Sir Elton John Attacks Maddonna’s Lip-Synching On Stage

BBC News reports that Sir Elton John publicly accused Madonna of “cheating” out her fans by constantly lip sycing at the Q Awards, in which he won a award for Song writing. “Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay £75 to see them should be shot,” Sir Elton said. Madonna’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg, then hit back by denouncing Elton John’s claims and insisting that Maddona did sing live and that “Nor does she spend her time trashing other artists”. Read more.

Madonna To Study Literature At Oxford

September 30, 2004 – The Sun reports that Madonna is to further her knowledge of British literary greats such as Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen by taking an Oxford University home study course for a Bachelor of Arts qualification. “Madonna was always frustrated about having to sacrifice her education when her music career took off,” a source explained. “She is fiercely intelligent and incredibly well read and has always taken a keen interest in literature. She is determined to get a qualification.” Read more.

Elton Battles To Save Posh And Becks

July 12, 2004 – The People reports that Elton John is battling to bring former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and husband David together after their fifth anniversary getaway to Morocco exploded into a series of disagreements. “Elton is acting as a marriage guidance advisor,” a source revealed. “They respect his judgment and advice. He’s a great listener and isn’t taking sides. He is by far the best person for the job because there is a real bond between him and the Beckhams. He knows them better than practically anyone.” Read more.

Elton Blasts Jordan For Fling With Becks Claim

February 15, 2004 – The Sun spoke with Elton John as he kicked off his new Las Vegas show, and he was quick to blast Jordan for making the claim that she and David Beckham had a fling while the soccer star was married to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. “I’ve spoken to David and he is really pissed off,” Elton told Victoria Newton. “He doesn’t usually let things like this get to him but he’s furious. The whole idea that David Beckham would have anything to do with someone like Jordan is a ridiculous joke. It’s all lies. David told me he’s only met her once and he was with Victoria at the time. It’s just nonsense. She was just trying to promote herself and her book, But it’s not fair dragging someone else’s name through the mud.” Read more.

Elton Wants Timberlake To Play Him In A Movie

The Sun reports Justin Timberlake has been asked by Elton John to play him in a movie. John feels the *NSYNC star would be perfect after he played John in the video for the track ‘This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore’. “Bernie and I are planning to do a movie of my life,” Elton said, referring to his songwriting pal Bernie Taupin. “Justin did such a great job in the video of ‘This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore’. It actually was so close to me, it gave me chills when I watched it.” Read more.

Kournikova To Be ‘Coached’ By ‘Idol’ Elton

September 21, 2003 – The Boston Herald reports Anna Kournikova, who’s headed for the Hub for next week’s ADT World Tennis Smash Hits at the FleetCenter, said she’s jumping over nets at the thought of meeting her musical idol, Elton John. “I’m so excited to meet him,” said Kournikova, who will be ‘coached’ by Elton at the event. “I’m so starstruck. Obviously, he’s a legend.”

Fame Academy Says No To Elton’s Outrageous Demands

September 15, 2003 – The Sun reports that Elton John pulled out of a guest appearance on Fame Academy after BBC bosses refused to bow to his over-the-top demands, which included the students not being able to look at him, and the insistence that the entire show be dedicated to him with the entire cast singing his hits. “We were absolutely gobsmacked when we heard Elton’s demands,” remarked an insider at BBC. “He wanted the show to be based around his music and he had to be given extra time to perform his own tracks. He also asked for promotion across the BBC and said the students could come to him at his home. But what shocked us the most was that he said the students must not talk to him or look at him. We explained it is impossible to do a masterclass without interacting with the students.”

Elton To Sign On To Caesars Palace 2-Year Run

August 29, 2003 – The Las Vegas Sun reports Elton John will reportedly be at Caesars Palace on October 21st to make the stunning announcement that he will “guest star” on approximately 150 nights a year starting in 2004 — the nights that Celine Dion is off, collecting an estimated $54 million for two years’ work, or 300 shows. On the dates when John has other commitments, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan and Jerry Seinfeld will fill in.

