Esmee Denters Performs On KISS 106.1 In Seattle

While Esmee Denters was in Seattle, the Dutch pop singer did a radio interview with KISS FM 106.1, performing ‘Outta Here’ and ‘Just Can’t Have It’. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Esmee Denters Checks In From Arizona

Esmee Denters

Esmee Denters checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@esmeedenters) on Tuesday (October 20) while on the road in Arizona. The Dutch pop singer writes:

Another city, another day. I just woke up in beautiful Arizona. We got here yesterday after a 25 hour drive. We drove from Houston to Dallas to visit a radio station, and then it was off to Arizona! We sat in the RV for hours, I got so restless. I tried to sleep in every little corner, and at one point even on the floor. So glamorous ;) I woke up with the sun in my face and saw palm trees alongside the road. We drove up to the hotel and I saw a big swimming pool where I spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Esmee Denters Visits Children’s Hospital Of Orange County

Esmee Denters was interviewed by KIIS FM in Los Angeles during her visit to the Lollipop studios Children’s Hospital of Orange County. The Dutch pop singer discussed how she was discovered by Justin Timberlake, how it was nerve wracking working with the former *NSYNC star at first, reading comments people post about her videos, how it’s cool to sing to the hospitalized children and preparing to go on tour with Honor Society. Watch the interview and highlights from her performance via the station’s YouTube channel below.

Esmee Denters Performs ‘Admit It’ On Evers Staat Op

Esmee Denters visited Radio 538 to perform her new single ‘Admit It’ on Evers Staat Op show. The song is off the Dutch pop singer’s debut album ‘Outta Here’, out now on Tennman Records. Watch it via the station’s YouTube channel below.

Esmee Denters ‘Admit It’ Video

Esmee Denters is out with the music video to her new single ‘Admit It’, the second release from the Dutch pop singer’s debut album ‘Outta Here’, out now on Tennman Records. Watch the Kenneth Cappello directed video via YouTube below.

Esmee Denters Promo For Radio 538 & NH Hotels

Esmee Denters is featured in a new promo for Dutch station Radio 538 and hotel chain NH Hotels, where she checks into room 538 of a hotel and gets room service, a copy of her own CD that she signs. Watch it via YouTube below.

Esmee Denters Los Angeles Showcase

Esmee Denters’ exclusive showcase in Los Angeles for YouTube’s Music Tuesdays is now online. The Dutch pop star performed ‘Outta Here’, ‘Love Dealer’, ‘Just Can’t Have It’, ‘Admit It’ and ‘Memories Turn To Dust’. Check out the performance, and an introduction from her label boss Justin Timberlake, below.

Esmee Denters Promotes ‘Outta Here’ On Radio 1

While in the UK, Esmee Denters visited BBC Radio 1 on Saturday (August 15) to promote her debut single ‘Outta Here’, which was released on Monday. Denters’ debut album ‘Outta Here’ will be available in the UK on August 24th.

Esmee talked about getting attention thanks to posting covers at YouTube, including the guy that eventually signed the Dutch pop singer – Justin Timberlake. She talked about deciding early on she wanted to become a singer, some of the artists she looked up to growing up, her thought on the current crop of new female artists, how she categorizes her style, and the ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ of her single.

Audio of the interview at YouTube has since been removed.

Esmee Denters In Concert At YouTube On Tuesday

Esmee Denters posted a concert teaser for her show on YouTube Music Tuesdays next week, where the Dutch pop singer will perform a concert at the site, hosted by her label boss Justin Timberlake. The preview features Esmee talking about touring, books she’s been reading and her favorite places to shop before they talked with the former *NSYNC star about his Tennman Records act. After showing a bit of her performance, they spoke with fans who attended the show. Watch it all below.