Enrique Fan Posts Jingle Ball Concert Photos

A fan on the Enrique Iglesias official site message board shared her photos of getting a big hug after presenting the singer with a teddy bear at the Q 102 Jingle Ball last month. Included is a photo of Dineta grabbing the Latin singer’s butt. The images have since been removed.

Enrique Iglesias Set For UK #1 Despite Britney Spears Push

The Sun reports Enrique Iglesias looks poised to debut at #1 for the first time in the UK with ‘Hero.’ As for Britney Spears, she looks to be debuting at #5 with Overprotected. Both singers were in London to promote their singles over the weekend.

Enrique Iglesias Visits Y-100 In Miami

Enrique Iglesias visited the guys at Y-100 in Miami and he reportedly told them he’s not dating either Jennifer Love Hewitt or Anna Kournikova. When a fan asked what he’d be doing if he wasn’t singing and he said he’d probably be a beach bum wind surfing in Hawaii.

Dad’s Stardom Exposes Enrique Iglesias To Good & Bad Of Biz

Enrique Iglesias spoke with UK magazine ‘Just For Girls’ where he was asked about whether his father Julio’s fame has helped him find success. Enrique said, “No. When people are in their cars they turn on their radios and hear a song. If they like it they go out and buy it. Nobody buys a song because of a pretty face or his musical family. My father’s stardom has exposed me to the good and the bad of the business.”

Fan Recounts Enrique Iglesias Meeting This Weekend

Ravenslea from the Enrique Iglesias message board had the opportunity to meet the singer this weekend when he did his BBC taping just after Britney Spears had performed. The brave fan joked to Enrique when offered a kiss, “If you don’t mind, I’ll shake your hand, I heard you had herpes!” Enrique’s response, “I don’t have herpes!” And she responded, “That’s what was said on Richard and Judy.” Luckily he didn’t take offense and later took a photograph with the fan.

Enrique Iglesias Hopes ‘Escape’ Strong Start To Finish To Fans

Enrique Iglesias was on ‘The Saturday Show’ on BBC1 Saturday morning where he was asked about his ‘Escape’ album. The singer said, “It’s the kinda album that hopefully they listen to from track #1 to Track #10, you know, without having to skip. You know, I put a lot of love and a lot of effort into this album. It’s taken me like one whole year to write it and hopefully they’ll embrace it, as well as I’ve embraced it.” Enrique also talks about Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Enrique Iglesias Brags About Banging Anna Kournikova?

In a blind item so-not-blind it’s not even worth calling it one, the New York Post asks, “Which Casanova crooner – known for bedding the boldfaced beauties who appear in his videos – has been bragging to his entourage about bagging an athletic sexpot who will be featured in an upcoming production.” Yeah, but isn’t Anna a virgin and/or is supposedly married to hockey star Sergei Federov? Stay tuned…

Enrique Iglesias To Perform At NBA All-Star Game

Enrique Iglesias joins an already packed list of top pop talent scheduled to perform at this year’s NBA All-Star game on February 10. Enrique will be performing at half-time of the game in Philadelphia which will be broadcast on NBC at 5:00 PM EST (So look for Enrique around 6 PM, and remember the Philly crowd was brutal on Destiny’s Child last year in the NBA Finals).

Enrique Iglesias Dedicates AMA Award To Fans

Enrique Iglesias posted an update on his official site Thursday telling fans:
“This is something new for me, but I thought it would be good to try and communicate with you guys in a different way. These past few months have been busy, but all your support has paid off. As a result, I have won another American Music Award and I dedicate it to all of you. Thank you, thank you!”

Enrique Iglesias Beefs Up Official Site’s Content

Enrique Iglesias’ official site has announced the beginning of brand new content delivered to fans everyday. Mondays will include photos of Enrique wherever he is that week while Tuesday will include a new digital souvenir each week. Wednesday you get a new Enrique video clip, while Thursday you’ll get a road update from him. Friday will be a featured fan day.