Elton’s 56th Birthday Party

March 26, 2003 – Salma Hayek, Kelly Osbourne and family, Kevin Richardson and wife Kristin were amongst the stars on hand at Elton John’s 56th Birthday Party at the Hamburger Hamlet in Beverly Hills, California on Tuesday (March 25).

Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscar Party Photos

Anastacia, Carmen Electra, Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mandy Moore, Jessica Alba, John Mayer, and Backstreet Boys singers Kevin Richardson and Howie Dorough were amongst the stars who attended the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s 11th Annual Oscar party co-hosted by In Style and AOL in association with MAC Cosmetics and Global Naps at The Marquee in West Hollywood, California on Sunday (March 23). Check out pictures from

Elton John Worries Madonna Will Kill Him After Diss

Access Hollywood spoke with Elton John outside the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday and asked him about his remarks where he criticized Madonna’s ‘Die Another Day’ theme song, calling it the worst Bond song ever. “She’s probably killing me after that,” Elton said. “Like a dagger through the heart. But you know what, she’s an amazing talent and great writer, so you know, I love her to death.” Madonna was supposed to sit at the same table as the singer, but cancelled out at the last minute.

Kilborn’s Madonna Crack

January 20, 2003 – Craig Kilborn joked during his Late Late Show monologue on Friday, “Tonight Madonna makes an appearance on ‘Will and Grace’, I have my VCR set so don’t tell me which one wakes up with cold sores.”

Madonna To Appear On ‘Will & Grace’

January 20, 2003 – The Sun reports Madonna is to make a guest appearance on ‘Will & Grace’. The singer is a big fan of the Emmy Award-winning comedy which will be air later this season. A show insider said, “It gives her a great chance to show how good a comic actress she can be.”

Elton Fuming Mad At ‘Sorry’ Review

December 11, 2002 – Sir Elton John has launched a savage attack on the Daily Mirror after reading music critic Gavin Martin’s review of his new single ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’ featuring boy band Blue. Elton fumed, “‘Sorry’ happens to be a beautiful song sung by Frank Sinatra among others. As a musician, I know this. As a wanker, you wouldn’t. Have a nice day.” Martin responded, “The point I was making is that it’s sad an artist of his seniority has to collaborate with a boy band. It is a sad indictment of the British music industry. Elton John is a great musician, but I don’t like Sorry and I don’t like to see it being regurgitated.”

Madonna’s Rep Surprised By Elton John Insult

Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg has responded to the recent disses of Elton John and his boyfriend, David Furnish about her client. Rosenberg told the New York Post, “I’m surprised because David had sent a letter saying [his quotes] were taken out of context and how much he and Elton love Madonna and so on and so forth. I’m just surprised [Elton] would express these feelings. But no one seems to be disturbed by it but me.”

Madonna Spends Big On Video Phones

November 29, 2002 – WENN reports Madonna is spending a fortune — $22,000 — on a video phone so she and Guy Ritchie can keep their love life hot, even when they are apart. She also forked over $375,000 on additional video phones so that pals including Gwyneth Paltrow and Donatella Versace can have them. Madonna told a pal, “I can’t stand to be apart from Guy. So being able to see him while we are talking on the phone makes it easier.”

Madonna’s Rep Responds To Elton John’s Bond Song Diss

The New York Daily News asked Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg about Elton John’s recent comment that branded ‘Die Another Day’ as “the worst Bond tune of all time. It hasn’t got a tune.” Rosenberg responded, “Madonna is a big fan of Elton’s, but he’s entitled to his opinion.”

Madonna Wants To Know Her Home’s History

November 27, 2002 – The London Express reports Madonna has been firing off emails to royal biographer Hugo Vickers, who wrote a forward on Ashcombe House in a book by Cecil Beaton, the former owner. She’s quizzing him about the history of her countryside manor.

