Florence Welch Attempts To Describe Her Sound

A wacky, quirky Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine talked with CNN about musical style, movie trailers and performing barefoot. “What kind of music is this? I have no idea. We decided it was like church, choir, goth, hip hop… maybe,” Florence said. Watch the segment via CNN.com below the cut. (more…)

Florence And The Machine 2009 Recap

A year with Florence and The Machine features Florence Welch talking about her 2009 with NME. “It’s been a lot of hard work,” Florence said. “There are moments when it’s like, it all seems too intense, that there’s so much to do, so many places to go, but it’s been seeing people singing along, it’s really that, when you see the crowd reaction I realize, ‘Wow, people actually bought it. People have listened to it. They know the words?!'” Watch the 3-part interview via YouTube below.

Florence And The Machine At The Mercury Prize 2009

Florence and the Machine

Absolute Radio’s Sarah Champion spoke with Florence Welch of Florence And The Machine on the red carpet at the Mercury Prize 2009, where she talked about sleep problems, how she gets when anxious, putting her money on The Horrors to win, what she planned on dressing up as for Bestival, and her song of the decade. The winner was Speech Debelle for her album ‘Speech Therapy’. Watch the interview via YouTube below the cut. (more…)

Florence Welch Recalls Clown Suit Trauma At Reading

Simon Mundie of Absolute Radio spoke with birthday girl Florence Welch of Florence And The Machine backstage at Reading Festival 2009 over the weekend. They talk about Geoff Lloyd, viewing all of ‘The Waltons’ box sets, being a veteran Reading festival concertgoer, getting in trouble growing up for singing during school, getting discovered singing in a toilet, what she does to get ready for a gig, and wearing a clown suit in the middle of the Rage Against The Machine mosh pit.

Florence And The Machine Backstage At Leeds 2009

Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine spoke with NME backstage at Leeds Festival 2009. Florence discussed her un rock ‘n roll thumb injury, wandering around before her set, how the album translates live, how Reading went, and writing some new material.

“I just arrived. It’s quite nice. We get to check out some of the bands,” she said. “Just kind of wander about until I play.”

On the album, she said, “The album is made separately from the band. When I was making the album I got to make as big a sound as I wanted. Endlessly layered vocals, really complicated percussion. It’s much more piano based, but actually on stage trying to recreate that it just turns into this huge droning mass of reverb guitars and vocals, so I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s loud.”

On performing her songs live, she said, “With me, I never really know how I feel about a song until I perform it live, then I really know if it’s working. I think I’m more of a live performer than studio.”

“There’s been some pretty dark times, but that’s usually self-inflicted,” she confessed.

On new material, Florence said, “I’ve written some new stuff. I think after we finish our first headline tour, I’ve got two weeks in the studio to just have fun, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

Watch the brief chat via YouTube below.

Florence Welch Discusses Reading, Lady Gaga & Bestival

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine talked with ITN about her birthday performance at Reading, seeing Lady Gaga as the highlight of her festival season, and looked ahead to Bestival and her band’s costume plans for next month’s Isle of Wight event. Watch it via YouTube below.

Can Florence Welch Open Calvin Harris’ Jar Of Jam?

Florence and the Machine looks shocked

The latest episode of Jam TV features host Calvin Harris asking Florence and the Machine’s Florence Welch to open a jar of jam backstage at T in the Park over the weekend in Balado, Scotland.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Florence And The Machine Backstage At Hyde Park

Absolute Radio’s Sarah Champion caught up with Florence and the Machine after her performance in Hyde Park, supporting Blur. Florence Welch talked about how she’s been loving the festival circuit, Mick Jagger impressions, how she felt ahead of Monday’s release of her debut album ‘Lungs’, getting discovered singing in the toilet, and suffering from sleep paralysis. Watch the interview via YouTube below.