Moyles’ very special guest on Monday morning on his Radio 1 program. As well as giving a preview of an Eminem-produced Tupac Shakur track featuring Elton John, he talked about the truth about those engagement rumors to boyfriend David Furnish, his new album ‘Peachtree Road’, and threw in a few expletives much to Moyles’ discomfort. The interview and the Tupac clip ‘Ghetto Gospel’ have since been removed from bbc.co.uk.

No Chocolates For Elton John Coming From Madonna

November 9, 2004 – Madonna’s rep is denying reports that she sent a box of chocolates and a note to Sir Elton John saying: “Obviously, you have too much time on your hands,” after his remarks critical of the Material Girl for lip-synching. “If Madonna were to respond to Elton, you know it would be way way more clever than candy and that pathetic line,” the rep insisted.

A Tour Of Elton John’s Atlanta Home

Elton John gave ‘Today’ host Matt Lauer a tour of his home in Atlanta, Georgia which he shares with boyfriend David Furnish. Elton also talked about losing his temper in Taiwan and his happiness with Furnish. Watch the segment below.

On TV: Vanessa Carlton, Elton John, Ryan Cabrera

Pop acts on television this week include Vanessa Carlton, who appears on ‘Daily Download’ on Tuesday and ‘The View’ on Wednesday; Tyler Hilton, who appears on ‘Daily Download’ on Tuesday; Ryan Cabrera, who visits ‘Total Request Live’ on Thursday; Elton John, who visits ‘Today’ on Thursday; No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, who performs on ‘TRL’ on Friday; and Maroon 5, who perform on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Friday.

Elton John Plans To Marry David Furnish

Elton John tells the German magazine Gala he wants to wed his longtime companion, David Furnish. “We haven’t set a date and it surely won’t be a big public ceremony but I would like to place my life in his hands with a wedding vow,” Elton said. Read more.

Elton Ready To Apologize To Madge

October 28, 2004 – Elton John is ready to apologize to Madonna after recently accusing the pop star of lip-synching. “I don’t want to escalate it because I like Madonna,” the 57-year-old singer-songwriter tells Entertainment Weekly. “She’s been to my house for dinner. It was something that was said in the heat of the moment, and probably should not have been said.”

Elton John Holds Firm On Lip-Synching Criticism

October 12, 2004 – ‘Access Hollywood’ spoke with Elton John at a co-benefit for the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation, held inside Sharon and Ozzy’s home, asking the singer about his recent comments critical of Madonna for lip-synching at her concerts. “You know, I just said what I said and I’ve been meaning to say it for a long time,” Elton said. “It was probably a bit unfair on Madonna, because a lot of people lip sync worse and their whole show is lip synced…her show is not wholly lip-synced but there’s an element to it.”

Elton’s Lover Faces Madonna After Miming Diss

October 9, 2004 – Elton John’s partner David Furnish was in the uncomfortable position of attending a dinner in honor of Madonna hosted by Donatella Versace at Cipriani on Wednesday (October 7) in London. Just days earlier, Elton had accused the Material Girl of lip-synching. “When David arrived you could tell he was quaking in his boots,” a source told The Sun. “Elton’s just lucky that he had a sacrificial lamb to send to the slaughter. There was an uncomfortable atmosphere and there were lots of intense stares coming from Madonna’s table.” Check out photos from RexFeatures.

Queen’s Taylor Backs Elton’s Madonna Attack

October 9, 2004 – The Mirror reports that Roger Taylor of Queen has backed Elton John’s “miming” attack on Madonna by claiming it was the world’s worst-kept secret. “It is about time somebody said it,” the drummer revealed. “It was a very brave and correct thing to say. Maybe she should get an award for dancing but certainly not for singing. It is the worst-kept secret in the world and I think there is too much bloody dancing in rock ‘n’ roll and not enough actual singing.”

Rupert Everett Plays Middle Man In Elton & Madonna Snit

Rupert Everett is attempting to play middle man in the dispute Elton John and Madonna are having after John’s allegations that the Material Girl lip-synchs. “Madonna sings everything she can sing but, if she goes into a dance routine, she’s got to dance; you can’t breathe and dance and sing at the same time,” Everett said, according to World Entertainment News Network. He added: “[John is] very bossy these days, I think. I mean he’s lovely but he’s a bit bossy and he does seem a bit cranky.”

Elton’s Pals Worry About His Stability

October 7, 2004 – A close friend of Elton John told Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun-Times that the singer’s inner circle is “very, very worried about these increasingly bizarre outbursts. Elton has always been outspoken, but now he’s beginning to rant and rave over the least little thing. … Certainly that outburst in Taiwan was one thing — [the paparazzi] do get on your nerves.” But it’s comments John has made in private that have his closest associates wondering about his stability. “Elton needs a long, long rest,” the source added.

Madonna And Elton’s Shared Experience

October 6, 2004 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night, “Elton John and Madonna are in a feud. Elton John accused Madonna of cheating fans by lip synching at her concerts. Madonna then released a statement denying it. Turns out they’re both cranky due to entering menopause.”

Elton John And Boyfriend Strike Back At Robbie Williams

Asked about Robbie Williams’ state of mind at the Q Awards, Elton John told The Sun: “Robbie is not a well budgie.” Elton’s boyfriend David Furnish added, “We’ve read the excerpts from Robbie’s book and we were hurt by what he said. At the time Robbie needed our help. When he turned up at the house he hadn’t been to bed for three days. We were really worried about him. We were worried if we didn’t get help he’d be dead. I guess you could say we kidnapped him but at the time he asked for our help.” Read more.

Robbie Fears Crazy Fans

October 3, 2004 – The Sun reports that Robbie Williams admits he’s terrified of being attacked because he receives as many as 100 letters from “nutters” each week. “I worry about my safety ‘cos I know about the letters I receive on a daily basis and I seem to attract a lot of nutters,” he explained. “I can’t help reading them.”

Robbie: Every Male Celeb Is Gay

October 2, 2004 – Blitz caught up with Robbie Williams at a video shoot, where he admitted, “Every male celebrity is gay.” Williams then cited Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell, and himself. Video has since been removed from sat1.de.

Robbie Is Head Over Heels For Cindy Crawford

September 30, 2004 – Robbie Williams tells GWR Radio when he first met Cindy Crawford, it was a case of a love at first sight for him. “She is probably the best woman in the world – very nice and rounded and funny,” Williams said of Crawford, who is married.