Elton Calls Madonna’s Bond Theme ‘Worst Ever’

November 26, 2002 – Elton John has joined in on bashing Madonna’s theme song for ‘Die Another Day’. He told BBC’s Liquid News, “It hasn’t got a tune – James Bond themes are usually very camp and this one’s different. It is the worst Bond tune of all time. They should have gone for somebody like Lulu and Shirley Bassey, or maybe I’m in that league. I don’t think it’s the best Madonna record and I’m a big fan.”

Composer Calls Madonna Theme Bond’s Worst Ever

November 25, 2002 – Composer David Arnold, who wrote the musical score for the latest James Bond film ‘Die Another Day’, has blasted Madonna, saying her theme song is “the worst Bond song ever.” Arnold told London’s Sunday Express, “Ideally, I would have liked to have made some musical sense of her song, but I couldn’t.”

Elton John Gives Blue Boys Gold Chains

The Mirror reports Elton John gave the guys from Blue all a Theo Fennell gold chain, complete with an engraving of their names, along with a personal note with each chain. It was Elton’s way to say thank you for working with him on their latest single, ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’, which was a hit for him in the 1970s. Blue’s version of the tune is due out December 9th, and a spokesman said, “The boy’s are currently walking around and showing off their gold non-stop. They will all be wearing their chains in the video.”

Elton Hits Out At Idol Manipulation

November 6, 2002 – The Sun reports Sir Elton John is livid at Simon Cowell for how the Idol series winners are treated. “I feel sorry for these artists,” Elton railed. “I say, ‘Make sure you are getting your money and put it in the bank. You are just a commodity to these people.’ Someone like Simon Cowell has no love for Will Young or Gareth Gates. He sees them as another Mercedes-Benz.”

Blue’s Entire ‘One Love’ Album Streaming Online

October 31, 2002 – Blue fans can listen to the entire ‘One Love’ album before its November 4th release on Capital FM of London. They cite the best tracks on the album being ‘Don’t Treat Me Like A Fool’, ‘Without You’, and ‘Get Down’. Tracks to skip include the title track ‘One Love’. The audio has since been removed.

Blue Star Says He’s Received 20,000 Death Threats

October 8, 2002 – Blue star Lee Ryan tells The Sun that he’s had 20,000 death threats since his World Trade Center outburst where he fumed, “Who gives a fu** about New York when whales are dying.” Lee said, “I got death threats, saying things like they wanted to shove anthrax down my throat. I’m still getting them now.” The move squashed any hopes of the group to get promoted in the U.S., but Lee says he doesn’t regret his comments. “I don’t regret what I said, but I do regret the way I said it.”

Blue Can’t Wait To Get On The Road

October 5, 2002 – BBC Newsround reports Blue star Duncan James can’t wait for the group to kick off their tour next month. “It’s a great way for us to see our Irish fans, our Scottish fans, our Welsh fans – all our fans!” said Duncan. Bandmate Ant added, “We want to give back to our fans a great show that’s worth the money.” Read more.

Blue Wear Blue Contact Lenses To Announce Tour

October 3, 2002 – The members of boy band Blue turned themselves blue by wearing blue color contact lenses to announce their sponsors for their forthcoming sold out UK tour called ‘One Love’ in London.

Robbie Williams Plotting Duet With Eminem

News of the World reports Robbie Williams is plotting a duet with Eminem in a bid to crack the American music market. “It will be the perfect partnership. They have mutual respect for each other,” An executive on Robbie’s US label revealed. “Eminem is the world’s biggest artist at the moment and a duet will catapult Robbie to the final level–making it in the US. They’re both talented artists and it will be a very exciting project.”

Robbie Turns Down Boy George’s Duet Offer

November 3, 2002 – The Sunday Mirror reports a pal of Robbie Williams has an explanation for why Boy George has been hurling insults at the singer, including his puzzlement over what Rachel Hunter sees in him. “There’s a touch of the George Michaels about him,” Boy George has said. Williams’ LA DJ friend Tom Irish responds that Robbie turned down Boy George for a duet. “He was blabbering like a baby,” Irish said. “Calling Robbie every name under the sun.”

