Stabbing Prompts Delay In 5ive Comeback Announcement

The Sun reports Five had to postpone an event announcing their comeback, minus Sean Conlon, after a stabbing in London’s Scala nightclub, the venue the event was due to take place. “Five were due to make an announcement to media and fans at 11am in the venue but obviously, due to the ongoing police investigation, this will now not be possible,” the band’s management said. “The band and their management are currently searching for a suitable alternative location.”

Five Are Back … As Four

The Sun reports Five are set for a comeback, but there are only going to be four of them (Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Jason ‘J’ Brown, and Richard ‘Abs’ Breen), because Sean Conlon has a solo deal. “Ritchie, Abs, Scott and J have kept in touch since the band decided to call it a day in 2001. After watching Take That and East 17 being rejuvenated, they began to consider a comeback,” a source explained. “A few of the lads were still in touch with record label contacts who said now was the right time to do it. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes and they are ready for a fully fledged comeback.” Read more.

Five To Reform

Official FIVE news! On 27 September, we will be announcing some major FIVE news. FIVE will be holding a press conference at MTV in London at midday (12pm/Noon) so get yourselves down there to give us some support to and hear the news first hand! ALL FANS ARE WELCOME ! MTV London UK House 180 Oxford Street London (from the Oxford Circus tube & go east/right. It’s on the north side of the Oxford St, just past Great Titchfield St)

websites: [the new official Five website] [the official fan site] THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE WILL BE UP AND RUNNING ON THE 18TH SEPT USA TIME or go to the forum at

5ive Comeback In The Cards?

According to News of the World, 5ive are in talks to return four years after splitting. “They’ve decided to give it another bash,” a source revealed. “It’s been long enough for all the problems to heal.”

Pop Rejects Sarah Whatmore And Abs Console Each Other

With Sarah Whatmore and former 5ive star Abs Breen watching their music careers go down the toilet with weak sales, The Sunday Mirror reports the on/off pair have turned to consoling each other. A mole at London’s Pop club revealed, “Abs and Sarah were snogging non-stop. They didn’t care who saw them.” Whatmore’s debut was shelved earlier this year, while Abs faces the axe at BMG.

Ex-Five Star Resorts To Virgin Airlines Steward Job reports that despite Ritchie Neville’s success with Five, the singer apparently didn’t fair well with his record label and is now training to be a trolly-dolly (ie. steward) with Virgin Airlines, working their long-haul routes.

Backstreet Boys Declared Number 1 Boyband

Contributed by elgato:

The webmaster of says, “I just just finished watching YTV’s “The HitList Special: Top Ten Boybands” and to no one’s surprise, the Backstreet Boys were number one. *NSYNC took the number two spot. The Backstreet Boys have had a long history with The Hit List. They’ve premiered many a video on that show, including the video for “Get Down” way back in the day (1996). I thought maybe they’d show clips of each boyband, but all they did was show one video from each group. They did give much props to the BSB when they announced they were in the #1 spot saying something to the effect of “The BSB have no doubt made the biggest impact on the Hit List Chart.” Then they closed the show with the video for “I Want It That Way.”” Here’s the full list:

10. Take That
9. SoulDecision.
8. 5ive
7. B4-4
6. Westlife
5. Hanson
4. O-Town
3. The Moffats
1. Backstreet Boys

5ive: Where Are They Now?

Abs revealed to Radio 1 that it doesn’t look as if any of his 5ive mates will be bringing out new material soon. “Last time I saw Jay he was practicing some kind of Wing Chun in the park,” he explained. “Scott is a family man – kid, dog, all the rest of it. Rich is a pilot I believe and Sean has got a newsagent. I’ve not really seen them for quite a while but I think they’re cool. I’ve heard from them. You get the odd text and stuff like that.”

Rav Sheds New Light On Five Breakup

News of the World’s Rav Singh reports he knows the true reason the band broke up earlier this week. An insider close to the band told him, “The boys were a handful from the start, arguing all the time. In one incident early on J started on Ritchie and they had to be separated.”

Additionally, J and Ritchie’s romances with UK celebs left the others upset being out of the spotlight.

Five Call it Quits

Boyband Five have announced their intentions to quit as a band. Five had become Four in the days leading to the decision as band member Sean Conlon stopped showing to a number of shows and the group’s final video.

The group said in a statement, “We’ve matured and developed massively as a band over the last three and a half years and have also grown as individuals. As the band has got bigger on a global scale the commitment levels have had to increase and that at times has been hard on us all. We felt that we had reached a point where we could no longer do justice to our fans or to each other and when that happens, it really is time to call it a day.

“We want to say a massive thank you to all of the Five fans who have got us to where we are today and we will miss you all.”

No word on any of the band members’ future plans.