Enrique Wanted ‘Funner Album’

Enrique Iglesias was on with Carson Daly and Total Request Live Wednesday on MTV. Enrique talked about Escape saying, “You know what, I want my records to sound different, I don’t want this album to sound like the prior album. I want a much more aggressive album, a funner album. I think out of all the albums this is the one I enjoy listening to most.”

Enrique & O-Town On TRL Wednesday

WireImage.com has photos of O-Town and Enrique Iglesias visiting MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday in New York.

Enrique wore a gray Pony hoodie with sunglasses and a baseball cap to the event, while Ashley Parker Angel wore a blue jean jacket and Trevor Penick sported a maroon hoodie.

Check out the 21 photos from their Times Square studios here.

Shannon Elizabeth Is Full-Fledged Enrique Groupie

Enrique Iglesias was on the Tonight Show on Friday to perform ‘Hero’ but the focus turned out to be a hot & horny Shannon Elizabeth who arrived without her loser wannabe actor fiance. Shannon was first quizzed by Jay for not bringing him along and then being caught in the dressing room with Enrique.

Then, after Enrique performed, Shannon boldly offered to kiss Enrique but chickened out. When Enrique talked about having a foot fetish, Shannon’s foot was in his hand within 2 seconds. It was apparent Shannon would dump her boyfriend in a second for Enrique.

Enrique Success Surprises

HITS reports Enrique Iglesias is surprising some by putting up a strong challenge against the Backstreet Boys for the #2 spot in the charts and may sell 250,000 copies of Escape in the album’s opening week. Many are crediting his appearance on America: A Tribute To Heroes as the catalyst to surpass expectations.

Enrique Was ‘So Nervous’ Singing Hero

MTV talked to Enrique Iglesias following his performance on ‘America: A Tribute to Heroes’ where he sang his new hit and anthem, ‘Hero.’ Enrique admits, “I was so nervous. It was an honor that they picked me to sing a song, but what really felt good was that I was walking around and it was all legends. I was thinking, “Please don’t let me forget the lyrics.” Because it’s the kind of song that if you forget a lyric, it’s going to be so obvious.” Read the full interview here.

Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Love Hewitt Talk To Access Hollywood

Jennifer Love Hewitt was on with Access Hollywood Tuesday to talk about her music video role opposite Enrique Iglesias for his song ‘Hero’. Jennifer said, “We’ve been friends for a while. A little over a year, we always joked about, ‘can I be the girl in your video?’ One day, he called me up and said, “I think we have a storyline for a video that would be perfect for you.”

Enrique talked about working with veteran actor Mickey Rourke and the fight scene he had with him saying, “He does such a good bad guy, it’s actually kind of scary. When I’m actually face to face with him, it kind of scares you, which is cool. You can actually tell in the video.”

Iglesias says he hopes the video, in which he ends up being killed by Rourke’s character will have a lasting impact, “If it touches people’s hearts, I think the song will stay there forever.”

More On Enrique Iglesias And Jennifer Love Hewitt

Univision carried on the theme of Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Love Hewitt perhaps being more than friends after filming the video for Hero. The site says the publicists still insist the two are “Just friends.” A friend though revealed, “Jennifer is crazy about Enrique.” So far, the only public photos are of the two hugging, so Univision admits it’s difficult to tell what their relationship truly is.

Love Hewitt And Enrique Iglesias In Bedroom Romp?

The Star reports romance heated up on the set of Enrique Iglesias’ new video shoot for Hero with his video co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt. A pal told the tabloid, “they’re not going to rush into marriage, but their absolutely perfect together.” Spies say the two were all over each other and during a meal break at the Merv Griffin resort in Palm Springs, the two excused themselves and went to Enrique’s room.

Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Misspellings

Many English speaking fans no doubt may be having a hard time when searching for Enrique Iglesias as the variety of searches in August suggest. They also suggest that when even the correct spelling, ‘Enrique Iglesias’ hasn’t been searched very often likely due to the Latin singer’s low profile in the US lately. Read on for the top 10 spellings.

Enrique’s Hero Becomes Anthem For Terrorism Grief

Stations around the country have been playing a remix version of Enrique Iglesias’ new song Hero in dedication to the several heroes yesterday who lost their lives after evil terrorists attacked yesterday in the United States. It should be noted though that many stations aren’t playing music in respect of the situation.