Robbie Buries The Hatchet With Take That

November 1, 2002 – Robbie Williams has finally buried the hatchet with his former Take That bandmates. He told 400 fans at the recording of his BBC1 special The Robbie Williams Show: “I want to apologize because when I left I said some really bad things, it’s the truth I said some really bad things about the band. And I just want to say I’m really, sincerely sorry – we’re only young once.”

Elton Says He’d Love To Work With Robbie

October 30, 2002 – The Mirror reports Elton John has expressed an interest in working with Robbie Williams, but he says Robbie has never approached him. Elton said, “I’d love to write with Robbie. I do write with people when they ask me, but I don’t often get asked.” He added, “I love writing with other people. We don’t do that enough in the industry.”

Elton John’s Boyfriend Called Madonna ‘Frightening’

Elton John’s longtime boyfriend David Furnish has blasted Madonna during an appearance on BBC Choice’s Liquid News. “I can’t imagine anything more boring than an autobiographical film about Madonna because there’s no secrets,” he said. “I’d turn down Madonna. She’s a very frightening lady. People don’t seem to relax around her. I find that kind of thing intimidating because you can’t be yourself.”

Builders Want Ben To Get Them J.Lo Autographs

October 23, 2002 – Star magazine reports that when Ben Affleck visited a pal who’s having a house built in Los Angeles, the builders and contractors freaked, wanting the actor to get them autographs of his rumored fiance Jennifer Lopez. Five guys wrote down their names and addresses for Ben, who promised to get J.Lo to send them signed photos.

Jennifer Lopez Does Secret Session At Sigma Sound

October 23, 2002 – Stu Bykofsky of the Philadelphia Daily News reports Jennifer arrived at Sigma Sound Monday night around 10 for a two-hour recording session that was so secret, the Sony suits ordered all the Sigma engineers and staff out of the studio. One person that was allowed in was rumored fiance Ben Affleck, who lounged while J.Lo created her music.

‘Swept Away’ Sequel Coming, Minus Madonna

October 22, 2002 – USA Today reports director of the original version of Madonna’s new film ‘Swept Away’ says she plans to make a sequel. Lina Wertmuller says Madonna and Guy Ritchie will have no involvement in the sequel, which she plans to officially announce her plans in Washington as part of the inaugural Washington, Italia 2002 film festival.

Madonna Planning To Appear In ‘Love Actually’

October 22, 2002 – MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls reports Madonna is ready to jump back into acting with a role in ‘Love Actually’. A source said, “Madonna must be a glutton for punishment, because she’s coming back for more. After the drubbing she got [in ‘Swept Away’] who knows if her role will end up on the cutting room floor.” Walls says there also are reports that Madonna is looking for a role on Broadway.

Lopez And Elton John To Duet?

August 6, 2002 – Cindy Adams of the New York Post reports Jennifer Lopez and Elton are planning to duet on an album. She says she loves him. He says he’s a fan of her fanny.

Jennifer Lopez To Duet With Elton John On Next Album

June 19, 2002 – reports Jennifer plans on doing a duet with Elton on her next album. “‘We’ve spoken about it and have a few ideas in mind. Elton says he likes my music and I’m a big fan too,” she revealed. She revealed additional details on the disc saying, “‘The last two albums and the remix album were made quickly. With this one I’m going to take my time.”

John Mayer Received Real Confidence Booster By Elton John reports John Mayer received a “real confidence booster” when Elton John called him up and invited him to dinner. “It was no big deal. Look, making a record is like moving into a neighborhood. And Elton lives four doors down,” he said metaphorically. “He comes out in his bathrobe and knocks on my door. He says, ‘I like your music and I live down the street. If you need anything, just knock.'”

Elton Explains Why He Skipped Liza’s Wedding

March 21, 2002 – Contributed by chris: Today on Rosie’s 40th Birthday episode, Sir Elton John told Rosie why he skipped out of the Liza Minnelli wedding to David Gest last weekend. John said, “‘Why aren’t you coming? Why aren’t you coming?’ And they were so rude to us and this was a wedding and my mum was in town and I went out with my mother for her birthday which was a damn site better than going to Liza Minnelli’s bloody circus.”