Bryony Afferson And Lauren Blake On How Frank Came About

‘Totally Frank’ reality show band Frank spoke with ‘Top Of The Pops’ in a Q&A, including the girl group’s origins.

“Basically we auditioned as actresses that are musicians as well, to be in fictional TV show about girls trying to make it in a band,” Bryony Afferson explained. “Polydor Records were involved in the project and wanted to launch a band as well, and thought it would be a fab idea to do it with Endemol and Channel Four with this fictional show going on. And we are the musicians out of it that can actually form a band for real.”

Lauren Blake added, “I was originally in a band for a couple of years in Liverpool. But it wasn’t the direction I wanted to go in. And I’d only done extra parts before, like I’d only done acting at school. And then this arose and I got it and I did have a few lessons and stuff and just got the acting bug.”