Evan And Jaron Awaiting Date To Enter Studio

Evan and Jaron updated fans on their official site message board last month on their latest plans. They wrote, “Well… I think we’re done with this record. It has been a lot of fun, but there comes a time with every project that you must move on, and that time has come for us with this record. We are anxiously awaiting a date to enter the studio and begin working on our next record (#5). As many of you may know, we just returned from a quick promotional tour in which we played in support of 2 different children’s hospitals. It was incredibly cool of those of you that called in to say hi and donate your hard-earned money to such a great cause.”

Evan Takes Shot At Pop Peers In Explaining Delays

Evan Lowenstein left a letter to fans on the Evan & Jaron official site trying to explain why they’ve been away so long and taking a shot at their pop peers at the same time. Evan wrote, “Although we’re not on tour, or on every channel you turn on, we’re still working mighty hard behind the scenes to continue to bring you the highest quality of e and j possible. Unlike a large percentage of other groups out there today, we need to WRITE our own material… which, needless to say, takes some time.”

Jaron Calls Hanukkah His Favorite Holiday

Launch.com talked with Jaron Lowenstein of Evan & Jarron who described Hanukkah as his favorite holiday. He celebrated last year describing, “I’ll tell ya, last year we were on the Tonight Show(with) Jay Leno… It was really cool. We had, like, 35 people in that room because we travel with a huge posse and our boys have all got to be there. So, we did that and it was great.”

Jaron Lowenstein Proud To Be American

Launch.com talked with Evan & Jaron’s Jaron Lowenstein about his Thanksgiving plans where he joked that he’ll be at a soup kitchen not to help people out but, “Family’s gone, I got no one here, and I think I’m just gonna head down there for a quick bite.” Jaron said, “Not to be cliche but I guess this Thanksgiving I’m proud to be an American. Any time you go through a hard time people seem to come together and it seems the country’s finding its collective heart. And I’m proud.”