U.S. Bank Group Does A Flash Dance To Emily Osment’s ‘Lovesick’ At Oregon Zoo

Emily Osment

A group of girls decked out in U.S. Bank shirts surprised everyone at the Oregon Zoo last month with spontaneous dances to Emily Osment’s song, ‘Lovesick’. Watch the flash dance below.

Emily Osment Recommends Radiohead

Emily Osment at Z100 Jingle Ball

Emily Osment checked in with fans on her official web site, officialemilyosment.com, on February 28th, asking them what they’ve been listening to. The actress and singer writes:

I often regrettably delve into astrology. I don’t quite know what attracts me to the information regarding my ruling planets, all my stars, and how they are all aligned to please me, but I do find it fascinating. The other day I was reading about my own sign, Pisces, and how much we water lovers rely on music in our daily lives. Music truly is the root of it all for me. It’s where my mind branches out and where I can hide in my own leaves, thus, I am constantly cycling though my life with a soundtrack. At this very moment I am listening to King of Limbs, Radiohead’s new album. I wonder why my Pisces profile doesn’t simply state: Radiohead, as I am always living my life by Thom’s lyrics. If those of you out there haven’t bought their eight newest songs yet, I highly recommend you do. I am astounded by how often I go months without hearing about the world’s new favorite band, probably too focused on my watery emotions so says my Horoscope. What are you listening to at the moment? And don’t give me Ke dollar sign Ha or that Nicki Mirage person, I know about them already!


Drake Bell & Emily Osment Tour Cancelled

Emily Osment

Emily Osment checked in with her Twitter followers (@EmilyOsment) earlier today, announcing that her upcoming tour with Drake Bell has been scrapped. The 17-date trek was to have kicked off March 8th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before concluding April 3rd in Anaheim, California. The singer and actress writes:

Unfortunately Drake Bell has pulled out of the tour due to another opportunity, and by default, all the shows have been canceled. You don’t know how this devastates me. Please understand this is completely out of my control and if I could personally call and apologize to all the fans out there who bought tickets, know I would. Very soon we will be finding new ways to get out on the road again to see you. This is such a terrible position to be in and I’m truly sorry.



What a terrible way to wake up in the morning. I love you guys, and I miss you!

Emily Osment ‘Lovesick’ Video

Emily Osment is out with the music video to her new single ‘Lovesick’, off the pop singer and actress’ debut studio album ‘Fight or Flight’, out now on Wind-up Records. Watch the video and behind the scenes footage below.


Emily Osment’s Music Isn’t Just For Kids

Emily Osment at Z100 Jingle Ball

Emily Osment appeared on ‘The View’ on Thursday morning (December 23), performing her new single ‘Lovesick’. The ‘Hannah Montana’ star told the ABC show about the type of people who attend her live shows, which aren’t necessarily the target demo for the Disney Channel. “There’s definitely a range in the audience [at concerts]. You have the young, the old, the older brother who really doesn’t want to be there but is there for his little sister,” the 19-year-old explained. “You have the parents and the uncle. There’s a lot of different people, which I love. The music isn’t just for kids, it really is for everybody.” Emily also talked about the final season of ‘Hannah Montana’ and her co-star Miley Cyrus’ bong hit video. Watch the performance and interview at YouTube.

Emily Osment Backstage At 95.9 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball

Emily Osment in Green Bay

95.9 KISS FM in Green Bay interviewed Emily Osment at the station’s Jingle Ball at Outer Edge Stage on December 8th. The singer talked about some of the favorite places she got to visit, people who dub her ‘Hannah Montana’ character’s voice in other countries, wanting to visit Austria, being “like sisters” with Miley Cyrus, appearing on ‘Friends’ as a child, her actor brother Haley Joel Osment and what to expect from her live show. Watch the interview via YouTube.

Emily Osment Wants To Ditch TV For The Big Screen

TV Guide spoke with Emily Osment at the Z100 Jingle Ball 2010 in New York City last weekend. The star talked about her upcoming tour schedule, moving on from television, a dream role as Snow White, and a hint on how ‘Hannah Montana’ will end. “I think five and a half years of TV is a little bit much for now,” Osment said. “I’m excited to move on and get back to film.” The interview video at YouTube has since been removed.

Emily Osment ‘Lovesick’ Video (Fan Version)

Emily Osment 'Lovesick' fan video

A few weeks ago Emily Osment announced a photo contest for her single ‘Lovesick’, asking fans to submit their best ‘Lovesick’ faces for a chance to be featured in a new video. The clip premiered Wednesday on Emily’s website. “I was really impressed with the photos you sent in,” the ‘Hannah Montana’ star said. “You were all very creative. So thank you so much for participating.” Watch it below.

Happy Holidays Video From Emily Osment

Emily Osment Happy HolidaysEmily Osment wished her fans a happy and safe holiday season with a brief video that shows the ‘Hannah Montana’ star placing Post-it notes on the wall that read “Happy Holidays from your little friend Em!”

Osment was dressed for the festive occasion with a bow in her hair just over a week before Christmas.

Watch it via YouTube below.

A Tearful ‘Hannah Montana’ Conclusion For Emily Osment

Emily Osment at Z100 Jingle Ball

Popstar! magazine spoke with Emily Osment at the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York City on Friday (December 10), where she talked about the emotions following the last day shooting ‘Hannah Montana’. “Waterworks and tears and crying,” Emily revealed. “Truthfully, it was quite sad. When you’ve worked anywhere for that amount of time and you feel like it’s gonna be tearful when it all goes down. But we’ve all been there for so long we were honestly ready to leave. But LA is a very small town and I get to see everyone anytime I want.” Watch via YouTube below.